The intensity of cosmic rays

September 11, 2012 13:52

Scientists from NASA have established that the intensity of cosmic rays — streams of charged particles entering the solar system from the outside — reached a record high in the past 50 years, the. Researchers base their findings on data collected by the device ACE, which is now moving in an orbit around the Lissajous Lagrangian point L1 of the Earth-Sun, located between them. According to the researchers, the intensity of the cosmic rays in 2009 by at least 19 percent above the average. Scientists believe that such a high rate due to the low solar activity — that light forms a magnetic 'bubble' around the solar system that protects it from cosmic rays. Now the sun is at an abnormally long period of "calm", of which the star is the third time trying to get out, writes specialists underline that cosmic rays do not threaten the planets, which has its own magnetic field. These include planets and the Earth. However, scientists note that this activity of cosmic radiation can pose a serious threat to space missions. Thus, continuous monitoring of such events is a prerequisite for interplanetary flights.

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