The Moscow Metro is equipped with wireless internet

In a technological competition with the West, Russia is sometimes superior to the models. Capital Metro, and so that is at the forefront in the world because of its efficiency and functionality despite its venerable 80 years, goes one step further, allowing their customers to use ten million and underground cell phones and computers.

In fact, even today in some parts of the Moscow metro service runs Gsm and 3G, which allows you to make and receive phone calls and contact with the Internet. However, at many stations such service is still missing, or it is interrupted. In addition, use cell phones in the underground subway tunnels only in theory because of the loud noise in the trains, but the sms reach without problems. As for the Internet, the underground network of 3G is still in the experimental stage, and you can almost reach to the Internet only at some stations, while in a stationary position.

But the new project of the company, which serves the metro network, suggests that during the four years will be launched free internet connection wi-fi at all stations, tunnels and moving trains. At the same time launched an experiment on a project to provide free internet access (wi-fi) and also bus passengers. This "gift" without a doubt love Muscovites, who every day spend a lot of time on buses and subway trains, as the distance between the sleeping areas on the periphery and areas where the institutions and factories are concentrated, very high.

Today, many Muscovites already have a connection to the Internet, they like the novelty of new portable technologies. We all have cell phones, and it is in the subway cars commonplace to see most of the passengers sitting with smartphones, tablet PCs and other technological innovations. E-books are common even in the hands of older women who do not seem technologically advanced. They seem to be completely replaced by Muscovites in motion classic paper books. Indeed, it seems that the e-book market in Russia is in a stage of very rapid growth.

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