The practice of working with the pendulum

November 30, 2011 15:13

The practice of working with the pendulumIncapable of intuitive perception of people do not exist. But some have developed this ability more, some less. You can spend a very simple experiments to understand the extent to which you possess such abilities.

Take some metal chain from a jewelry with links are not very large size. Place it between the middle and index finger so that it is easily hung on 15-16 inches, and gently tighten. Hand on any solid support. This is to ensure that it is not to shake the weight and could not get the chain moving. End of the chain does not touch the table.

Now focus, calm down and just wait, nothing thinking. Can you put the needle on the table, coin — any large metal product, but it is not mandatory, but is simply to improve the behavior of the bustling center of the chain.

In a few minutes you will feel that the end of it starts to sway and describe circular movements or pacing. Then lower the top of the hand with the palm of the other hand chain. The movement of the chain slows, stops and starts in the opposite direction. Of course, this experience will not all and not right away, because we are endowed with abilities of varying strength. But is all people will be observed, even barely noticeable, swing chains. The greater the amplitude, the higher the ability to work with a pendulum and dowsing.

Spend a different experience. Within a minute, strongly rub the palm of his hand, so that you felt that it was hot. Then spread them apart and start slowly npiblizhat together. What do you have in your hands? Void? Or something is conpotivlenie? People capable of dowsing, the feeling is that between their palms are tough subject like rezinovogl ball. In some sense it occurs earlier, and the "ball" they are larger, others — later. And some do not feel anything.

Even if you are among the latter and abilities you have not, do not despair. If every day for a week to do this exercise, feeling of emptiness will disappear, and you too will feel the resistance of the space.

Now take a strip of paper with a width of about 1 cm and a length of 2 cm, reinforce it neatly on the edge of fixed object, just pierce the edge of the paper. A short distance as it sweep your hands balanced on the tip strip of paper and imagine that it is beginning to move in a clockwise direction. Just in any case, do not touch the paper with his hands and not hinder its movement breath.

Usually not people who have a strip of paper will be on the spot. A few minutes later she have to move. A well-trained people get experience with the magnetic needle, which instead of the strips are mounted on the needle point. Arrow budge is much more difficult than paper. But at the request of a gifted person, it will also move as she mentally commanded.

What do these experiments? The fact that we own will can influence the movement of objects, bend them to our mental orders. And do not even need to touch them with your hands. However, the people working with the frame and the pendulum does not require controlled traffic indicators. Their task is simply to turn off the mind and the indicator provide complete freedom of action. Of course, at first it is not very easy. It is always our thoughts are occupied with something. And our main goal is to learn to think "on a given topic." Help achieve the desired meditation classes.

How to negotiate with the pendulum

Usually people who start to work with the frame or swingarm, believe that the main thing — to ask a question, and the answer they can understand. Yes, the questions correctly — great art, that we still devote enough time. But no less important to understand your indicator.

Once I complained to my friend that gets strange answers from the pendulum. Asked one time — will respond positively. Asks the other — said no. I asked her to do their transactions with me. And Marina sat down, picked up a pendulum made from a piece of amber, out loud and began asking him questions.

Strange. On the same question, she did get two different answers. At first I thought it was bad Marina asks. But she told me the situation, which would like to get advice from a pendulum, and the question is, in my opinion, has been put right. Then the thought.

— Marina, and you imagine something, when you ask?

Yes, Marina is clearly caused to eyes, picture, and this picture, in her description, too, was what should be. This put me in a deadlock. I do not know what to think.

— Marina, can I talk to him?

I took the same pendulum has a question. At exactly the same question I stated several times received the same answer. I have it not me! I began to think that the very Marina "push" the pendulum, causing it to vibrate properly. I began to follow the slightest movement of her hands, but no "treacherous" push the pendulum had not noticed. Now I do not understand anything.

And then I came up with a strange idea.

— Marina — I asked cautiously — and you ask your pendulum, which had a positive response, and what — is negative?

Where it all turned out.

— Why? — She asked.

Many people are convinced that the pendulum responds "yes" if the range clockwise and "no" when swinging back and forth. But it is not. Version of "yes" and "no" depending on how you decide for yourself with the pendulum.

It is very important at the beginning of the indicator is not only to establish contact with him, that is, to understand that he can hear you and ready for you to work hard, but also to establish once and for all, that he will be positive, and that the negative response.

This is usually done so. You take your pendulum to the right (if you are right handed) hand, concentrates and say to him: "My dear pendulum, from this day forward, we will work together with you, so I want your answers I could easily read." Then check carefully how your pendulum you understand.

Ask him a series of simple questions that can only be interpreted unambiguously.

— I am a woman?
— I'm … years?
— Now the street winter?
— It is … hours of the day?
— Do you hear me?
— We will be with you to work well together?
— You promised me, and always around to help?

As you can see, this list of questions can not be given an ambiguous answer. Therefore, the pendulum will answer "yes" or "no." Did you check how well it performs your instructions. But remember:

If you do not know what the answer pendulum is considered positive and which negative, you can never understand it. And without it, and can not work.

There is an option of answers when the pendulum can not give them at all, or does not understand the issues of contracts necessary and the possibility. Say, for example, like this: "If my question is impossible to give any positive or negative answer, then show the answer counterclockwise. If my question is incorrect, then show it to his immobility. "

Better yet, just ask your pendulum, as he wants to answer.

— Show how you answer me "yes"?
— Show how you answer me "no"?
— Show how you will answer me "yes or no" or "do not know"?
— Show how you answer me "do not understand the question?"

At first, every time their work is necessary to begin with a plumb line test it: give it a series of simple questions and get answers. If your agreement in force, the answers are always the same, if you have a relationship with the pendulum has not yet been established and you do not feel that sometimes you reach the contact easily, and sometimes have to try. That's why you need before you begin to conduct such a test.

And more. Do not forget that the real indicator — you and the pendulum is just your tool. Do not make your pendulum something mystical. So whenever pick up the indicator to do so.

For 5-10 minutes to work, take a warm shower, knead your body with a towel or a special massager, breathe properly, to clear the lungs and improve blood flow to the brain, sit quietly with your eyes closed, and only when you feel that your physical and mental state at the height, can start their studies.

Remember, depending on your state of quality and accuracy of responses. Therefore, if you are not sure of yourself, bring lessons for another day.

Art of asking questions

And in your hands pendulum. Are you ready to get started. Where do we start? First, as I said, you need to establish with him a constant and complete communication, that is, by means of simple questions and answers to find out what movements plumb will be positive, which — negative. After that, try to talk with the pendulum.

When using a plumb line to get definitive answers you will have to learn to accurately formulate the question. You can not ask for detailed proposals, it is meaningless. You can not build a very vague question. Here is a small example.

The young man wants to marry. He had in mind the three girls, each of which can lay claim to the vacant site of the future of his wife, he asks:

— Julia will be a good wife? And receives the answer "yes."
— Masha will be a good wife? You will get a "yes."
— Natasha will be a good wife? Again, "yes."

From which he concludes that the plumb line can not be trusted.

But in fact, in all the wrong answers just ask the pendulum to blame. He asked abstract questions. All three girls are likely to extend to the family life, they are really able to become excellent wives. But … for whom? He did not ask the most important thing: with any of the girls he is most compatible. Did not ask, and another if he still did not understand any of them, he likes? And further, if he should get married right now and it is on one of these girls?

Another example. Once I ran to a neighbor in tears:

— Listen, I was terminally ill, the pendulum said I would die.

Such a response is a pendulum, of course, almost brought it to a heart attack. And why not? It turns out that poor woman said, will I die? All men are mortal, that's plumb and replied positively. This does not mean that my neighbor goes to bed and did not wake up. Pendulum answered the abstract question of death of any person, including the woman.

So the question must be formulated so as to get quite a clear and unambiguous answer. And do not forget that this has to be the answer your question is yes, that is what you are now worried about, not the answer to "the question at all."

My sister, going to Sochi, asked the pendulum well or there will your vacation. Received a negative answer and went to the dacha outside Moscow. There, she became very ill. And if she continued to survey the pendulum, then found out to the weather in Sochi will be rainy and swim in the sea she did not have, so you can go to the Crimea, where it will be sunny. This is a common mistake of beginners: for some reason they give a negative answer, draw their plans, simply change their minds and believe now that the pendulum can be anything and ask because they will get a positive response. And … wrong.

Remember, having a negative response, you should find out why it is negative, that is to ask a number of questions that your outline a situation and its var.

To ask questions — great art, at once it is very difficult to master, so you go through a period of misunderstanding between you and the pendulum before it will give you the right advice.

Another mistake is another way to get the incorrect answer — in the technique of working with a plumb. Beginners keep it very shy, afraid to move, the hand they are in an unnatural position, so the muscles get tired very quickly. When muscles zanemeli, appears to have the most irregular impulses that are transmitted and plumb. Trying to restore correct operation of circulation, the brain sends to your hand shackled impulses that have nothing to do with the answers to your subconscious. And then the pendulum behaves strangely, he begins to "lie."

That's why, that such errors do not occur, learn how to keep the thread plummet very easily, do not force, or pinch it in my hand, do not be afraid to interrupt for a moment your "conversation." If you feel that your fingers go numb, immediately stop its occupation, stand up, walk around a bit, mash hand. Do not be afraid, with new forces you quietly go into the same rhythm, the quality of the answers will only improve. Anyway, at first not peretruzhdaetsya themselves. More than half have a dialogue with a plumb impossible. Here's a rest for fifteen minutes, you can continue. And not to forget, what was said, be sure to write down your last question and the response of the pendulum.

(Semenova "Working with a pendulum and Feng Shui")

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