The mayor of Montreal Canadian detained on suspicion of corruption

Canadian police arrested the mayor of Montreal's Michael Applebaum, who is suspected of corruption, according to Reuters. The staff of the Anti-Corruption made Applebaum arrest at his home, the "Interfax".


City manager of one of the largest cities in Canada suspected real estate scam, he prepared to lay charges in 14 episodes. According to Reuters, the illegal income Applebaum tens of thousands of dollars.

Applebaum took over as mayor of Montreal, Gérald Tremblay, who in October 2012, resigned in a corruption scandal that erupted around his party.

Corruption scandal in the largest city in the province of Quebec erupted last fall, said RIA "Novosti". Then one of the witnesses who appeared before a special commission to investigate corruption in the construction industry in Quebec, said that the party Tremblay Union Montreal offered "kickbacks" to municipal officials for the signing of certain construction contracts.

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