The Prosecutor's Office has canceled a warning to the editor Free City

Mogilev Regional Prosecutor's Office has canceled a warning Krichevsky District Prosecutor's Office issued the editor of the independent newspaper "Free City" Sergei irregularities. Today, the journalist received a response to your complaint from the regional prosecutor's office. According to the "Freedom" Sergey Uneven, the letter states that audited and the facts have not been confirmed, therefore preventing illegal.

The reason for the punishment of a journalist was his article "Black Days". He was devoted to the terrorist attack in Minsk on April 11. In the blame Sergei Pixelated prosecutor Vladimir Tryvayla exhibited dissemination of false information in the newspaper about the investigation into the terrorist attack, as well as information which contains libel and insulting remarks against heads of state power. Publication, as stated in the prevention, aimed at "discrediting the law enforcement agencies, the Belarusian state and society."

Guided Editor "" Free City "disagreed and complained to the regional prosecutor's office.

Sergei Uneven, "It was clear that the reasons to punish me simply did not exist. The article was not sedition. Obviously, the District Attorney did everything quickly. Did not understand. Do not rule out the team of special services. District Attorney just used. They did not expect that we will appeal the warning. Moreover while slowly changing. Stuatsyya worse and worse. And prosecutors see it. It is necessary that at least a little warning was legitimate. We were ready to go to trial. "


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