The trial Nyaklyaeu, Rymashevsky, Feduta, Dmitrieva, Wozniak and Palazhanka. The sixth day

May 13 Frunze district court of Minsk continued to hear the case of former presidential candidates Vladimir Neklyaeva andVital Rymasheuski, as well as members of staff Neklyaeva Andrey Dmitriev, Alexander Fyaduta andSergei Wozniak yes trustee Rymasheuski Anastasia Palazhanka.

A break in the trial up to 10 hours on May 14.

17:38 The next witness — Jury Klimovitch from Gomel. The head of the electoral headquarters of Gomel. He says that by the illegal and unlawful acts Rymashevski did not call.

He was detained preventively Dec. 18 and was put on trumped up charges for 10 days. Preventively detained regional representatives and other staffs.

17:22 Witness Alexander Kovalchuk, as trustee Rymasheuski. Tells the story of electoral violations. He says that the 19th was supposed to be a peaceful protest. But such actions come different people, and could be different incidents. The candidates talked about preventing such actions. Talks about the obstacles — he slashed the tires, the car tested is not wanted it.

17:06 Witness Valeria Chernomortsev knows Rymasheuski more than 10 years, has been a trustee Rymasheuski. Was an observer at the polling station. Tells the story of what happened at the Palace of Trade Unions. Blared pop music. Candidates could be heard. Movement began in the square, but people do not know where to go. What is the point Statkievich heard. She had a feeling of the traffic police had a contract that could come out into the street, as in the direction of the presidential administration was cardboard, but in the direction of the Government House was not. The people had aggression, on the contrary, elevated mood. Vital Rymasheuski heard only when he spoke at the monument "idol" not to give in to provocations were calm to the police did not carry out violence against citizens.

17:01 Witness Irina Logvin — also a trustee Rymasheuski. She says that the area was supposed to peaceful protest, about any anti-social actions of speech was never conducted. No call to move somewhere she had not heard Rymashevski only called on to maintain order.

16:46 Eugene suggests Onishchenko, trustee Rymasheuski. Says that he was brought to the area the belief that the elections were held with numerous violations. On October was near Rymashevsky. During his speech, the candidates could not hear anything. On the area has so many people that they could not physically fit there, so that the crowd spilled onto the roadway.

16:06 — 16:35 The next witness — Mr. Buraukin. Was a trustee Neklyaeva. This is his voluntary choice. Nekljaev — a great poet of the European level, the winner of the State Prize, which he received in modern times. The songs sound across the country. He was a leader of the Union of Writers, the head of PEN. This person can qualify for the highest office in this country. And the moral and political position Neklyaeva support.

Specific details of the plan, "Square" does not know the area was not. But this peaceful action, which should give people the opportunity to speak out after the election. In Buraukin have reason to believe that the elections were undemocratic. The referee stops Buraukin who wanted to talk about his international experience while working Representative of Belarus to the United Nations. Buraukin says the responsibility Neklyaeva, that revolutions are not made well.

Buraukin heard about the calls to come to the area on television. But I never heard of called upon to come armed. Supposed to peaceful protest. Explain the difference between the presidential campaign of political and social, moral campaign "Tell the Truth!"

16:25 Nekljaev addresses Buraukin. Asked if they had a long life is something that it can cause harm to someone intentionally? Buraukin very emotionally says, "No." And he says that when he saw the battered Neklyaeva, could not sleep. For him, clearly — beat Neklyaeva "black people", not because they are black, but because they are black. The referee stops Buraukin.

15:40 Witness Tatiana Protko.

Joked that he knew Neklyaeva since 1917. The judge commended the joke and even smiled. He says that Nekljaev should be the spiritual leader of the nation. Tells the story of the campaign "Tell the Truth" as she tried to help correct deficiencies in infrastructure and services, to solve social problems. She herself was responsible for the operation of public reception. Speaks about the installation of a memorial plaque in memory of Larissa Heniyush Prague. They wanted to make a library of human rights. Issued four books. There was a campaign to perpetuate the memory of Vasil Bykov.

The company "Tell the Truth" was working legally. She wanted to "wake up" society, says the president, "reach out to the people." The company put only social problems. He tells how he tried to convince Yarmoshyna to make democratic electoral process. Lists the essence of violations: from the formation of election commissions, access to the media, and the last count.

Tatiana Protko says Nekljaev — the pride of the nation. And we tried it.

15:31 The next witness Vladimir Kolos. In the evening of the 19th came to October Square. There were many people, nothing is heard. The organization of the meeting was not, people did not know what to do. Having stood so, greeting acquaintances, he decided to go home. Near the "Central" bookstores heard the sound came from behind the crowd. The march was peaceful, quite civilized. Then he stood near the Red Church. Half an hour later I went home. Led by the area that the choices are always waiting for change. And then again a disappointment. Many smart, intelligent people came out to show their position. He believed that there should be a single candidate. Leaders ahead of the column, the candidates were not.

15:08 The next witness Karpov. Tells of an incident in the street The collector. There have been a man of the fifties people were unarmed, joyful, peaceful configured.

Corner of his eye saw in the van racks, equipment itself is not seen. People were walking on the sidewalk. On the street side of the King jumped out "organisms" in black, put all the snow. Swearing terrible curse. He covered a wife. Someone tried to raise his head, took a big hit.

There was a clone per person — men in black. It seemed to him that put all the snow. "It was a requirement in the form of obscene" Everybody lie face down in the snow! "

A year before the election, he knew he would be on the square.

14:41 The next witness Tatiana Karatkevich, a member of the initiative group Neklyaeva.

He tells how he tried to write Neklyaeva a meeting with the Minister Kuleshov, chairman of the KGB and the mayor Ladutko Zaitsev. To no avail. The only thing offered — welcome from the Deputy Mayor of Minsk. They wanted to help ensure security.

Tells the story of the campaign "Tell the Truth." Appealed to the high officials of 8 or 9 December.

Tells of an incident in the street The collector. It was found sandwiched between two machines — a minibus with audio equipment and car traffic police. Men in black threw her to the ground, threatened, cursed. Heard the two men in black were talking among themselves about Neklyaeva: "You killed him." The other says, "It can not be." Felt his pulse and gave again in the stomach. People were
dressed alike in black. Seen as putting journalists face in the snow.

People were holding flags, no sticks, rods were not. The goal was — to accompany the sound-amplifying equipment so that people can hear.

14:31 The next witness Nicholas Bucket, PhD. The head of the regional organization of "Tell the Truth" in Brest. The aim of the company — in its name. Explain the difference between the presidential campaign and Neklyaeva campaign "Tell the Truth", there were different people.

Gives the facts electoral fraud refers to the Chairman of the Brest Regional Executive Committee Sumar, who said that during the elections there were so many people for Lukashenko, that number was reduced to 16,000. Cites other facts.

Says that the base is not far-fetched. Violations during the campaign were the reason why people came to the square. Rigging became rampant. Emotionally talks about the vote count, the size of the largest stack of "pulling" no more than 50 percent.

14:20 Witness Nikolai Demidenko. Knows Palazhanka and Rymasheuski. Was the October December 19. He came back with the Station Square. Was on the steps of the Palace of Trade Unions. Performed people, but the music drowned out. People were peacefully. Palazhanka seen, but sometimes they get lost. The lawyer asks, conducted over a Palazhanka people. Demidenko says no.

14:02 After the break, listen witness the bus driver the route number 100 Kozlowski.

He says that the prospectus has been blocked traffic police. The inspector said that the driver turned around and went in the opposite direction. On October was the people.

13:06 adjourned until 14.00

13:04 The next witness Ekaterina Karpova. Her husband — a friend Dmitrieva, he invited Karpov December 19, the office Nyamiha. Tells of an incident in the street The collector. After going 50 yards in the column, I saw the flash, heard the explosions. It was put on the rough ground with abuse. Very close flew noise grenade. She had burns on his face, legs, broken bag (bag demonstrated in court), the jacket is generally became unusable. Speaks of rough violence from men in black.

12:34 The next witness — Gregory Kastusyou.

Talks about his complaint about irregularities during the election campaign. Provides concrete examples of forced early voting pupils and students under the supervision of teachers — only 260 pages. This specific documents, facts, letters. Information on violations shared with other candidates. Prosecutor asks for a procession on December 19. He participated in the procession. I've heard the slogans "Long live Belarus!". Sam moved along the sidewalk.

More on the very first meetings with voters realized that the elections will be rigged. In conversations and meetings to develop a common vision Plaza did not participate. He says that before the general concept was not. About beating Neklyaeva learned in October Square. Was outraged that the beating took place even during the voting, although this time the candidate should be protected by law.

During the election campaign, with Nyaklyaeu he did not discuss the general plans.

12:21 The next witness — Goncharik.

Was on October Square, was in a convoy to the City Committee. People have raised the mood lifting as before at the May Day demonstrations. Served heard. Loud music blared. There were many people. Where to go, he understood why and what's next — do not know.

He was walking along the sidewalk. It was a peaceful demonstration. Resistance and unrest was not. Called on to disperse it had. About beating Neklyaeva he was told on the phone when he walked through Gorky Park on the square.

Judge removes all questions about the past and about the area Hancharyk participation in the 2001 elections.

11:58 Speaker Oleg Shabetnik witness.

Tells the story of the campaign "Tell the Truth", says she was engaged in social issues, helping people, including Chernobyl. Was a trustee Neklyaeva. Describes what obstacles repaired sick when he drove by region: stopped cars, looking for drugs in them.

The lawyer asks about the events of December 19. Shabetnik said they intended to celebrate or Neklyaeva out in the second round of elections. The collector in the street saw a car with sound-amplifying equipment. Column stretched 10 meters. Traffic police car was standing across. Heard explosions. He was put on the face of the earth. Men in Black hit people, broke the glass in the van. She was beaten severely. The equipment was handled in a bus. On the ground lay the downed woman. Journalists also put individuals in the snow. Beating Neklyaeva seen. 've Only seen as carrying consciousness Neklyaeva. He himself went to the square. People in the area knew that Neklyaeva beaten, they were shocked.

Next, describes a meeting Wozniak in Zhlobin Mozyr Svetlahorsk and other cities. Wozniak inviting people to celebrate the 19th in the square.

The witness said that the campaign and the "Tell the Truth" were different under different flags. "Tell the Truth" features of its social orientation.

The people who attacked the convoy, were in the black, unmarked, most likely, it was a special unit. There was a feeling that the gloves were brass knuckles, as the blows were strong.

11:49 Alexander Fyaduta asked to recess for 5 minutes.

11:23 Witness Nina Pohlopko said that there was a deputy chairman of the "Movement Forward", gave an educational nature products. No mention of the elections in the product was not.

Pohlopko talks about the NGO "Care", which rents space on the street Nyamiha 42. Recounts the events of the evening of December 19. He says that the column began to form about 19 hours, 70 people — 80. Two minibuses were on the street The collector. She thought she started shooting, there were some explosions. Men in black, unmarked ran out of two buses with obscenity, dragged and beat the minibus driver was blood. Dragged sound-amplifying equipment, operated in the black people very quickly, people were throwing parties in the snow. She saw people lying battered.

Men in Black have been trained, trained, acted very professionally, they had batons. Neklyaeva taken to the office, provided assistance, call an ambulance. She tucked the leg, and so went home. A search warrant not being invited — law has been broken, as it head office. Office sealed.

11:20 After the speech Simbirova two in the audience began to applaud. A judge has removed them from the hall.

10:52 Igor Simbir a witness.

He knows all the accused, said that all of them — an outstanding personality. The lawyer asks what the company is "Tell the Truth" and what she did. Simbir very emotional talking about the social orientation of the company, about the truth, which is so important to people. He had known since 2001 that "we will come to the area with flowers and champagne."

Tells what he did on December 19. Was the headquarters of Nyamiha, 42. Saw there Dmitriev Fyaduta later came Nekljaev. He was sitting at the computer. In the evening, going to go congratulate Neklyaeva the square. Some had flowers. The people had a holiday mood. Felt that they could be a provocation. His goal was — to surround the bus and defend it. The street was dug, it was only possible to walk on the sidewalks.

He saw how literally bumps into a column traffic police car. Naturally, people rushed there. When he turned around, he saw an explosion. people are confused. There was no resistance. in front of
him in a black policeman broke the glass of the bus, Simbirova thrown to the ground and stepped boot. He heard the cry of "no equipment on the bus!" Simbir says, unequivocally, it was the security forces. Were lots of people with cameras and journalists. If these "creatures" are gone, people started screaming that Nekljaev unconscious. Zbivshy people they were gone.

Before the bus lay rolled up, beaten Nekljaev even 5 people battered seen. Left 40 people who decided to go to the square. It is also intended to go out and tell what happened to Nyaklyaeu. On October Square he was. Do not quite understand how people were on the road. Urged to go to the area he had not heard. Abusive only heard from the men in black.

10:40 Speaker Sergei Anikeyev witness. Collecting signatures for Neklyaeva.
The driver of "Volkswagen" blue-green color. December 18 took a tent that had stood outside the GUM. December 19 stood outside the office, went to the store for food for those who were in the office. Bukshtynav lawyer questions him about the events on the street The collector. There was another white van. Column moved, and he went to the office for tea. Heard explosions. Then he ran to injured people. Neklyaeva brought on movements, he was severely beaten. People told us that they were attacked by the men in black. Nyaklyaeu called an ambulance. Even in people 10 — 15 were damaged. Nekljaev was unconscious for a while. The doctors he was taken to the hospital. The witness then wanted to go home, but he was stopped by traffic police car. Men in Black did not identify themselves by force dragged him out of the car. They took a tent, 10 table lamps. Returned the registration card and a certificate? So far nothing has been returned.

Then he saw a tent on Belarusian television. But he was in another minibus green, but not in his car. There was still a canister of blue, sound-amplifying equipment, said Anikeyev, the driver of green cars.

10:21 Lawyer Palazhanka declares the petition to invite the leaders of businesses that closed early because of the mass marches and received less profit. The prosecutor again opposed. Judge denies at this stage of the petition, but the issue promises to return.

10:17 Judge receives requests to hear defense witnesses. Prosecutor v.. Nekljaev protests, they say. prosecutor ever become personal. The judge said that the witnesses will be heard.

10:16 On the facts of transfer of money to a witness refuses to speak. The people who put the sign, she did not give money. Rymashevski makes the statement that the letter certified that pickers, the CEC did not give up. This name in his initiative group there.

10:06 The morning session begins with the hearing of witnesses. Witness Mary Garden tells the story of how she, Mr. Borisov offered to collect signatures for him. Also, she was offered to collect signatures for Rymasheuski and Neklyaeva. Boguslaw Ungur promised decent pay — $ 1 or more signature. Signatures collected. For signature Rymasheuski payment received. Tells how went from door to door, collecting signatures, petitions passed Borisov.

10:00 The process resumed. In the hall of the Chargé d'Affaires of the EU in Belarus Jean-Eric Holzapfel, poet Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk and philosopher Valentin Akudovich.

Judge — Zhukovsky;
Prosecutor — Kozhevnikov;
Lawyers: Atamanchuk, Laboha, P., Savic, Sidorenko, Bukshtynav.

Courts for Square

The trial Nyaklyaeu, Rymashevsky, Feduta, Dmitrieva, Wozniak and Palazhanka. The first day
The trial Nyaklyaeu, Rymashevsky, Feduta, Dmitrieva, Wozniak and Palazhanka. The second day
The trial Nyaklyaeu, Rymashevsky, Feduta, Dmitrieva, Wozniak and Palazhanka. The third day
The trial Nyaklyaeu, Rymashevsky, Feduta, Dmitrieva, Wozniak and Palazhanka. The fourth day
The trial Nyaklyaeu, Rymashevsky, Feduta, Dmitrieva, Wozniak and Palazhanka. Day Five

Sergei Wozniak

He was born on April 14, 1962 Editor in Chief of the newspaper "Comrade", social activist, member of the NGO "Belarusian Association of Journalists." He was one of the organizers of the creation of the Communist Party of Belarus, in 2009 renamed the Belarusian United Left Party "Fair World".

During the presidential election of 2010, he worked at the headquarters of presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva.

He was arrested on Dec. 20 in his apartment and placed in the KGB detention center. In late December, he was charged in a criminal case — "riots."

From December 29 to change the measure of restraint on his own recognizance.

March 30, 2011, the charges reworded to "organize activities that breach public order, or participate in them."

Andrey Dmitriev
He was born on May 17, 1981 in Minsk. He studied at the European Humanities University in the Faculty of Philosophy. In 2000-2001. served in the military. Since 2001 — Member of the UCP.

He was detained among other activists May 18, 2010, when the authorities tried to disperse the civil campaign "Tell the Truth," in which Andrew attended.

In 2005-2009. had his own business, he was director of the consulting company.

Supervised staff of the candidate for the presidency of Vladimir Neklyaeva. Detained on the night of Dec. 20 after a protest in the center of Minsk, the accused under article — "riots." January 3, 2011 released from the KGB jail on bail. March 30 indictment restated — "organization activities that breach public order, or participate in them."

A candidate for the presidency in 2010 was born July 11, 1946 in Smorgon.

In 2010 initiated the establishment of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth", which the authorities later denied registration.

December 19 was beaten to unconsciousness in the center of Minsk on the way to a peaceful protest. With traumatic brain injury in hospital emergency room. A few hours later there was abducted by members of the security services.

Was in the KGB detention center, has been charged under article "riots." Since beating on December 19 before being transferred to house arrest on January 29 suffered four hypertensive crisis and have not had the opportunity to meet with a lawyer.

February 17th general meeting of the PEN Centre has decided to allocate it to the Nobel Prize.

March 30 indictment reformulated to "organize activities that breach public order, or participate in them."

Anastasia Palazhanka
Deputy chairman of the "Young Front". Nastia was born on August 2, 1990 in Minsk. From 1997 to 2008. studied at the 73rd Minsk school. Since 2008 — a student of Philosophy and Political Science of the European Humanities University.

After the action in the Square Anastasia was arrested at home in 3 hours and 20 minutes of the night. Capturing the 20-year-old girl was carried out by fifteen of the KGB. Anastasia is accused of organizing mass riots and participating in them.

February 17 evening released on his own recognizance.

March 8 became the first Belarusian, who won the International Woman of Courage Award. The award was presented by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

March 30 indictment reformulated to "organize activities that breach public order, or participate in them."


Alexander Fyaduta
The journalist, candidate of philological sciences, social activist. In 1994 he was a member of the election headquarters of A. Lukashenko, after the victory which was the chief of the social and political information of the Presidential Administration. In 1995, he joined the opposition.

During the 2010 presidential election was the headquarters of presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva. He was arrested on Dec. 20 in his apartment and placed in the KGB detention center. In late December, he was charged in a criminal case — "riots."

March 30 perafarmulyavali charge on Part 1 of Article 342 of the Criminal Code — "the organization of activities that breach public order, or participate in them."

April 8 released on his own recognizance.

Vitaly Rymashevski
Born in Minsk on March 3, 1975. He is married and has a daughter. Civil engineer, in 1997 he graduated from the Belarusian National Technical University.

During the years 2002-2004. Member of the Presidium of the Belarusian National Youth Council of Public Organizations "glad". One of the leaders of "In defense of freedom of conscience and religion in Belarus." The head of the Minsk organization created by the BCD, co-chairman of the organizing committee of the party.

One of the candidates for the presidency in 2010 during the rally on December 19 at the Independence Square beaten by riot police. Detained during the dispersal of the rally has been placed in the KGB detention center, charged under Art. 293 of the Criminal Code. On December 31, 2010 — under house arrest.

March 30 indictment reformulated to "organize activities that breach public order, or participate in them."


Finally, the Court

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