The human brain is like a computer

April 5, 2012 11:57

The study showed that after a night's sleep, the human brain is "loaded" as the operating system at startup.
This download activates parts of the brain responsible for complex operations, and the signal is fed to the top of her in a chemical form.

When a man wakes up the brain stem produces a certain amount of nitric oxide, which is a signaling compound that activates a different part of the brain — the thalamus.
The thalamus is responsible for control of more complex functions and activation of nitric oxide is an analogue of the original operating system.

Morning, the brain receives different information — from sunlight to "yelling" alarm. This information should be organized and analyzed by the brain. Only after the initial analysis of the brain is able to perform more complex tasks.

Parts of the brain responsible for thinking, provide something like a set of templates with which the incoming information is processed. Nitric oxide activates the thalamus, which makes these patterns are more subtle, relevant situation and necessary actions.
If you think about it, the phenomenon is surprising: a simple small molecule compound consisting of two atoms, is responsible for the ability to perceive information coming through the senses.

The study was common change of the role of nitric oxide in the brain and how it works and does what the thalamus. This department was considered to be a primitive structure, simply "pass" or, conversely, to block the information in the main "thinking" part of the brain — the cortex.
And, as it turned out, the thalamus — not just a "gateway" for information, but also a department that performs the selection and preliminary analysis of these flows. And it is the thalamus "decides" what kind of information you can make in the bark.

As for the role of nitric oxide in the functioning of the thalamus, its signal value is found for the first time. In other parts of the body, nitric oxide has other features, handling, in particular, the blood flow in various organs.

Investigation of the role of nitric oxide signaling role in the human brain may help not only to better understand how the human central nervous system and that is the basis of its pathology, but also to develop in the future, drugs that will cure a variety of nerve diseases.

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