The mediator between Minsk and Europe can not be in principle '


Tsigankov: Or the official Kiev is trying to take the role of mediator in the Belarusian-European relations? Previously talked about this a lot, lately This topic somehow stopped. Can we say that the Ukrainian leadership has not moved away from this idea?

Svirko: You know, all of 6 years old, I live in Kiev, Ukraine is trying to mediate between the official Belarus and Europe. But it has never failed. Another former president Viktor Yushchenko made some contacts, but because of the "Wikileaks" we learned that the U.S. effectively banned him from taking Lukashenko in Kiev. But at the end of Yushchenko's presidency Lukashenko arrived here yet.

Thereafter Yanukovych chose to be a lot of loud statements that will now be a great relationship, because "the Belarusian head of Ukraine", "Ukrainian President Belarusian origin" and so on. A year has passed, but nothing has changed, nothing has reached Ukraine.

More recently, the deputy from the Communist Party, Vladimir Leshenko even demanded that the Minister of Foreign Affairs to study the feasibility of continued residence of Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus Byassmertnaga. Because, they say, that's ambassador to blame for the fact that Lukashenko said on "vashyvasts" Ukrainian leadership.

Tsigankov: If we're already hooked, these scandalously famous sayings Lukashenko, how they have affected the attitude of the Belarusian subjects and at the Belarusian-Ukrainian relations?

Svirko: Ukraine — a country where many inland states the "vashyvasts" Yanukovych. But it is — the domestic political debate. If someone from the outside so speaks, even the opposition, who are poorly Yanukovych, were angered by the fact that Lukashenko has expressed about the Ukrainian leadership, whatever it may be. There were a lot of different articles about these statements have written. Foreign Ministry issued a rather harsh comment.

If you go back to the main topic of our conversation, the mediator between Belarus and Europe Ukraine can not be because of the mediator can not be in principle. After all, the mediator has to be between smart damovazdatnymi parties. Belarus is not a country. And no one here will be able to become a mediator. For the problem — in Minsk. And in Kiev, as everyone knows.



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