The power of thought, or learn to think correctly!

May 20, 2012 8:50

The saying that "all our thoughts materialize" — not just words, but a proven fact that scientists and psychologists who are directly connected with the law of attraction.

If you think about it, each of us, thinking about something, soon noticed that the idea of "embodied" in life. For example, a woman, dreaming of account certain men noticed that he really began to give her attentions …

If you look at the power of thought, on the other hand, it turns out that all the troubles, problems and troubles we are ordinary attract into your life: complaining of poverty, can not get out of debt, do not complain about the failure in his personal life, we remain alone, thinking of the poor health, always "catches" sores and viruses, etc.

Of course, all of this can be attributed to the usual match, but … Studying the human subconscious, scientists have long come to the conclusion that our thoughts — a kind of magnet attracting desirable and making it real.

Based on this, many psychologists are seriously engaged in the development of techniques that are mastered, most people reach for a minimum period wanted: become more successful, better-off in material terms, are making progress in their careers and create a happy family. How does this happen? Long formulation reduces to a simple conclusion: in order to become successful, you need to learn how to think and wish for!

Be willing to look out!

Because the first rule of the law of attraction is that our desires, properly formulated, will certainly come true. However, not once. Probably, many girls come to notice a pattern: I dream about a guy lesh inconsolable tears into my pillow, trying unsuccessfully to attract attention sweetheart. As time goes by, she forgets about his hobby, and now you get: the once beloved passion appears on the horizon.

That's because (and this is proven by studies scholars!) That we, the law of attraction, attracting to themselves all their lives, with the result that it got. That is, unconsciously desired, sooner or later becomes valid. This applies to almost all areas of life: health, career, wealth, relationships with the opposite sex.

Remember, our thoughts — our desires

Our subconscious mind is inextricably linked with the universe, which captures our thoughts, seeing them as our desires. Therein lies the greatest danger. When a woman complains that she is lonely, the Universe accepts the complaint for … desire, and materializes the idea. As the years go by, fans are replaced, but the woman — still alone … because through the power of attraction SAMA drew in his life alone, and to begin to think differently can not or does not want. After eradicating the habit of thinking about the bad is not easy — for most of us is easier to complain about the fate and complain that life is not made up.

And the result is a vicious circle: we complain about — the universe fixes "complaints" as "desire" — "Desire" performed — we complain even more … The same can be said of our fears. Not for nothing they say that happens to us is what we are most afraid of.

Think right!

The above suggests the question: how to learn to think straight — so to change the fate for the better and bring in your life good?

The answer is simple: their desire to learn how to articulate! And before it does not hurt to get rid of the old, negative thoughts, which we used to live. They need to be thrown away as rubbish, revisit the past, to determine a bright future, and now see him only positive! Our own beliefs, painted in black tones, are the key to a hopeless life with a bunch of problems and lack of bright prospects. It's time to change!

Visualize your desires!

This — the most effective and efficient method for the materialization of his own thoughts. Wanting to pass, you need to understand and clearly imagine what you want and think about all the details.

For example, a woman wants to get married. But at the same time she is afraid that her husband would restrict her freedom, or worse, change, or raise her hand. As a result, a woman originally programs themselves to solitude, and even if in the end she gets married (that is, the idea materialized!), Such a marriage, as a rule, is unfortunate (for the same reason).

A practical example: a modern poet, at the age of 15 years, wrote several poems about parting with your beloved in the pouring rain, and the fact that he was married to another, and his mother "in-law can not praise enough." As a result, almost ten years later, the cold late autumn of her poems almost every detail fulfilled. "I myself programmed his life: a great love, disagreements with my mother loved, his marriage" — now she laments. At the same time, she continued to write poetry, now — the love of a married man, and not realizing that the programs themselves again to loneliness and pain …

Think positive!

The habit of complaining about life pretty disastrous, and get rid of it is not so easy. This is how to quit smoking, if there is no desire, the force will not help. Therefore, in order to learn how to think positively, to once and for all prohibit themselves sad and pessimistic thoughts and make every effort to not retreat, but on the contrary, daily feed "bright" idea force. Then his plan realized, as close to her dream.

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