The prosecutor asked Sevyarytsu 3 years of imprisonment, and Martseleva Khalip — 2 years with a grace

May 13, the Court Condo district of Minsk, the process of the three participants in the events of December 19. Here are judged co-organizing committee of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" and former head of the election headquarters of presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski Paul Sevyarinets, journalist, the wife of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov Irina Khalip campaign manager and former candidate Nikolai Statkevich Sergei Martseleva.

19:30 Adjourned until 10:00 Monday, May 16. Verdict will be announced.

19:20 The last word Irina Khalip. During the whole trial, I wondered why in the process, I was in the company with Martseleva and Seviarynets? We were in teams of different candidates. I was pleased to meet with Sergey Martseleva. I have great respect for Paul Sevyarinets as one of the most decent people. I was shchastsivaya be in such company in the dock. While all of this can not be called happiness, and you can not wish even to an enemy.

I thought, as the one I was on the Square: as a citizen, as the wife of presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, or as a journalist? I was there at 100% in all of these qualities. Even if I were not a journalist, I would have gone to the area along with Andrei Sannikov. I think for the happiness of the many women in this world, he chose me.

"All of us are judged for what we dared to try to use the Constitution. And we are responsible — the Constitution of the money — some have, and others — not. Do you — do not. Because you are not such that the blood is green and you head screwed on. But the problem is that we — are — and we have red blood and the rights we have — the same as that of those who want to take away these rights. "

For my family the authorities used a scorched earth policy that is left on the ground blood family Khalip and Sannikov. In this war was even involved my son. Before the trial, my mother used to say: Ira, if you will plant, I will not hide in front of his grandson, where are you, I'll tell them about the evil uncles in our apartment, and the most important thing an evil uncle. I told him that regardless of the court decision, the child needs to know the truth …

19:15In his final statement Seviarynets thanked those present baktskam, sisters and God that lives in this country. He says that the current system of justice — punitive, a descendant savechchyny. And that leads to hatred in people, not love.

It is significant that during the 4 months of detention, he had not been allowed to meet with a priest — and it's inhuman system that does not allow people to be the best.

We, the Belarusians do not love each other. This is evident from the speech of public officials. But love does not come herself, and is given by God. While Belarusians, a nation with thousands of years of history, do not turn to God, so far there is no love and no peace and image.

Seviarynets said that God can do anything. He asked permission to give the judge the book "I Love Belarus".

19:06 The last word Martseleva. Says he did not expect that his participation in the elections will end at the dock. It will be more careful adnostna participation in such political activities. He graduated from the statement: "And yet — it moves."

18:33 — 19:05 Acts lawyer Irina Khalip. The prosecution Khalip legally illiterate. Even the state prosecution has not understood what the wine Khalip. All the fault that she was in a convoy on a street during an unsanctioned rally.

Khalip can be blamed only for what it called a rally in the knowledge that he is not authorized. Khalip denies that called for, but at the time of the election campaign did not yet know how this will actually rally. The case file, which supposedly prove her guilt, in fact she used her constitutional right to freedom of expression.

On the eve of the elections in an interview with one of the leading international media, she said that she is entitled to their opinion and it is due to the law. In Belarus we have that right taken away by violence. Therefore, we, Belarusians, it is important to express their break, despite the prohibitions.

To the question, and if the situation gets out of control, Khalip said: "Our people are not of the temperament to grab their pitchforks. We should not padstavdyats the people of Belarus and each other. "

The lawyer says that this is evidence that there was no intentional violence Khalip did not commit and did not plan to carry out. Khalip not bring harm to businesses.

Khalip expressed that she is proud that she was the wife of presidential candidate Sannikov that she was his confidant and she journalist. She was in the square in all of these qualities. And most importantly: it was working there as a journalist. She pratsavana to "Novaya Gazeta" and "Echo of Moscow". When she was beaten, she was a live report. The missile is no crime.

Witness statements accuser's lawyer requests to assess the Criminal Code as false.

The lawyer points out how all the same type of evidence compiled a list of names of people who were in the head of the column.

She emphasizes that the policemen who were standing in a cordon, asked who was standing next to them — and they could not remember their colleagues nearby. And one of the officers said he is apolitical and explained that he named Irina Khalip because before that he was shown the video and called, that this woman — Irina Khalip.

Also, counsel states that on July 30 Khalip tapped illegally. He says that it is the pursuit of Khalip for its views, the profession of journalism. Her work brings only benefits to society. It is his work makes people think. Khalip — a national hero, and she is proud of her acquaintance. Requests to justify and back kanfiskavyanyya things.

18:15 — 18.30 Sevyarinets lawyer acts.

Sevyarinets actions do not match the article, according to which the prosecutor qualifies his actions. So, Seviarynets was in the Square and shouted, "We believe we can, we will win!" And "Long Live Belarus!" — This is not a criminal offense. Right to express an opinion guaranteed by the Constitution.

Seviarynets not persuaded anyone to disobedience, and this is confirmed by the case. Neither Seviarynets, nor anyone else has pushed the traffic police.

Being on the roadway is not a crime. Especially, when people could not fit on the sidewalks. That people do not padushylisya, they took to the road, so the judge for these actions is unacceptable.

There is no explanation of why companies like McDonald's, the exchanger in the building of the supermarket "Central" closed as no disturbances occurred. Explanation of the danger — flimsy. The lawyer drew attention to the personality of the client. He — a true patriot of Belarus, does a lot for its future. This is the believer who stands for tolerance and tolerance. Therefore, he can not call for violence.

Asks the defendant to justify because its actions are qualified with the relevant articles of the Administrative Code. He says that 19 is not abdylosya tragedy, and what happened now, the elite of society — pismennki, journalists are in prison — this is the real tragedy. These people need to leave the room without an escort.

Zaapladiravali present.

18:10 The lawyer said that the accused person can only be perfect — Martselev did not do anything criminal. Punishment two years even with adterminrvkay does not match perfect. Says that the punishment should not be associated with deprivation of liberty in any fo

17:57 The prosecutor asked to punish:

Paul Sevyarinets — 3 years of imprisonment with a direction to correctional facilities;

Irina Khalip — 2 years' imprisonment, suspended for two years;

Sergei Martseleva — 2 years' imprisonment, suspended for 2 years.

17:22 — 17.45 In the hall came the judge that avestsila the beginning of disputes. The prosecutor read out the charges to Paul Seviarynets of organizing and participating in mass disorder: Seviarynets viyaviv vogranam disobeying authorities, which resulted in damage to public organizations, currency exchange point, the underground palace unions disrupted public transport. His actions are punishable under article 342 of the Criminal Code.

The prosecution Irina Khalip: encouraged people to come to October Square to take part in an unsanctioned rally, let the work of law enforcement. As she called garamdyane out on the roadway.

Martseleva — a similar accusation.

The prosecutor stressed that their guilt is proven records of the case, including the testimony of police officers, video and audio materials.

All three defendants were aware of the illegality of the action and knowingly participated in it, the illegality of the action is also explained by traffic police.

Exit to the roadway is not an administrative offense and a criminal offense. Was changed mode of public transport passengers were taken to a place, institutions have suffered losses.

Wines of the accused proved. Evidence — telephone conversations, the contents of the confiscated CDs, the fact that the accused did not apply to Minsk City Executive Committee for permission to protest, not to be seen as peaceful. The prosecutor also refers to the witnesses today who have not come to court.

The prosecutor stated that the actions Sevyarinets deyannie fall under Part 1 of Article 342 of the Criminal Code.

16:42 The judge announced the settlement.

Lawyer Khalip said that 30 minutes of preparation is not enough. However, the judge adjourned only 30 minutes. People in the audience at this nasally "Shame."

16:38 Lawyers are asked to give an opportunity to the morning to provide the documents that are relevant to the protection of the accused. This petition requires the court to declare a break. All of the defendants and lawyers disagree. Attorney protest because he believes that it is delaying the process supported the prosecutor and the judge dismissed the motion.

16:30 Advatka Khalip asked to call as witnesses representatives of the underground Makdonalsa and other government and commercial organizations, who allegedly suffered losses. The prosecutor asked to reject the petition, not to delay the process. Judge supports the prosecutor.

16:24 The lawyer read a testimonial from Paul Sevyarinets Bazhan — says about his work, the book "Letters from the forest," the organization quiz on the history of Belarus and other work. That he, too, and a true Christian believer.

The authors of the characteristics stated that Seviarynets could not call for violence and his detention is not justified.

16:06 — 16:15 The referee gives a testimonial from the editor Irina Khalip Russian newspaper, where she works.

Khalip described as a professional journalist who received numerous awards, reliable and honest person, caring mother.

The award for the English language — the judge said that the English did not possess. Lawyer Khalip noted that this award from the German media. The judge asks how Khalip received the award while under house arrest. Khalip explains that the diploma earned her immediate supervisor, editor and journalists gave to parents who have the right to communicate with her.

16:05 The prosecutor read out, that the case has links to the Russian website, where there is a photo Martseleva in the Square.

15:52 Starts watching videos, with the presence of Martseleva. Video stopped on a single frame, followed by the sound of cheers and skandavanne "Freedom," "Long Live Belarus!" Martseleva the video is not visible.

Again stopped frame, the Russian pop sounds and skandavanne "Go away!" Completed praglya video. Martseleva on it and have not seen.

15:40 It starts with listening to speeches Martseleva record on the radio. Martselev not refuse that appealed to the area, but not organized, because neither the place nor the time did not call. The prosecutor read out the speech with Statkievich Martseleva. Martselev, as if saying, "Come on, engage in armchair Sidorsky"

15:12 It starts with the announcement of the case of Sergei Martseleva.

The prosecutor read out a statement by Sergei Martseleva in which he admits his guilt in the part of the mass beaparadkav, but called to the area and was walking along the roadway.

The prosecutor read out the answers to queries nevralyagichnaga, drug treatment clinic, as well as the bank data on offenses — all positive.

Also a positive feature of the place and zhaharstva jail.

Next, the search protocol in the community: confiscated disks, flash cards, other storage media.

Read printouts of telephone conversations where Martselev says he needs to go to the square to protect Statkevich, as it can be "hit on the head."

14:20 The prosecutor read out the missile talks with the head of DPS. That, supposedly, she said the policeman: razyditsesya and do not prevent people from going on the road, on the sidewalk, we're not going to come back.

Prosecutor moves to the reading of the transcripts of telephone negotiations.

Khalip said: I believe that the elections will be held, as usual, that the desired results will be written that the protests in society, it is necessary to leave the square.

The lawyer protested that the prosecutor read out only the part where Irina speaks negatively about the government and the election process, but does not offset the fact that Irina says that people are making the situation in which they find themselves, people do not want violence, and want to exercise their rights .

The judge and the prosecutor accepts the petition back to reading.

The prosecutor tried to explain himself who is Klaskouski, which is mentioned in the case file that Khalip was next to him.

Lawyer and Irina Khalip confirmed the veracity video of her performances.

The lawyer asks her detention protocols and protocols searches.

The lawyer read the police reports that Khalip nasally slogans "Long live Belarus!" "Go away!" And "Revolution" on the record of the signature rocket that does not agree with the content of the record that shouts "Long Live Belarus!" Is not an offense.

Also explain Irene, which reported that she and her husband Sannikov participates in a rally in the square. She came back with the hope of negotiations. The action was peaceful, but we were beaten.

Beat her husband and on the way to the hospital. All were detained.

The lawyer continues to read records search.

Among other things, according to the arrest of the property as of the confiscated money.

The lawyer said the seizure of the money was for an article obliging security services to return them.

Lawyer asks Khalip: Approximately 10,000 dollars that were seized — where are they?

Irina says he has sold his car for 20 million rubles, and then acquired in exchange, as it is assumed that, if the current government and the economic situation of the Belarusian ruble will fall.

She says that the
money they have left Sankavym as emergency supply for the family.

And she was calm for the content of Masters of their Fate son, who was orphaned after his arrest. It was only after the liberation learned that they are not.

This money should go back to the family. These are the legal origin of the money.

The lawyer has filed a copy of the contract of sale of the vehicle.

Prosecutor calls, when and from what was happening places connected to her phone on December 19.

Paul Seviarynets continues to listen standing in a cage. Khalip sitting in the front row. Along it — security guards in plain clothes: a woman and a man, as well as a policeman in uniform.

Indications neighbors that Khalip not make trouble, drunk does not happen, not punished Irina herself and present listen with a smile.

Also credited help from substance abuse and psychiatric clinic, and a certificate from the jail.

Irina cries of jail? I told myself there well led (all laugh). Help from the detention center is positive.

14:08 The prosecutor read out the warning Andrei Sannikov, which is in the materials Irina Khalip. It says that Sannikov called a share, which had not applied.

Then — the case file on the participation in the riots.

Excerpts from Irina Khalip: "Let's wake up, take a chance, Dec. 19 power collapse."

Lawyer protests and demands are not read out fragments, and all the action.

The prosecutor read out the entire projection.

The prosecutor read out the speech continues Khalip in Belarusian. The fact that the power of mediocrity: the incompetent officials, headed by the principal. Even the competition byazdarnastsi he took second place as a talentless to take first.

14:15 Judge
reported that the certificate of admission Bogdanovich delivered to the court during the lunch break.

The record featured telephone Irina Khalip. She stated that it voluntarily nobody gave out that he had been selected. The judge emphasized that it is not selected, and confiscated.

Khalip stressed that the phone and its property shall be returned to relatives.

14:01 The process is resumed.

13:57In the boardroom launch relatives, journalists and human rights defenders. Defendants listed above, talk with them lawyers.

Among those present — one of the leaders of the BCD Alexey Shein, a human rights activist Lyudmila Graznova, representatives of public organizations.

In the hall are empty seats in the hall but do not miss.

12:26 adjourned until 14.00.

12:16 Begin to read the statements by Dennis Sadowski, a trustee of Vital Rymasheuski.

12:08 Lawyer asks why the witness Bogdanovich, who also allegedly saw Breaks through the column did not appear in court. The judge says that today he is hospitalized. Inquiries about this will come later.

Lawyer Khalip protests that in the absence of information about the importance of lack, his record will be read without the presence of the witness.

The judge explains that this is possible.

Lawyer asks Khalip adjourn until the documents to the absence of the witness Bogdanovich will be filed in court.

The judge rejected the request.

The prosecutor read out the minutes of the interrogation begins Bogdanovich.

Bogdanovich shows what is on offer BCD activists that not enough people joined the party.

Shows that BCD activists during a constituent assembly and further shamed power. What are they called, including Seviarynets, take to the streets on December 19.

What he also came because the student protests and distribution.

The protocol states that saw former candidates at the head of the column came to the area and lists the names. Also saw the protesters removed from the flag state flags. Who exactly — do not know.

Also heard broke the windows, but he does not know who.

Lawyer solicited comments on the protocol. The judge refused.

Khalip said that no chain was not torn, as stated in the protocol.

Seviarynets says that the column did not come and did not organize.

11:57 Read the minutes of the interrogation of drivers who show changes of routes on December 19.

11:47 The prosecutor read out interrogation protocol traffic policeman Korzyuk.

According to the protocol of interrogation Korzyuk, the presidential candidates were in the head of the column from the October before Independence. Listed the names of the candidates, leaders of their staffs, also referred to "the wife of former candidate" Khalip.

That they broke through the chain of traffic police and moved in the direction Sq. Independence.

People filled the roadway, traffic police blocked the another circuit around Engels.

Indicates that the candidates Khalip and Seviarynets approached the chain of traffic policemen and demanded to miss people. People have bypassed them and went on.

The witness said that the crowd did not obey the call to the police.

He could hear the beat of glass, but did not see.

Khalip said that the witness is lying Korzyuk that no chain no breakthroughs.

In weight, it will not do so, and her husband is a diplomat and not prone to such actions. When they took to the road — no chains were not there.

Khalip confirms that spoke to the traffic police.

Judge stated that the Court will not be called by the prosecution witnesses of good reasons.

However Khalip and her lawyer insisted on calling Witnesses policeman Korzyuk.

He testified if Khalip was at the forefront of the march and encouraged.

The judge read out the FAQ about the state of health issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs health center.

The lawyer explained that her client, and she wants the immediate presence of Korzyuk to ask questions about his evidence.

The prosecutor asked to recognize a valid failure to appear, since the other day, according to the information, the police officer was hospitalized. The judge is maintained.

11:33 Two more defense witnesses the judge did not listen to on the grounds that they were in the courtroom during the preliminary hearing.

The judge asked: How are you still broke into the hall?

One witness said: So do your service.

11:28 Yuri Klimovitch call witnesses.

He says that he is familiar with Paul Seviarynets that is created by an activist in the BCD.

She says that the area was not, and explains why. The day before he was detained in Homel on the grounds that he allegedly swore. He was arrested in the administrative case. That it was illegal and he testified about it on the Bible, which brought with him.

11:25 The next witness — George Dzmitruk, the companion of Paul Sevyarinets.

Was a trustee Rymasheuski. But the Square was not.

11:20 Keynote witness Valeria Chernomortsev.

11:15 Invited witness Love Kamenev.

She told me that she had seen in the square. The interrogation lasted 3 minutes.

11:05 The next witness — Irina Logvin, an employee of a public organization.

Says he knows all the accused. Explains how to move a column from October to Independence and everything was peaceful.

When asked the prosecutor about the mood of people said that no aggression, sticks and twigs pe
ople have not seen.

The judge asked the witness felt at October.

Witness says that loud music and slogans. What? "Long live Belarus!"

Asked by the judge, who cried out in the hall came to life and zavsmihalisya.

On the question of lawyer witness also states that people in October could not fit and could not walk on the sidewalks. No calls to disperse heard.

Attorney clarifies exactly who invited her to the area.

Replies that no one area is not just about talking about it all was clear without agreements.

10:57 The next witness — the bus driver Vyacheslav Kozlowski.

He worked on the second shift on route number 100. I saw how people stood with flags. October was full.

At the intersection of Independence, Kozlov about 21.00 policeman said that the Independence closed to traffic and it should go on the May Day.

So drove to Independence there was a traffic police car again and people. Dropped people off. When returning — the area was clean.

Says he does not drove people, as it should, and behind schedule.

10:47 Hall invited to witness Timothy Dranchuk.

The judge makes the observation that a witness wearing a T-shirt with short sleeves that come to court in this way — to show disrespect to the court.

Dranchuk replied that dressed for the weather.

He says that he is familiar with all of the defendants.

Tells how and when to communicate with them.

Shows that during the meeting spoke about the action on the area and what Martselev, in particular, emphasized that the event will be a peaceful, festive, he treats it seriously and responsibly.

The defendants did not call him to share, and heard that the event will take place on the square with the state television screens.

When the judge asked how things were answers that people have been so many that are not kept on the sidewalks and went peacefully and quietly.

On Independence was long when it is not noticed that commandos began aggressive actions.

On the question of a lawyer or heard the call to go somewhere, I have not.

10:37 — 10:50 The next witness Alina Lyadnenka, a resident of Brest.

Indicates that familiar with Sergei Martseleva.

He says that sympathize Vladimir Neklyaev was a volunteer campaign.

Says, knew that on October planned peaceful demonstration.

Prosecutor: Did the recommendations for action?

Replies that Martselev as a man, a friend, a representative of the stronger sex, worried about her.

The prosecutor asks.

The witness replied: want me to lead the words of 5-month-old?

The prosecutor insists there Martselev spoke about a possible violent action?

Witness: Not only him, but also her family, friends said that for every action can be a provocation that could be dangerous for the participants.

Judge: Was the correspondence on Skype December 17?

Witness: Yes. But do not know how many.

Judge: What do you respond to the investigation? Or write Martselev on Skype on possible developments in the Square?

Then the judge read out the minutes of the interrogation: Ostensibly, the witness replied that it Martselev wrote: On the square is a "bake" to take care of themselves.

10:19 — 10:37 Invited witness Vadim Kabanchuk.

Paul Seviarynets listens to witnesses, standing behind bars.

Kabanchuk said that he was familiar with all of the defendants.

Prosecutor asks that he knew about their participation in the elections.

Says that during all the meetings in preparation for the elections, said all parties that the elections — is a farce. And the climax should be a mass protest against election fraud.

Participants suggested that people gather, possibly at the October, and as will be — will depend on the course of events.

Prosecutor: Who is calling?

Kabanchuk: Called many candidates and emphasized that it would be non-violent, peaceful protest.

Prakuro: Took a permit?

I do not know. But under the Constitution, all citizens have the same rights. And does not know that the holidays were taken of resolution. Every five years, citizens have the right to express their position on such an important political event in the country.

Kabanchuk tells how events unfolded: about 20.00 was on October Square, an area that was loud music, the performances were slightly audible.

After calling Statkievich go to the presidential administration and the people moved, but people went to the square. Independence. Why — do not know?

He says that the march was peaceful and no disturbances during walking occurred.

Kabanchuk continues to show that according to his observations, began smashing windows before there came the main column. Says he called to disperse heard. On October sounded pop. On the Square. Independence also called on the police was not.

Lawyer: Could all the people fit in the square?

On October the place was not — there was a skating rink.

Interrogation Kabanchuk completed.

The witness says, implying that there will be many people and possible provocations and various unfolding events.

10:14 Invited new witness — Ivan Demidovich, who also runs a bus driver.

The question is: I tell you, when I prevented the demonstration work?

In the hall zavsmihalisya, Attorney slightly embarrassed.

Says that about 21.00 GAI ordered him to change the route. Says he saw a column of two hundredth meters

After dropping off passengers at the Interior Ministry building on the city street tree.

With the rest of the people went on Nemige and drove to the prospectus and the winners went on.

Missed no more than 10 minutes.

He says that was then a lunch break and returned to the route without obstruction.

asks: If traveling on the same route Lukashenko — or interrupt the route?

withdrew the question. Lawyer asked, why?

Judge said that the question is not relevant to the proceedings.

10:04 Nicholas Hall invited to witness Aleksievich, the bus driver.

Says that on December 19 he worked on the second shift on the bus route number 69.

The evening saw people walked across the avenue, and a policeman asked him to change the route.

He returned to the station and dispatch as of 22:30 regained the route.

Lawyer asks where his policeman forced to pay. He says that when traveling with Sverdlov the avenue at 19:51.

He returned and tried to move on Kirov Avenue across the street Lenin — and the traffic police are also not allowed. So he was detained for an hour.

It affected his salary, because it turns out that he is flawed for some time. The judge warned attorneys not to ask questions that were asked earlier in the interrogations.

10:03 The process is resumed. The judge announces the list of witnesses who have to testify.

In the courtroom of people passed through the three crossing points — at the entrance to the building, in the building —
at the entrance to the courtroom.

In addition to the scope of the audience metalyashukalnika inspecting bags and pockets.

9:56In the courtroom, the defendants, their lawyers, relatives, journalists and human rights activists.

Hall is almost complete, and in the corridor outside the court and there are still many people who also want to get to the process, but their room is not allowed.

Judge Joan Brysina.

They are accused of organizing and preparing activities that breach public order or active participation in them (part 1 of Article 342 of the Criminal Code).

Courts for Square

The process Sevyarinets, Khalip Martseleva. The first day
The process Sevyarinets, Khalip Martseleva. Day Two

Sergei Martselev
He was born on April 29, 1977 in Minsk in a family of scientists. Grandson Stanislaus Martseleva, head of the Institute of Arts, Ethnography and Folklore of the Academy of Sciences. Also, the grandson of the philosopher-academician Leonid Evmenova.

After high school he studied at the Faculty of International Relations of Belarusian State University, but was expelled for political activities at the Rector A. Kazulin. However, after the transition of the opposition worked with him.

In the mid-1990s, was elected chairman of the "Young Gromada" (youth organization in M. Statkevich Belarusian Social Democratic Party), for the sake of this activity declined to study in Moscow. Then went to study in Poland and graduated from the Poznań University, "political science."

In the presidential election of 2010 led the campaign staff Statkevich. December 19 at the Independence Square almost did not attend. At night, Dec. 23 was removed from the train, which was traveling to Warsaw to film the transmission channel "Belsat". He was arrested, placed in the KGB detention center, charged with organizing mass riots. April 4 accusation changed to Art. 342 of the Criminal Code — the organization and preparation of activities that breach public order or active participation in them.

Paul Seviarynets
He was born on December 30, 1976 in Orsha. He graduated with a gold medal Vitebsk School number 25 (with art bias). Home of interest in politics — the election of school in the 10th grade in the Republican Children's Parliament. He was fond of geography and gealegiyay. He graduated from the geological faculty of BSU. From 1994-1999 he was. worked as a journalist for a number of independent newspapers. Since 1998, printed in the press as an independent publicist. Winner of the literary prize Ales Adamovich and Vasil Bykov Prize "for freedom of thought."

In 1999-2003,. was vice chairman of the BPF. From 1999 to 2004. — Chairman of the "Young Front", now — the organizing committee co-chairman of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy." During the 2010 presidential election was an activist headquarters of presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski. Was arrested Dec. 20 and placed in the KGB detention center. At the end of December it charged in the criminal case investigation department of Minsk police preliminary investigation by hh. 1 and 2, Art. 293 of the Criminal Code (mass disorders). 4 April instead filed another charge (Article 342 of the Criminal Code — the organization and preparation of activities that breach public order or active participation in them).

She was born on November 12, 1967 in Minsk. A correspondent of the Russian "Novaya Gazeta" in Belarus.

She worked as deputy editor of "BDG" and editor in chief of the weekly "Name", who stopped out. Repeatedly subjected to criminal prosecution for their work, received a warning from the prosecutor's office.

In April 1997, along with his father, playwright and filmmaker Vladimir Khalip was severely beaten during a street demonstration on April 2. In late 2009, she received death threats from unknown. Laureate Zavadsky (2003), Henry Nanena Award (2005), the award "Hero of Europe" in the "Courageous Heart" (2005), the award "Courage in Journalism" (2009).

December 19, 2010, the day of the presidential election, it used force detained on his way to the Independence Square and placed in the KGB detention center. In late December, she was charged in a criminal case initiated preliminary investigation department of Minsk police investigation by hh. 1 and 2, Art. 293 of the Criminal Code (mass disorders). Faces up to 15 years. During her stay in the KGB prison authorities tried to take away from the family three sons — Danica Sannikov. December 29 changed the measure of restraint on his own recognizance with house arrest.

In February 2011, already in custody, received a journalism award "Golden Pen of Russia." Wife of the politician Andrei Sannikov, who is also accused in the case of the riots. April 4 charge was changed to Art. 342 of the Criminal Code — the organization and preparation of activities that breach public order or active participation in them.


prisoners, the area, the court

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