The owner of the Seas: nuclear submarines of the Russian Federation and the United States

The creation of larger marine inhabitants of the land — the rule applies to military equipment. If a titanium fished out of the ocean submarine project "Shark" and placed it on the ground, its board would reach a height of 8-storey building, and at length she covered a whole block.

This is no exaggeration: the width of the body of these giants achieves 23.3 m, and the length — 172 m displacement by any such Submarine surpasses even the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Admiral Gorshkov".

First boat Project 941 ("Shark") was launched in the same 1981, and it was the TC-208, which is now, after the upgrade, called "Dmitry Donskoy" and which is now being tested promising missile "Bulava". Others "Sharks" everything turned tragic. Three of them disposed of, or is transferred for disposal. The remaining two put in reserve and waiting for their own fate — if there are funds, they will be upgraded on the same project 941 Mind, in which everything worked out with "Dmitry Donskoy".

The problem is the lack of suitable weapons. These submarines were designed to carry ballistic missiles "Option" (R-39), massive (range up to 8250 km and throw-weight of 2.25 tons, 10 warheads of 100 kilotons) and the most languorous (off weight of 90 tons) in the middle of all ballistic missiles sea-based. Each submarine carried 20 of these monsters, that's why they came out so huge.

Now these missiles is not produced, and put at the service ran out of time reserve. For the "Shark" is simply no suitable weapons. The planned launch "Bark", which could be placed on these huge ships and had to deliver up to 3 tons to 9 thousand km, and has not been made. A chosen instead of "Mace" to this day did not finish the testing process.

Well, if it is accepted, in the end, on arms, "Sharks" will be necessary to thoroughly modernize and still a big question as to when to replace them is already a new project submarines 955 "Borey".

But by itself for itself project 941 "Shark" was fascinating not only because of the size of velikanskim submarines. Thus, provisions have their buoyancy such large (31.3%), that when Submarine for dipping gaining ballast water, accounting for exactly half the displacement — for this reason, these ships were nicknamed "water carriers". But such buoyancy in store allows the boat, surfacing, to breach the ice up to 2.5 m wide, and means — to bring combat duty and far away in the cool Arctic.

The reliability of all the giant assigns a unique combination of cases: a light placed inside the outer 5 strong. Two of them are along the Underwater Boats in parallel, like a catamaran. In the interval between them, are placed in front of the missile silos. Other spirits sealed compartments — torpedo, mechanical (aft) and team. This is — the holy of holies the ship, there is a chair and a commander. By the way, to sit in it is not allowed to anyone, except the commander Underwater boat — or visiting its officials, nor even the commander of the fleet or the minister of defense.

This is now the "Sharks" were "without teeth" — in other words, without missiles. And 20 years ago, they seemed pretty harsh reason of concern in Cool war. In 1982, the director of operations staff of the Northern Fleet Lebedko said about them: "If this boat in Moscow put somewhere near the Tsar Cannon, then, looking at her, the population of the earth forever consciously and voluntarily refuses to conduct any war . "

It is believed that specific "Sharks" in almost all assured the United States to compromise, and soon they signed a contract with the USSR SALT-2, in which, namely, shall be removed from the development of the latest generation of submarines and provided funding for recycling, "Sharks." A total utilization is clear, but the current expectations Our homeland ties now with new submarines of project 955 "Borey".

The development of nuclear submarines of Project 941 in the Soviet Union began in 1972 as a response to a similar program from a South American Ohio ("Ohio) — these make up the submarine base naval component of the nuclear forces of the United States, and although the first of them was launched back in 1981 ., service life extended to their 2026 total at the U.S. Navy has 18 nuclear submarines of Project Ohio, whereas in the USSR "Shark" was built only 6. And the fate of them turned out to be not so long.

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