The more soldiers and officers are different from military

Than the soldiers and officers from different militaryEvery day brings something into our lexicon new. Some foreign words and signs to often cause a subconscious protest. But the new words, crafted from their parts, usually cause no special feelings. Therefore get used to them faster. Even if they are on first glance does not look quite natural.

Not a lot of people do not know the word "foreign car". Word More from the Russian era — one of those times when the whole country was one semi-closed shop, where these same foreign cars repaired at least some species. Word understandably, has worked for the same language rules that stranger. If the stranger was a man of cleaner, and that life is better, a foreign car — a machine better. But dreaming about it and did not have to. Invented an artificial word was in a breech hole by a mechanical bond that no one seems to have thought, and what is it all about. But the product is intended for domestic consumption in the departmental garages, suddenly firmly nestled in the speech.

Crudely crafted of funds under the hand of the native language and in the middle of the second half of the twentieth century, of their own or other people's words for new things to surprise many.

Here, for example, "soldier. "In a normative dictionary Ushakov it falls just before the war in defiance of" officer "and" soldier "of which it was said that they were" pre-revolutionary "and" foreign. "Hand in hand with sovtorgsluzhaschimi soldiers must be debugged cogs in the state machine. Peak majestic Russian War officer ranks will come back. And after the war, their owners and remain "soldiers."

For what? And to bear the glorious veteran second World War, more recognizable as the "Russian fighter"(Tm), knew his place in the ranks — men behind the party and the invisible fronts. And that after the war officer corps — the same soldiers-liberators — not asked. Here, for you, I suppose, not Turkey, where the army is not itself on for himself, and docile servant of the party and state apparatus.

So embarrassing wood word "soldier, "From the old, the last century still," military servants "cobbled together, passed through two eras. No, we stayed with us and the soldiers and sailors and officers, generals and admirals. Even the marshals were. But only the generic name them all together, the total The official name — is not a "war", not "soldiers" and "officers" and inconspicuous kantselyarizm — "soldiers."

Naturally, when you have to, in some places there, behind the cordon, they could be transformed into a propaganda purposes in the "soldiers-internationalists", the "liberators." The last was in vogue for monuments. And all for home consumption and remained the military.

Soldier of these concepts is left only one mantra: no discusses the orders. Well, for a hazing case fighter and officers would be asked, and with the military and there is no demand. Comfortable administrative word to no consideration for "the soldier's duty" and "officer's honor."

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