The purpose of the Arab unrest — the fragmentation of large Islamic countries

Gossekretat United States called on Syria to withdraw its forces back from the border with Turkey. According to the views of the United States, the acts of the Syrian army worsen the situation of refugees and could provoke a conflict with Turkey. The situation in Syria continues to be tense, intensifying conflict can lead to the collapse of Syria.

In fact, in any country outside forces can find a spark of discontent that could ignite a fire. And Syria is not a monolith. Powerful authoritarian government holds a very difficult area, ethnically and religiously.

Of the approximately 22 million people, more than 80% of the population — are Arabs, including up to 400 thousand refugees from Palestine. About 9% of the population are Kurds, most of them live in the north and north-east of the country. A significant community of Armenians — about 2-3% of the population is of the Druze community, Turkmen, Circassians, Assyrians. In religious terms: 90% of the population — the Muslims, the other 10% — Christians. Of the 75% of Syria's Muslim — Sunni, the other 25% — the Shiites, Alawites and Ismailis. Christians make up half of the middle of the Syrian Orthodox, 18% — Catholics, the other — the other branches of Christianity.

Part of the population annoyed by the fact that Syria's Alawite minority is practically the country's political elite, including President Bashar Assad, is in control of its economy. Of them in the main forms the officer corps of the country. Many of the Sunnis in general consider the Alawite sect, which has no relationship to the true Islam. Incites religious hatred and the fact that napolovinuvoennye formation and 4th Armored Division under the command of the president's brother — Maher Assad, which use to suppress unrest, formed from the Alawites. In the end, there were facts defections of Sunni soldiers.

In addition, there is the "Kurdish issue" which concerns not only Syria, yes, and Turkey and Iraq. In the case of the upcoming escalation of the situation in the country of the Kurds fully capable of making their own contribution to the war on civilian clothes and split the country.

Can be fully speech and friends with them in the near future "work" intelligence "of Israel. Although at the present time they have taken a wait. Israel profitable excitement and even the destruction of Syria, it is better to deal with a weak Syria, or better yet its fragments. Plainclothes won the overthrow in Syria will lead to a weakening of Damascus, it is not up to the Golan Heights and the active assistance to the Lebanese "Hezbollah", Palestinian radicals. Iran, an enemy of Israel, will lose its own ally. We can remember Iraq which was one of the centers of the Arab world to the U.S. occupation.

Although we can not say that Assad and his supporters were left in complete international isolation: Assad's actions have been approved by Iran and the Lebanese movement "Hezbollah". What is completely clear: without a friendly Syria Lebanon "Hezbollah" will lose a powerful channel through which assistance is, well, Iran will experience difficulties, deprived of union regime.

The strategy of the U.S. and Israel seem to aim at having to kill the strong centers of the Islamic world — have already fallen in Iraq, Egypt, under attack Libya, Syria, Iran on the order. These countries are planning a very weakened, shatter, creating new countries such as Iraqi Kurdistan, which will lead endlessly among themselves different wars, to resolve disputes. The West and Israel in the "muddy water" will catch them right, "fish."

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