The phone rings? A phantom!

November 4, 2012 4:23

Fig.  Valentine Druzhinin.

Fig. Valentine Druzhinin.

A new disease, like neurosis, revealed doctors syndrome of "call-phantom." Man hears ringtone or vibrate the tube rushes to find a mobile phone immediately see who called. And … no one called! Some calls have unexpected "hear" the noise of the water, music, and even humming electric razor. Others call mania by the constant checking his mobile phone: Do not miss a signal or message?

In general, experts say, the syndrome of "call-phantom" resembles the syndrome of "phantom limb" for those patients who amputated leg or arm, and they sometimes feel that they have lost part of your body itches. Also, a person with mania call pursues the feeling that his cell phone ringing.

According to specialists of the University of Sydney, with this syndrome are regularly faced by almost every other owner of a cell phone (69%), weekly — 87% daily — 13%.

Strange phenomenon of interested scientists from Australia and the U.S.. As they explain the reasons? It turned out that no consensus yet.

Blame the electromagnetic radiation …

Dean of the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Sydney Alex Blatszinski:

— It is not just about the game of the imagination, but a real feel. It is possible that the electromagnetic emissions — for example, from home appliances — the impact on the nerves, causing the sensation of vibration.

Congestion of the brain …

Professor of psychology at the Medical Center of Springfield (Illinois) Michael Rotberga:

— When a person is waiting for a call, he instinctively reacts to the slightest rustle, associating it with the phone. Thus our brain tries to cope with congestion caused by the large number of incoming data, relating new information to previously learned.

Fear of being alone …

Professor California School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles David Laramie:

— In mania call is crucial psychological need to be in contact with the world and the fear of loneliness and lack of information.

Experts comments

Sc.D., Professor Yuri Scherbatykh:

— We live in an era of increasingly dense fusion of man he created with technology. In this case, some of our sense organs and the brain eventually receive a special development, while others will degrade. In general, expect a 30 — 40 years of the appearance of Homo elektronikus. Genetically, people do not change, but that modification variability — the real thing. We not only adapt to their needs new gadgets, but also adapt to them yourself. Fingers of people are becoming more sensitive and knack for sliding across the screen, hearing becomes acute and catches a long awaited ring, and the centers of the brain, which should normally block the activity of the skeletal muscles during sleep, disinhibited, leading to the "electronic sleepwalk" . Basically somnambulist noted before, just lessons they have changed: in the XIX century, they went on the roof, in the XX — purified refrigerators at night, and now — send text messages and emails.

And here's another in kopilochku

Sleepwalker XXI century

But that's not all the adversities associated with the mechanization of humanity. Many of us have even started sending SMS in a dream and e-mails!

A new kind of lunacy is particularly evident among young people from the United States. Has become a classic case of a 15-year disorders Elizabeth Hammonds, described in all medical journals.

— I recently started having problems at school and at home — told Elizabeth doctors. — Because of his parents' divorce, I began to do poorly in school. And lost sleep. Before going to sleep, usually steeper 2 — 3 hours in bed. In the morning, my mother said that I was wandering around the living room and fell asleep on the couch with your smartphone.

And then Elizabeth learned from a friend that sent him SMS-messages in dreams. "He told me that I sent him text messages at 3 am, and he could not understand what all this means," — says Hammonds. Since then, she repeatedly sent SMS-messages in dreams. Some of them contained the words, others were empty.

Increased frequency of unusual shape somnambulism have been linked to the fact that most phone owners always keep the device with them, even in bed.

— One of the causes of motor automatisms during sleep, including those associated with mobile phone use is a lack of sleep, — the director of the Institute of Sleep Medicine in Ohio Markus Schmidt. — Sleeping as if stuck in the neutral zone between sleeping and waking, and at this moment have a need to respond to a non-existent SMS-message. The disorder can take unexpected forms. In particular, one of my patients find that sent their pictures in his sleep in the nude. I therefore recommend that switch off the phone before going to bed at night or leave him out of bed.

Another sort of somnambulism — sending e-mail in a dream.

Researchers from the University of Toledo in the scientific journal "Sleep Medicine" cite the example of a fresh case, which occurred in a 44-year-old woman. The lady went to bed at ten o'clock. After two hours without waking up, got up, went into the other room and sat down at the computer. Turn it on, went to the internet, went to the post office and entered the password. (!) And then wrote and sent three letters.

Text messages carrying some vague meaning. And, it seems, was born of dreams that are observed when sending mail. One of the "washing" reads: "Come tomorrow and pick the damn hole. Dinner and drinks at 4:00. Bring wine and caviar. Only. " Another — easier — contained only bewilderment: "What the hell …"

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