The mother of the accused in the attack requests legal assistance

Mrs. society does not believe in the guilt of the son, is worried about his mental and physical condition, as it does not get out of prison letters. She is confident that the investigation against the accused is flawed.
The mother of one of the accused in the attack on April 11 said that she herself by the case interrogated twice. But subscribe to disclose investigative secrets she did not take, and how to work the investigators, it seems strange:
"You know, they have something to ask — and the findings immediately. As a child, firecrackers exploded with the guys? Hence, all Yes I do not even know who the investigator in the case. I ask, and I say," Call a lawyer! . " I'm calling a lawyer, and she replies: "They're all together, their whole team there." Attorney have signed a non-disclosure and says that I can only tell you about the health of his son, but only what he sees … She said: "He broke off." This has such a character, if what injustice to him, he is silent! Yes "worked" out there with him, and that "worked" — that's right! . "

An excerpt from a letter sent from prison

From the prison of the son she received only one letter for all of last month. It says that he is doing well. But the mother does not exclude that guy can torture that he only confessed.
The last time she saw her son in early April from December last year he went to live and work in Minsk and Vitebsk came in just for the weekend. After learning about the explosion in the subway on April 11, the mother called her son, but to contact him failed. The next day he said that the phone he is dead, and the subway he was not at all. Mother calmed down, but at night on April 13 in Vitebsk apartment came with a search warrant.

A fragment of the search in Vitebsk apartment

They took away the nails, various economic trifle, even a means to illuminate the hair and wire, where the owner was drying fish. From Minsk flat, where the son was renting a room, took the computer. All seized recorded in the minutes. But the following searches — and in Minsk and Vitebsk — there were no protocols:
"Even the doctors were saying that it was not in those bombs, no nails, no screws — that the people killed by fragments of marble, signage different … Why are they taken away? And the second time when they came with a search warrant, I was in Minsk. Husband took with the work was brought in, put in the room, forbidden to move around — and has already taken what they wanted! Witnesses were not neighbors, they brought with them. And they took, I'm up to still I do not know! . "
Man accused mother says in the video from surveillance cameras in the subway does not recognize any of his son, nor his friend — which, by the way, a special membership in recent years and was not. Although it is on this evidence, it is obvious, and is based investigation:
"Do not like the video neither one nor the other. There's a big boy … No one and no other, Yes they were great friends. Yes — meet, go, play, and everything on it".

The defendants in the terrorist attack in the Minsk metro. Archive picture

Lady says, I wanted toand would have to get another lawyer — an independent, not just assigned the investigation. But in Vitebsk her lawyer's office refused all — they say, who will go against Lukashenko said, in addition select the license:
"In the same after the events of 19 December four, it seems lawyers denied licenses. So to me and said, if you go against the" it "that could void …".
Mother asks human rights structures of legal aid. With parents looking for a co-defendant there is no contact no, even though they live in the house next door. But she had never heard anyone loudly condemned or insulted her mother or another for their sons.

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