The opposition may be a Travel Abroad?

The Belarusian authorities may prohibit travel abroad, about 200 opposition activists and offer a number of ambassadors of EU states to leave the country if the EU will bring in economic sanctions against Belarus. This message today extended the agency Interfax-West, citing an unnamed source in the administration of Lukashenko.
"The Belarusian side calmly accepts such statements on sanctions, we are working on a number of measures in response. An integrated plan of possible measures is provided and a ban on travel abroad a number of leaders of the Belarusian opposition, who most actively encouraged and continue to encourage the authorities to the European Union economic sanctions against Belarusian people "- Said the representative of the administration.
Moreover, administration officials did not rule out "will be asked to leave the country to some ambassadors of the European Union in Belarus."
At the moment, "Freedom" has no confirmation of this information from the presidential administration. A Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Savinykh told us that he do not have it.
Some political analysts believe that these measures can be the answer to yesterday's speech in the European Parliament European Union chief diplomat Catherine Ashton. That said, that Lukashenko not leave the EU no choice but to action against his regime. "He is forced upon us the adoption of strict sanctions against him, against his country. We have to act against the regime, including Lukashenko himself against those who are responsible for the brutality of law enforcement agencies," — said Catherine Ashton.



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