The Story of a miracle: Violetta Kovalev


Someone has to take responsibility leader, someone became a favorite of the public, and have someone drive the tone on the sidelines. In short, all the key role in the self-organization of the community were related characters. It is possible that this autonomy could well exist on the very uninhabited island. So fast in human terms, it has become self-sufficient.

Violetta Kovalev, then her name was Efymenko has become not only one of the persons of the society, but also to those who are well vychuvav you need for self-sufficiency. Violet took over from Larissa Simakovich management masterful choir practice. Violetta negotiating a Craftsman speeches at various institutions. Violetta represented Artisan outside the movement. Violetta is the most written about Artisan and maystrovtsav in the press … In short, was the one who provided the vital functions of the Authority, taking on every job. And did it as if someone substitutes — temporarily, in case at a time or two. For example, it was the transition to the role of Violetta choirmaster of Larissa.

Chairwoman of singing

At the rehearsal Artisan at the Palace of Trade Unions, 1983.

Violet"Yes it was not a transfer. Larissa Simply a very creative person, she has all sorts of sea projects and of course, that she could not deal with Artisan's so tight and very long. This is such a chore, every year, new people are coming and they need to be taught same carols. Later that same spring, then Midsummer. Again and again. Well, Larissa asked me once, twice, that, and now you can … You first razvuchy with them, and then I'll come and have already made of that. I said okay. "

Dubovets: But it will not control the singing of each. Requires certain skills and some experience of what other maystrovtsav was not.

Violet"By the way, I only then remembered that, it turns out, I'm his first vocal group led, even when I was in seventh grade. Ironically, I forgot about it, but then I remembered just recently.

I went to music school and for a while somewhere in the middle classes was even a time that my father was standing with a belt when I was doing because they do not want badly. Well, but then somehow became involved and, of course, that I regret. I played very poorly, but from the parents I have a good ear, and I prefer not to play, and select the song. And in the seventh grade, we had to speak at some amateur competition. And I do not remember what I suggested or the teacher said, Gather the girls, let them sing something, and you're going to play. So we did. The girls were singing. One year of "Harlequin" Pugacheva, and the second year of "Pinocchio," a song from the film. This we had a vocal group, so we are two years in a row there any place even occupied.

Farewell to winter at the Minsk stadium "Arlenak" in 1983.

Then it's all forgotten. Voices I never was, by the way. By Artisan. The voice was very quiet. If a school choir director was checking how the party who knows, he always spoke to all silent, only if he could hear me sing. And he said: Well, but cleanly. And so quietly and cleanly sung and I did not know how to otherwise. How else can it showed Larissa. I was surprised, as it turns out, may sound voice. Larissa was able to do.

You know, I never did not perceive itself as a leader in the singing mechanic. I felt like I was just helping out. And then it happened, and that there is no one to help already. Larisa so — less-less-less … Well, I will not say that she was descended from an artisan. It's just far enough to have moved away from such a chore. And I waited, well, when someone will come again. Did any of the normal form, with normal knowledge. Well, unfortunately, no one came. Well, I was left here. "

Artisan spending Christmas in Belarusian Minsk school classroom number 108, December 29, 1983.

Dubovets: There was then, and then, when a new melodious maystrovtsav formed communities and even then, when she moved to Canada and there gathered a group of "Yavarovyya people."

Violet"After the workman has the choice was impossible. Throughout his life was somehow connected with it. Here is Canadian Association of Belarusians. So there is a folklore group called" Yavarovyya people. "And how, again bezrybe I have to manage."

Poster of "Yavarovyya people."

Dubovets"Bezrybya" — the problem is not so much highly sensitive even in exile as the homeland.

Belarusian culture is fatally lacking managers.

Belarusian culture, sanctify, revivalist movements fatally lacking leaders not singing, though they are few, and in today's terminology — managers. There is nowhere cook, so if someone is as a manager, it is a rare nugget. Violetta avoids calling himself the ruler of the song, because it's a narrow specialization, which she does not feel like a complete professional. But it takes care of the entire process, in which the singing — only part of the total traffic. So it was a mechanic, so perhaps now is in Canada, as the circle of public duties Violetta and there is wider. For example, it includes the publication of a newspaper …

Violet"About that, Artisan was a miracle …

Maystrovtsy sing in the train, in 1982.

I am opposed to such words as "a miracle." In general, do not like big words and excessive pathos. What the heck was that? I do not know how to do here the classification under this sum. I think that is just the right time in the right place were the right people around them, and then it all naroslo. This is what happens in the story, I think that we are not the first and not the last.

I remember we were on the excavations in the world. And until someone there came a friend of Russia. Apparently, an archaeologist too. And she listened to our songs, listen to what we say in the evening by the fire and said, "

"How lucky you are, you have something to fight!"

How lucky you are, you have something to fight for! "I think as a young man must have some idea, for which you want to fight. If in Russia in 1964, there was no famine, and if I stayed there, I think I'm there would have joined some environmental society or the protection of monuments, or temperance societies, or something else … And we just had so obvious that this is — the kind of thing that is worth fighting for. So special and did not even have to choose. "

Escape from hunger

DubovetsIs it true that in 1964 the parents of Violetta fled to Belarus from starving Volga region. Another unpredictable set of circumstances, though it is supposedly rational explanation.

Violet"I have a Russian family,
the father Russified Ukrainians. But in addition to Ukrainian songs, which often spyavalisya home, nothing more was not Ukrainian.'s Mother was born in northern Kazakhstan, has arrived in Belarus, one might say, purely by chance, because her sister lived here, married here from Ashgabat to Belarus. And my mother when my father got married, they moved to Ostashko it on the Volga.'s where I was born here and came to Belarus because there was a famine.

Other country except Belarus, I do not know.

I literally had nothing to feed them. In this lake, there is a large lake Seliger, people should not have to fish for himself, and only had the right to farm was catching. Well, in short, no milk, no meat, no fish, nothing. And my mother, she is a medical assistant, she saw that I started rickets. And she panicked, began to write all the relatives. And her aunt said, and come to Minsk, there are products. And so they went to Minsk. It was 1964, I was two years old. So another country, except Belarus, I do not know. But just before the Artisan I somehow managed to live up to 19 years is not interfering with anything Belarus. Thank God that the parents did not release me from the Belarusian language as they all strongly advised. For some reason they said — oh, let him teach.

Although then, when the workman, they have not completely supported, and the relationship with his parents deteriorated, one might say, forever. They were one of those Minsk residents who Belarusian unnecessary, that do not know what it is. Why am I doing this. They never tired of reminding me that you're Russian, why do you want this language of the collective farm. That's all for modes lower than the great Russian culture. With this they lived, and with that they, unfortunately, gone. Once upon a time at first I tried to convince them of something, then just stopped and … "

The arrival of a Craftsman

Dubovets: Its interest of the Belarusian-themed Violetta also explains quite rationally.

Friendly cartoon Hanicke Marinkina.

Violet"It all started with a simple question. Yet, perhaps, before the Artisan. I just asked, well, that's such a status is now in Belarus, the Belarusian language and such — Russian … and you think that's fair? The first time I thought and said no, not fair. Within these categories I'm talking about the Belarusian language was not thinking ahead at all. And it solved everything. Well, then, of course, people. Which we had people in the Artisan This was immediately clear that this is the best people of the nation. From the first time when you come … I remember Vintsuk came up, shook the hand, although it is the first time I've seen. Arina. Immediately I knew who they were. What are they leaders.

I remember the day when I came to Artisan, Oct. 15, 1981, as if it were yesterday. And when I came there, the choice was no more, I realized that I should be here, that's all. Everything else is somehow disappeared by itself, is not something that I disconnect from the people with whom I was familiar to Artisan. Put it all was not interested at all. "

Masterfully Christmas Zaslaul, 1982.

Dubovets: Friendship Circle of Violetta was formed in Artisan and in subsequent years has not changed. Others recall that it was thanks to Violetta joined Artisan and belarushchyny.

Violet"I have a workman left two closest friends — and Yugasya Malashenya Larissa Volkova. How would a lifetime. Larissa Kamilki godmother, godmother Yugasya Dominica. Godmother I Yugaschynyh children. But when I met from Yugasya already Artisan, then Lariska We knew from the first year of journalism, with the first potato. And so somehow steadily approached slowly. And I got in the first Artisan. And this time I forgot Lariska remembers it. She says that she does not immediately told that I told her once dispensed gradually, and I even think she is now, why?

Of course, because it was felt at once,

Artisan — this thing is anti-Soviet.

that Artisan — it's a dangerous thing. Although these categories are not formulated then, but it was felt — that this thing is absolutely anti-Soviet. And we need to think carefully before you conduct your friends there. They must also make that choice for themselves. Well, apparently, I told her a little and she felt that she was already in the same place as me, then she came to the Artisan and has remained there. She already knew everything she already had her.

The poetry Bogdanovich on journalism, 1982. Sergei Trusevich, Violetta, Larissa Malashenya, Tatiana Sapach, Igor Germenchuk author.

In a sense, for me, a workman never ended, because all my friends were with artisan, and we continued to meet not only on holidays masterful. "

HOW ceased to exist Artisan

Dubovets: Artisan did not end in friends. But as a community, as a movement, an informal organization, it has to exist in 1984. Violet remembers the details of this final time, not without regret. After all, for her and for all of the final part of his life. And there was no way to influence this process.

Violet"One of the recent stock rally was when the demolition of the building of the first Belarusian theater. After that, we were forbidden to do Midsummer at the Palace of Trade Unions.'s All. It seems to me, in the fall after that, no one has returned. I remember that there was no such final meeting on which all would come and say — all we burgeon Artisan. As if by itself. It has existed for as long as she needed to be and then moved into other forms.

Draft invitation to the Midsummer, which is not going to happen. 1984.

Yesterday I then amended the shooting and found such a wonderful thing.

Certificate of Merit.

Called the "honorable mention." "Minsk City Department of Education awards the collective Republican Palace of Trade Unions of Belarus Artisan for promoting Belarusian folk art among schoolchildren of the city of Minsk. Chobatava Head of the Department, 10 January 1984."

Then I still have our Charter. When we were at the Palace of Culture Belsovprofa, demanded from us that we all have the status. But the charter, there is a year 1984 has been written, "Club of folklore." I think it was a time when we are already banned use of the word Artisan officially in the Palace of Trade Unions.

Cover Master status.

After the workman has ended, unfortunately, it was a bit of a desperate time for me, immediately began to arise a lot of various other groups and organizations. People have already begun to diverge further interest. It was inevitable, because it is very much different people were in the Artisan, and when the number exceeded one hundred, then the obvious: that someone was more interesting, the way it is divided. I tried for some time to hang out with young writers, even, I remember, went to some meeting in Isloch, then the Belarusian Language Society. I was even a delegate to the
first constituent congress of the Belarusian Popular Front in Vilnius. But one day soon I realized that I do not want to engage in politics. So that would be the end of it. And I always wanted to sing. "

Dubovets: This ability is almost a decade opened Violette in the Singing group "Lucifer," which, incidentally, is also formed as a result of the collapse of Artisan into many different communities. Artisan and certainly determined the changes in his personal life Violetta.

Violet"We are after all talking at once with her husband in the Belarusian language, even if not married, and just met. Though he had never been to Artisan, and was sitting on Libraries and preparing a thesis. Metalurg He engineer by profession. But acquainted our friends. Ritka Miklashevich told about it. But I have never been married and had such a problem — there was not whom to marry, because all Belarusians have already discussed. Everybody who was at Artisan, have intermarried, as far as they could. not at all had the same pair. And so, when you meet someone new and you know, when they start to ask the question once: a girl and you pachemu razgavaryvaetse in Belarusian, well, everything … The time has passed when something like explaining. Or, you know, or you do not. And that's all dating ended immediately. And then the man who was on the Belarusian from the family. Slava's father was in the National Front. He graduated from the Belarusian philology faculty, was familiar with many of the Belarusian writers. That is, for the Glory had no problems.

And the kids … when we lived in Minsk, we lived with my mother, and my mother, of course, spoke in Russian, then they know two languages and not confused. Well, now they are also aware of two, but the other. English they know much better than Belarus. But what we have in the family speak Belarusian, it is so natural that if I'm here with any Russian-speaking friends talking on the phone, and then, before he could switch to turn them, they immediately shouted: Mom, do not talk with us in Russian! For them, it is so alien it now. I think my parents would not like it. "


Violet"Things that are most often referred … Quite often referred to show" Clemens ", when he came Vitebsk Theater. And here there was this song," And this time, and this image nenazavsedy. "And these songs were little then, there is little There was nothing to sing, in addition to folklore. And when we heard that song, it just awesome. Indeed, it was literally a song for the Artisan. And I remember her and then at the next rehearsal of the village, showed played. Everybody liked it, and we here well learned, he immediately decided that everyone should go to this show. And we all came with flowers, and when the play was over, on both sides of the stage brook flowed with flowers. And then did not want to break up and stood in a small square near the House of Officers and sang the song. Mazynsky and walked past. And I did not know then that it Mazynsky. But I saw his eyes … And I can imagine: the play ended, and here is the community of young people and sing the song, and sing so that the dream that she had reached the destination. he stopped and asked: Who are you? And we were very fond of such questions and immediately said, and we are nothing, we are Belarusian students. And he looked at us … These eyes can not be forgotten. This is when a person feels that he did not live in vain. If he did something, and it's made it such a result. he says, and I Mazynsky, chief director of the theater. And let me invite you to the next performance. We say, let's. He pulls out a badge and says how many people write? I thought, and I say fifty. And he wrote to fifty people.

Masterfully communication, 1983. Violetta is second from the left.

July third birthday Julia Liskova. Julia, I love you Happy Birthday, I love you very much, always remember, and you're just one of those people whom I then severely lacking. I hope that you write to me and we will see more of you, meet at least on the waves of ether.

Of course, I could not take all the books that have been. I may here-twentieth of those that were. I remember them as friends. But the people in the foreground. All my friends were there. We moved here when I was almost forty. At that age already, apparently, friends do not start. There are very good friends here, but my friends are all there. "

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