The Japanese made a virtual girl

July 15, 2012 14:36

Wear video glasses, and virtual objects become quite real. The young man remained faithful to the ideals of Japanese beauty and exactly copied artificially generated singer Hatsune Miku.

Now the girl, but in reality — it's a holographic projection, — goes on a date with a guy, laughing at his jokes. And delighted when boyfriend stroking her hair. Mick is so real that a walk in the park even casts a shadow. She is always in a good mood. Inventor finds it very convenient — take off your glasses, and no girls, and others do not stare.

Japanese going to do rework miracle girlfriend. When he decided on a more intimate contact, Mick back hits him on the wrist.

Otherwise, all the developer advises, virtual girl, though — but it will be with you for life. At worst, the same technology can create a pet.

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