The soul exists?




Alexander Silver, pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union:

— I think the soul of those electromagnetic waves that our brain sends and receives. Somehow they seem to roam the universe. It often happened that I would think about the man — he calls after 2 minutes. And not just my dreams come true. Soul — is our ability to feel and experience all that is on your computer is not calculated.

Andrew Shamali, a senior physician of the ambulance station in Voronezh:

— Over many years of experience in the "Ambulance" I am convinced that the soul is. I have seen as it leaves the body or returned. However, the material embodiment of the soul is not.

Irina KOPOTYREVA, a psychiatrist:

— Often the concept of "soul" is combined with consciousness, that is, the ability not only to think, but to feel, to love and be aware of other essential concepts. Consciousness does not have a specific site in the brain, it all belongs to him. A few years ago, American doctors had surgery a woman, cut the middle of the two hemispheres of the brain. As a result, she is now living as if with a double heart, for example, when he decides to dress, one hand reaching for a skirt, and the second — to the pants. At the party, like one man, and his feet "took" quite a drugomuѕ

Father Alexander, rector of St. John of Kronstadt:

— Of course, the soul is. And it can be very easy to prove. Man has always needed to change everything, to reorganize. We never enough that we already have. And all because the soul is looking for another life. She misses perfect, heavenly life, this world does not suit her. Hence, the longing, and the constant search for something.

Dmitry Krylov, host of "Neputevye Notes" on Channel:

— As far as I know, scientists have long determined that the soul is. With soul — as with germs: we do not see them, but that does not mean they are not there.

Alexander Ginzburg, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, the Nobel Prize:

— Of course not. And those scientists who claim the opposite, I think pseudo-scientists.

Gennady Belimo, the head of the Volga group to study anomalous phenomena, a member of the International Academy of Information:

— Of course, there is! Not only that, I know of cases where aliens have abducted and replaced with the soul of people. Including the residents in our area. So they seem to create their own assistants in case of any emergency ahead of us.

Valery alder, Head of Volgograd cemeteries:

— Here are just a UFO is, I myself watched them more than once. A soul so far have not had to. But that does not mean it's not there. After all, is not it?

December 1, 2004

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