The honor of Russian officers pravitelskogo

When they say about the clean-up before the war the Red Army of traitors, liberals howling scream that, they say, in Stalin's Soviet Union was accused of espionage and shot entirely innocent and honest people. How can such a stir in their brains, if the generals repressed by two-thirds consisted of the former royal officers? For example, how could betray Corps Commander GK Voskanov if it is the last of the royal army lieutenant colonel? A Corps Commander NV Kuibyshev, holder of 3 orders of Red Banner, the Royal Army — Captain?

The honor of the Russian imperial army officers

Meanwhile, the meanness and treachery prolazit reddish Army specifically from the royal army. Here you have to realize if an aspect of military service is not the defense of the country (or king) in the fighting, but getting from the homeland (or king) of an increasing exchange of content and large pensions in times of peace, the meanness and treachery will become the norm of the army. Yes, of course, not all officers will be scum, but wanting them to become will be enough.

You may say that it is a theory. Yes, you could say that. But in fact time Practice and read about it specifically. Our grandfathers on the clearance of the century until the second world war beheld these officers, read about their exploits! And how could they blindly believe in them all?

Here are a few examples.

Prince SE Troubetzkoy — deputy head of the militant anti-Soviet organization in Moscow — was caught for a long time was sitting under investigation, was sentenced to death, pardoned, released and eventually sent overseas, where he wrote a memoir of a time of war plainclothes "The past," noteworthy that that wrote them an organic anti-Soviet. All the same, it lots of different examples of the behavior of the Russian nobility after the revolution. Here he is, hiding the names, so as not to disgrace the family, describes the fate of those who sat with him on remand 3 nobles.
"All three of them were officers. K. — Army cavalryman, Eastern origin. After the revolution, K. volunteered for the army reddish — not out of principle, of course, and deceived the post commander of the regiment (he was, it seems, a lieutenant). G. and N. also "settled" by the Bolsheviks both in positions of military investigators. And here began the "case". G. and N. both knew that K. is married to the daughter of a secured Polish industrialist, and in their minds matured a plan of action. Without any real reason they did against K. "business", accusing him of "counter-revolution," in which K. was quite innocent. After his arrest, they seem to be out of friendship, turned to his wife, K., saying that the latter is bound to be shot, if not fit to bribe someone should, but this requires a significant amount, and a foreign currency … Blackmailing wife, K., G. and N. always played the role before her true friends of her husband going at great personal risk, that his release. Both scoundrels managed to assign such makarom jewelry spouses K., who gave them to them, and the obligations on large amounts guaranteed by the Polish assets. G. and N. would have eliminated staged their own making the case against AK, release it at will and reap the fruits of their own ingenuity.

But something went here … I do not know exactly what it was: it is possible, G. and N. not shared with anyone should have. Either way, they and K. wife were arrested. The whole contrivance was found out, and a military court sentenced both to death investigators.

I'll tell you that G. and N. were shot, K. — acquitted by the court, and his wife "for attempting to bribe" was sentenced to several years in prison (it seems to 5). When K. came to the will, the wife of his already sit in prison. "

I do not know for you, but I think that here the Bolsheviks by shooting these bastards only received generous. Prince Troubetzkoy (who did not repent and did not conceal their own hatred of the Bolsheviks, for which they have been sent to Germany) recalls another appropriate case.

"Only later did I realize that experienced Vinogradsky when sitting with him in the cell, I, without any ulterior motive, he said subsequent case. One KGB officer who was arrested in order to save his life, threw his own comrades. Those were shot, but the same fate, and knew of the traitor. "Most of it is useful to us can not be, and where do we do with such scum?" — Said about him a prominent security officer seems Peters (then I just remembered his name and the name of the traitor who was shot and referred to them both Vinogradsky). I clearly beheld how excited him the story, he changed into his face and the feeling with which to say: "What are the villains what bottomless scoundrels!".
So you figured out why this Vinogradsky resented by the Bolsheviks, it must be said that the nobleman Vinogradsky already threw himself Trubeckogo that vyznat about this a little later. (Although, judge for yourself where the Bolsheviks had to really do with the greedy bastards and villains, of which the above mentioned Troubetzkoy?) In recognizing scum, scum shooting for meanness — it's a terrible sin, it's understandable. And in the knowledge of honest people?

And the spirit of the royal army painstakingly preserved and transferred to a reddish Army, and not only the Bolshevik Government is beheld, that beheld it. For example, a message from the Vladimir newspaper "Appeal" for July 3, 1922:
"Our reddish Hussars, cavalry 1st cavalry regiment of standing in Vladimir, decided to revive old, swing full military might to show his valiant prowess. And showed.

A group of people heading cavalry regiment, got into "the drinking coffee," drunk and intoxicated to pieces a scandal. Wallop cafe waiter and landlord for the provision of accounts in 60 million rubles for wine and snacks. Claimed by pianist anthem "God Save the King." He refused. Then the company itself intoxicated professionally executed anthem, apparently not forgotten an old theme. But this outrage is not over. One of the "masters" of military even think to enter the horse in the cafe, and when present is a member of the regional executive committee tried to stop him, he tore his mandate in the face of insulting the entire Provincial Executive Committee member. Finished a race riot in the street III International. "

Pay attention, there are no lines in the article, everyday for such an option in any country. No disturbances correspondent of the "Russian looks much power?" Russian authorities-that there just was as a member of the regional executive committee, but you beheld, as it did with the valiant former royal officers. Well, not about the executions and rampant speech, and the betrayal.

Advanced defenders fabulous honor of the royal officers and do not want to hear about betrayal, say, Tukhachevsky, a former lieutenant of the Guards. How can you? Yes, we have such a charge may be surprising, but it can amaze our grandparents, great-grandparents, for example, after reading in the magazine "Ogonek» № 15 in 1928 such messages from the UK.

"In a short time in an English court would investigate claim against the Russian who beat officer, Count Zelinsky, the Japanese government, at 150 million rubles, sold in 1904, plans for the location of mines in Port Arthur.

First sample the Japanese army to take Port-Arthur in August 1904 ended unsuccessfully. They
were repulsed with huge losses for the Japanese.

And then — surprise! — January 2, 1905 "protector" of Port Arthur gene. Stoessel leases Japanese command fortress equipped with a rich military park and everything needed for a long defense. This is the first strike. Second — several ships Pacific Squadron go to the bottom of the sea, having come across on their own mines.

Sudden action spawned rumors of infidelity. And they were real. Marshall Yamaguchi in the ranks of the Russian officers found that finding. Over 150 million (138 million yen), three staff officers — Count Igor Zelinsky, Alexander Fedorov and Vladimir Vorsky — pass Marshal Yamaguchi plans the location of mines and troops of Port Arthur and Vladivostok.

One traitors — Count Zelinsky — as outlines in his own letter to a Swiss lawyer details of concluded deals with the Japanese command to surrender Port-Arthur.

In 1904, shortly before the battle of Mukden, the Japanese commanders were given plans for the location of mines, as information about the number of Russian troops at Port Arthur and Vladivostok. When you send these plans with the Japanese marshal Yamaguchi was signed a preliminary agreement on compensation of 138 million yen. This amount, as has been discussed, will be issued Zelinsky, A. Fedorov and Z. Vorskomu only in this case will come out the winner of Japan.

After the armistice of two traitors — Fedorov and B. Vorsky — went to Nagasaki. There they were, instead of cash, were given: quite comfortable and contract three bills by 46 million yen each, payable on March 22, 1915. The transaction went smoothly. But Vorsky all afraid of something. Upon leaving the house, in which there was an exchange, just in case he passed bills and contract A. Fedorov? And ne reason. Near the port itself in Nagasaki, where they went to leave the land of the rising sun with the first exhaust steamer were heard one after a few shots. Vorsky was killed on the spot, Fedorov, together with the document and bills, managed to escape and go back to Russia. Here, in Odessa, before going abroad Count Zelinsky, Fedorov gave him a copy of the contract in the UK and translation bill of 46 million yen.
Bill for the sale of Port Arthur.

This copy with a promissory note and has been deposited in the Swiss State Bank in Lausanne. Then the Geneva financiers were willing to give Zelinsky large amount of foreign currency on the security of lying in Lausanne securities, subject to submission of the original contract. A script was at this time in Fedorov in Odessa. Swiss financiers requirement was based on the fact that only in the original contract were mentioned the names of all 3 officers. Promissory notes were also issued to the bearer. The translation of the contract and the names were not specified. At the time Zelinsky script could be obtained.

Years passed … During this time, another died a traitor — Fedorov. Survivor Zelinsky somehow managed to finally get the original contract. After moving from Switzerland to the UK, he deposited own bill together with the original contract in the English bank "Horar and K0." This bank is in the current time and presents it in English tribunal to recover. It must be said that the Japanese government has so far bought back but none of the 1st bills, issued from time to three Russian traitors. So Makar, the purchase of Port Arthur by the treachery of some representatives of the Russian command has cost the Land of the Rising Sun is very inexpensive.
Although the issuance of promissory notes and the contract is not disputed by either the Japanese embassy in London, or the Japan Bank — but, according to the German newspaper "Frankfurt Zeitung", there are doubts as to the authenticity Zelinsky deposited in the bank "Horar and K0 'bills. These doubts are caused by the fact that the Japanese made no signature under the text, and on the side, in Latin script, and inside out. But, coupled with the fact the legal profession and banking circles allow for the possibility that the people of the country of the rising sun purposely made so signatures that then would be to stipulate the authenticity of these documents currency.

For us, quite unprincipled authentic or forged documents operates traitor Zelinsky. A huge significance is evidence of the Japanese embassy in London issuing Russian traitors bills for 138 million for the sale of its Port Arthur. This establishes the historical fact of the Russian command of the fortress, because it can not be any doubt that the three staff officers were the only intermediaries between the Russian and Japanese generals.

This story does not have to be surprised. Not for nothing is one of the most prominent managers and organizers of the French army before the imperialist war gene. Persons in their own memoirs, says that most of the generals in the past has been stingy in the extreme to the facilities. Some representatives did not disdain even unpatriotic means to achieve its goal. Well! We probably will not negotiate outlook prominent representative of responsible command of a large army of the capitalist countries of their own employees. Paul Puprovsky. "

By the way, this could imply a French general and not just the generals, and the right of members of the imperial family of. A connoisseur of Russian artillery Shirokarad, familiarized with the choice of artillery systems for the Russian army, writes:
"After 1895 (in other words, after the reign of Nicholas II) Russian land artillery placed at the mercy of France. And it's not just that the Krupp company replaced Schneider, which produced the least high-quality tools. Neither Krupp, nor the German government has never interfered with the distribution of military orders Russian factories, and even more to the strategy and the strategy of the Russian army, rightly considering it the prerogative of the Russian authorities. But the company Schneider made a pact with the War Office of, certainly slandered, that so many years of so and so gun Schneider will be made only at the Putilov factory, or in general will be made only at the plant.

Why is it so loved the Schneider plant? Yes because Putilovskiy plant — the only Russian artillery personal plant, still other artillery factory from 1800 to 1914 belonged to the treasury. Do I have to state that the board Putilov was very tightly woven with the company Schneider.

The stately Duke Sergei Mikhailovich Kshessinsky with the management of Schneider's office and the board Putilov organized crime syndicate. Formally in Russia continued to be competitive tests of prototypes of artillery systems, which as previously invited the company Krupp, Ehrhardt, Vickers, Skoda and others, as the Russian government factories Obukhov and St. Petersburg gun. But in most cases, the winner turned out to company Schneider.

Creator personally studied in the archives of the Military History Museum reports on competitive trials guns. For the sake of the majestic Duke Sergei Mikhailovich Commission often was a fraud. For example, the weight of the guns Schneider was calculated without shoe belts and other necessary parts and tools Krupp — is included. The report was written that Schneider's easier to implement and is subject to acceptance into service, but practically in combat and stowed it was harder own Krupp counterpart.

What's all the same for the all-Russian autocrat, the busy uniforms, buttons, badges and ribbons for special howitzers he showed no enthusiasm. "

But back to the traitors of Russian-Japanese war. It is striking that it is a betrayal of Port Arthur in the upcoming somehow forgotten Russian history, at least, I did this before, no one read it. Maybe then somehow it became clear that this is a common scam of some prince Zelinsky (in some sources it is called Telinsky), such version existed at the time.

But confusing th
at the people of the country of the Rising Sun in 1928, recognized the fact that betrayal, and most importantly, that this fact did not cause any doubt in what was then the editorial of the magazine. This can be explained only by the fact that in those years the royal officers were in sight, and of betraying their homeland no one in the Soviet Union beheld nothing indescribable.

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