The only vegetarian shark

June 2, 2012 5:49

In all the time that the person is familiar with the sharks, these large fish have earned a reputation as a fierce and merciless killers eaters of all life. To recall the well-known movie "Jaws", which even a man with nerves of steel could plunge the creeps, and nervous — and do contraindicated. Yes, Hollywood is even more exacerbated our fear of sharks, making them mass murderers who can smell a drop of your blood at a distance of many kilometers. And sailed for more.

But it seems that the trends of healthy lifestyle not only affect species Homo Sapiens, but so far only one of the species Ginglymostoma cirratum — whiskered nurse shark. In one of the centers of the UK aquarium shark actually lives, for which the taste of meat has lost its original charm.

Three years ago, shark length of six feet by the Florence appeared in the headlines, the first of its kind fish "patient" who has undergone surgery to remove ground rusty hook from the gut. The operation was successful, the shark quickly recovered from it and even later participated in the exhibition of the National Center of marine life (Birmingham National Sea Life Center in England) in Birmingham, England. But later it turned out that it — not only merit Florence.

As it turned out, a close encounter with death on a hook made an indelible impression on Florence: meat treats are no longer in its taste. Much to the surprise of his guardian, the once fearsome predator made quite unprecedented dietary choices: now only the head, which agrees shark eat — is the head of lettuce.

In truth, in the wild there are cases when the sharks eat the algae, but Florence seems, took meatless lifestyle permanently. According to Graham Burrows from the Center of marine life, the shark was "a real vegan."

Despite the fact that a vegetarian community can rejoice on this news, experts in marine life later realized that they must tick or otherwise return the shark to the normal diet. After such a sharp transition to bezmyasnoy lifestyle can greatly affect the health of the animal.

"We have to hide the pieces of fish in celery, cucumber and hollowed lettuce" — says Burrows — "And they have to be well hidden, because if Florence notice a trick, it will ignore such offers, waiting for vegetarian dining option."

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