The mother of the accused in the attack: I do not even speak the name of the investigator!

A resident of Vitebsk, the mother of one of the two accused in the blast in Minsk metro on April 11, requested legal assistance. She does not believe in the guilt of the son and said that the investigation is conducted with numerous violations.
"I do not even know the name of the investigator, who is in charge. In our apartment, and the room, son shot in Minsk, had two searches — but the protocols of each second search I have not. My husband and I were not even allowed to be present there. Now I was told that my son was "shut up" — it always stops when he sees injustice, he has so much character. do not know if he gives evidence, but I can not rule out that he was tortured. In a letter he wrote that he is doing well, but it is the only letter this month, which reached me, "- says the mother.
Details of the conversation with the mother of the accused in the Minsk terrorist attack — later on our site.

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