The journalists began to appear in the KGB, the prosecutor, the police …

Independent journalists Natalia Radin and Marina Koktysh questioned today — one in the prosecutor's office, the second in the KGB. The investigators were interested in their work. Despite the fact that the journalists were interrogated in different cases, they are convinced that the questioning — evidence of pressure on the independent media representatives on the eve of the presidential election campaign.

Natalia Radin was called to the investigative department of the Minsk City Prosecutor's Office. Journalist interrogated the deputy head of the investigation department Victor Feschenko and Deputy Head of Department for solving crimes in the sphere of high technologies MIA Oleg Parman.

They said Natalia Radina that they opened a criminal case against unknown persons for the dissemination of false information on the Internet.

The basis for the criminal case began reader comments to the article on the website of "Charter 97" titled "Harassment of 2007." The idea was that the veterans of the war in Afghanistan refused to accept the commemorative medal from the hands of Alexander Lukashenko.

The investigators were interested in how the administration of the site "Charter'97", where it is registered and where the editorial team.

Website of the "Charter 97" during the interrogation N.Radinay

Natalia Radin said after questioning:

I regard it as pressure on independent journalists in connection with the entry into force of the decree Lukashenka today. There is no other explanation.

"I regard it as pressure on independent journalists in connection with the entry into force of the decree Lukashenka today. There is no other explanation. Of course, this is due to the approach of the presidential election. Pressure is exerted on the popular resource and due to the fact that Andrei Sannikov expressed his intention to run for the presidency. It is my belief. "

Investigators said Natalia that her yet to be summoned for questioning. In a criminal case, it has the status of a witness.

In March, the apartment, which rents Natalia, searched and seized computers to check. At the same time similar searches conducted on the flats editor-in-chief of "Narodnaya Volya" Svetlana Kalinkina and journalist of the newspaper Marina Koktysh. Explained the actions of investigators searched the criminal case brought by the Gomel oblast police slander Homel KGB chairman Ivan Korzh. The journalists were given an explanation to the police about the so-called "hunting business."

But today Natalia Radin questioned the prosecutor's office on the site "Charter 97", and Marina Koktysh — the KGB investigation of the case Svetlana Baykova.

Koktysh told that the senior investigator of the 1st Division Investigation Department of the KGB Paul Cherniavsky asking questions that were not about Baykova and Mrs. Koktyish relationship itself with certain people.

The investigator assured the marina that claims to the publications of the investigation Baykova in the "People's Will", he has not.

"I was not asked if I knew Baykova, if met, or talked to her. But the investigator was interested in where I went to school, working, as we speak with a lawyer Volchek. Interested in what the relationship between us, and I know if I had any other Baykova about the case except what is published in the newspaper.

A number of questions I refused to answer, as they were not relevant to the case. I also refused to sign a certificate of non-disclosure of the investigation. This pressure on journalists. I think that this is due to the start of the presidential campaign. They want to unsettle those journalists who will write about politics, about the high-profile cases. "

Koktysh, Natalia Radin, Kalinkina and Irina Khalip still have not received their computers. They returned only CDs and flash cards, explaining that computers will remain in police custody for further examination.


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