The trial Statkevich, mustache, Pazniak, Klaskouski, Kvyatkevicham, fungal, Bulanava. The second day

May 12 in the Leninsky district court of Minsk continued consideration of the criminal case against the former presidential candidates Statkevich andDmitry Uss, as well as against members Squares Andrew Pozniak, Alexander Klaskouski, Alexander Kvyatkevicha, Artem Gribkova, Dmitri Bulanov, who are accused of involvement in the riots.

17:45In court adjourned until 10:00 on May 13.

17:43From the materials they will be announced in court that on December 19 Palace of Culture was working normally. Restaurant "McDonalds" reports that the 19th was closed an hour earlier. The judge asked that since the first volume of business to announce?

Statkevich: I am convinced that, as understood captain did not find anything, and found all the major.

Mustache: This is an official document from the "McDonald's" or is it from the KGB?

16:55 Ongoing disclosure of the documents, but the judge in the hall voice almost inaudible. At the same time in front of a judge, prosecutor, defense lawyers and defendants are microphones, but they do not work.

16:30 Minutes of the crime scene on December 20. The judge reads the names and positions of the investigators, who were making viewing, so quickly and quietly that did not make out.

At the foot of the monument to Lenin found a bottle of liquid. In the center of the site — pepper spray, shovel, metal bars, a large number of metal bars in front of the Government House, fishing rod with a white cloth, a bottle of flammable liquid, canister 4 liters of liquid, flammable and labeled in a foreign language, smoke bombs, Canister 6 liter PET bottle with a liquid combustible expectation …

Not far from the bottle — the gas canister. Banner "For Neklyaeva" package with the words "soda" bottle labeled "peroxide".

There is a listing of the record …

16:22 Resumed session. As the video equipment is not available for other processes, we decided to go to the study of the case. Volume One.

16:15 adjourned for 15 minutes.

The judge said she would try to install video equipment to watch the video.

Those present were left in the hall.

The accused Pozniak and wanted to stand up, but the convoy, warned him and forced to sit down. Break.

15:41 Questions from the accused.

Dmitry Savrasov: Good to be heard on October Square?

IPad for: No, I spoke and understood that for 70 meters I heard no more. On the contrary, it was music and muffled speech.

Q: And how is it that people have gone the other way, at the Independence Square?

IPad for: Unfortunately, the situation is not controlled by us. I tried to go ahead and turn, but could not because of the police Traffic police stopped us. While the thought of around … But I take my hat off to those people who have gone down the avenue, and did not break anything, did not break.

Judge Grachev:
But I still do not understand why people went to Independence Square? How so? Standing, were listened to and all of a sudden went to the other side?

IPad for: I do not know for sure. I was not there, to the head of the column, unfortunately, I repeat, we do not agree, and could not lead the column. A must have. This should have thought before, but not about how you will be punished or not. I have the impression that the traffic police came specifically to candidates and stopped us.

Judge: What are you willing to take responsibility?

IPad for: For that urged people to peaceful action that led to the square. But for provocation, which took place near the Government House — no. For the answer is to let those who organized it.

The defendants, who sat with him, said iPad for victims of provocation, which succumbed to it. "And those who did provocation, now is not here."

The interrogation ended Statkievich.

15:24 They began to question the lawyers.

Tatyana Stankevich: It was your personal decision to convene the people in the area, or an agreement with the other candidates?

IPad for: My personal decision was such, and the other candidates have also called for the reasons. In general, there were doubts whether the area is free, or I'll make it to the square. Nekljaev did not make it. Agreement among the candidates was difficult, yet they viewed each other as competitors. And for me, it was surprising that so many people still come to the area.

Lawyer: Do you have influenced you information about where and how many police cars were near the square?

IPad for: Absolutely not. This is always the case. Are the wagons behind the Palace of the Republic and around too. I understand Usa, whose son said he rushed to share the news, but for me it was not news.

General regrets that near the Government House were unable to effectively counter the beating of windows and doors — "this is due to the fact that there was no agreement on the eve and all developed spontaneously."

Lawyer: planned visit to Government House?

IPad for: No, what's the point?

Lawyer: group you prepared for this?

StatkevichNo, all the powerful apparatus of the KGB did not find me these groups, as well as money. What did Yarmoshina to the polls, with the money and left.

It is no secret to Statkievich was that his telephone conversations tapped.

Recalled that when the United States became aware of the audition candidates, Nixon's impeachment was announced. "But we do not live in the United States …"

He also realized that he will take revenge for the criticism that he expressed to the side of Lukashenko. Kozulin called and spoke to him about it though.

"Well what?" — Asked rhetorically Statkevich. He reiterated that criticized consciously.

Lawyer: Did you know that the accused Alexander Klaskouski intended to control the actions of the square?

IPad for: No.

He said that the name he knows only as the name of a famous journalist.

IPad for:
They asked me why I did not take security? I replied that I was on such a tight KGB surveillance, it would be meaningless, and the people who would agree to this, then be arrested.

Lawyer: Or you just called to storm the Government House?

IPad for: No, the question about the assault was not talking about the negotiations. The word "storm" had never heard of, knowing the people who had gathered there, it was impossible. We have demonstrated the intention to negotiate, is going to wait for us to listen.

14:34 — 15.20 The questions are asked the prosecutor.

Statkevich told of familiarity with the mustache, which occurred in 1996, they introduced George Tarazevich. Hold meetings with voters decided together because it's more convenient. There were around 15 such meetings.

IPad for: At the meetings, I encouraged people to come to the area on December 19.

Prosecutor: And dig this attitude?

IPad for: Skeptical. We both understand what is happening in the election, wanted to change the situation. But
he was skeptical about the fact that you can accomplish anything through the area. He offers to collect 50,000 signatures for amendments to the Electoral Code. And to this I was skeptical because I knew that the government would not allow it. Let me remind you about a group of Republic, whose head Sergei Skrabets changes sought and found in the colony.

Funds Uss I have not used. From time to time he gave me the opportunity to use the Internet — it was when I was waiting for him.

Said that his party was banned by the Social Democratic Party "Narodnaya Gromada", they again try to register it, but in vain.

Repeated again that the elections in Belarus were rigged. He never met the people who would have believed that Lukashenko won 80% of votes.

Prosecutor: Why did you leave the meeting with the candidates?

The general reminded the meeting the candidates in September, which included journalists, and candidates do not agree. "And I got angry and left because he was embarrassed. And most of such meeting, I did not go, except for one more. Everyone could not agree on who takes responsibility for the same area. "

Prosecutor: And how should unfold on December 19?

IPad for: I thought going. If there will be many, the power would go to the talks. Sorry, before Africans ashamed. Saw myself on TV. as they count the votes, and we have all the observers was removed. We need to show that this can not go on. The fact of the presence of people in the square it would have shown. Day, second, and more. Power may be allowed to count the vote itself is fair, as is done in the same Ukraine and Russia.

Prosecutor: Or you ordered to dig collected data about the police?

IPad for: No, the man called, said that his son. First of all, he called to announce that he will come, because before was not going to. When he called me, I was not surprised, because all of the alternative candidates in one form or another came to the area.

Prosecutor: And where was the Us, where you were on October Square?

Statkevich: At first I did not see it, but then I saw him perform. Was it a normal program is laid out: the election honest vote counting by independent observers.

Prosecutor: What motivated people in October Square to take the road?

IPad for:
People have realized that a long time at the rink did not resist. I would like to lead, but did not have to negotiate. Team, I did not hear a call waiting with the candidates, I see that people have started to go on the road. When I went out on the road, people were already going ahead. And while we palemizavali with the traffic police, the crowd was already on the road ahead. Then I also went around the traffic police and went forward. But, unfortunately, did not catch the head of the column.

Prosecutor: Did you hear what he said dig a traffic policeman?

IPad for: No, do not listen. I had not thought about that, and only that, that there were no pogroms in the prospectus. Again, unfortunately, there were many candidates and failed to agree to some one that led the procession.

Prosecutor: And where was the dig at the Independence Square?

IPad for: I learned that he was there when he came to say goodbye.

Prosecutor: And he explained why leave?

IPad for:
He said that he is very like it here, let's go together. I said that I am responsible for the people who came to my call. There were a lot of people — the entire prospectus. In my opinion, 40 thousand in total. However, at that point, some people had already left.

Prosecutor: Do you represent the negotiations, which called for?

IPad for:
I realized that the reaction would be in response that will come to you now, or wait. But that was nothing. Then I thought about it and realized. There was one person in our cell. Novick, who beat the glass and he told me how riot police began beating them and some of them shouted: "Guys, do not beat us, we are theirs." Thus, it was a provocation by security services and those who ran it all. And by provocateurs joined by a few people who really "get" this fraud.

Prosecutor: Did you have precise information that someone from the Government House to you will negotiate?

IPad for: I was hoping that they would come. We had hoped for it is not our fault that it responded to provocations.

Prosecutor: And how did you react to the fact that they beat box?

IPad for: Wanted to come to understand, to call to stop, but it was impossible to go there. I realized that these people will have no effect our words and walked away. People began to make the corridor, I went through it, there asked who here wants talks, but there was nobody. I realized that the ghetto trap. And soon began acceleration.

Prosecutor: And once broke windows and doors, you were the protesters?

IPad for: I have decided that there is someone to speak. In addition, I have legs ached, and I go up to the podium was difficult.

Prosecutor: Tell us about your phone conversations in the square with Mr. Smantsaram.

Statkevich mentioned that it was already started when overclocking: The man apparently was sitting at a computer on the Internet and call: go to the Government House. I said that we were not allowed, the negotiations did not take place. The man did not want to answer rudely, and I turned the conversation. And what he was saying, I do not remember.

Prosecutor: Did you see violence?

I saw how they beat protesters en masse, a natural beating everybody, it was around the 10th evening. I admit that might be instances where protesters fought back, but I have not seen this. But the beating was a mass of people.

Prosecutor: Where in the square took iron rods, bottles?

IPad for: In my opinion, the falsification of evidence happened. Indeed, in one protocol was nothing, and the second is all there was.

14:30 IPad for: I can not repent of what they agree on one candidate. If there was one — and would prevent the beating of the door. Incomparably about who should be there to judge. He seized power, and he turns out to be the door broke …

14:20 The general said that the investigation initially refused to testify, because he did not want "to decorate the Christmas tree," which intelligence agencies themselves and come up with. But later, when he learned of the case and saw in it the two on-site investigations. In the first commentator found one thing — empty bottle. But in the second protocol, which was already a major, 24 minutes was found a few dozen metal objects, bottles of flammable liquid and so on.

I think there was a clear falsification of evidence.

Referred to the hunger strike in the KGB detention center since the beginning of "Sabbath arrests, and a lawyer was not allowed to."

Came to me and said prison chief that showed a movie about you, what you ordered entrepreneur Pinchuk 2 thousand pins for you. Here's your conversation with him. It was completely false. By the way, in the case file that has not appeared. I suspect, however, that such an order was really to provoke us to be planted. It is said that Pinchuk said that I had paid him some money. Let him return the money. (Usmihnuvsya.)

The fact that someone called
the assault: False. Where and with whom I was preparing a takeover and riots? Nowhere. There was one meeting with candidates and all, which was nothing like that. Where are my fighters where my "true nukers," as Bender?

Captured the young people of random, I do not know. Therefore, I believe that the riots were not, and there was an attempt to provoke them. To hide the true crime — namely, the preservation of illegally seized power.

The second goal — to discredit the opposition, replacing it with an obedient. And frighten the public.

14:15 Together with the candidates Statkevich moved to Government House. To the right of them were heard heavy blows. Returned to why has supported the idea of negotiations. In particular it was to give guidance to the people in a constructive direction. "And here blows. I was trying to figure out who it hits the door. There was not possible to pass from the media. It was impossible to move them, because he had a broken arm and leg. He walked away. Then came the riot police and formed a chain in front of the Government House. "

The second column of special forces was cut off from the rear and the people that were in front of Government House. Then commandos left. This surprised him, as it was possible to leave the riot police in front of the Government House to prevent the beating of glasses. The purpose of this retreat was to lure the candidates to go back to the Government House. People have made the corridor.

I went back to the door with the question of where and who's wants talks, but there was no one there. Then the crackdown began. I tried to stop, to agree to not hit people. Then began a withdrawal from the area, I found myself near the city hall, and then was arrested.

14:10Independence Square was the first short rally near the Red Church, there Statkevich made. Later moved to the monument to Lenin. There appeared sound-amplifying equipment.

But what surprised him? Why was not a single policeman near the Government House?

General recalled how during a meeting with voters a month before he included a petition to the CEC, and there were policemen. And anybody here.

He already had a presentiment of provocation. Then there was a meeting and he supported the proposal for talks with government officials and asked people to support it.

14:06 The process resumed. General doubt on the claim in the amount of several thousand protesters. According Statkevich, had more than 20 million, and place them on the sidewalk was impossible.

13:00 adjourned until 14.00.

12:38 — 12:55 Interrogation Statkevich.

He initially participated in the election, knowing that defeat is impossible. But it was to achieve fair elections.

Through the media every time he showed how "make a fool of us," including that every grandmother knew it.

Statkevich than that, I directly addressed by BT and Lukashenko offered together to count ballots. But in response was silence.

Realizing that this does not work, I decided to apply the funds of the European — the pressure on the government through peaceful actions. An example of the latter — Maidan in Ukraine. Not to take power and pressure, if each day a lot of people are going, and demonstrates its position.

In the precinct commission includes 0.25% of the representatives of the alternative candidates.

It was immediately clear that preparing electoral fraud.

And last — early voting. Why do people on his chase? This gives 30%. So I understand that lying is inevitable, and I encouraged people to the area to show that people are against it.

Why unauthorized action? I remained a candidate before the official approval of the election results. In addition, the law on mass actions contrary to the Constitution, which guarantees free assembly of citizens.

In Minsk, got to the point that on the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl are not allowed to march!

That's why I did not ask for permission, in fact still would not let the square, and Bangalore was unacceptable.

The action once planned as a purely peaceful. The portal I encouraged people to come. But he said not to take anything sharps — that's exactly remember.

General recalled that he had decided to go to the area with the headquarters Neklyaeva and told of the attack, which occurred as soon as the column headers and went outside. Neklyaeva beaten to unconsciousness. He also got, beaten on the legs and arms. From there, he decided to still come to October Square. Believes that he organized the attack power.

Beat a candidate, when there were elections — in 19 hours.

His opinion: the power would provoke in people at a rally revenge that were rioting.

I announced the details of an independent exit poll about 37% of Lukashenka, because he believed that it is. After a while, people started to go on the road, I went along with them.

I tried to come forward to lead the demonstration, but for some reason a small chain of traffic police blocked us going. And I never had a chance to police tried to arrest the leaders of the demonstration. But I realized that that was the plan and so you just went around the circuit and has already caught up with demonstrators. Calculations on the riots did not come true. Then I learned that the massive demonstration the police warned all institutions.

12:35 Lawyer requests that the case file before the election Uss statement of changes to the Electoral Code, which states that all commissions established fact of supporters and subordinates Lukashenko and his vertical.

In a statement — the invitation to the decree, which allowed the direction of a committee of representatives of the other candidates.

The statement signed by Us, Statkevich Michalevic, Tsyareshchanka, Romanchuk. This statement was directed Lukashenko.

Now, he requests that this case to prove why he had come to the square.

Protection support. Statkevich also: it emphasizes that the candidates have tried legal means to solve the problem.

Prosecutor — against

The court dismissed the petition, saying that it has no bearing on the case, and correspondence Uss is outside the scope of the proceedings.

12:15 Uss started asking questions lawyers.

Have you had another meeting with the candidates? Moustache remembered that came to him Nekljaev, and the more he does not remember but one meeting in an apartment near the train station.

Or discussed the role of there during the events of December 19 and what are the plans to seize power? No.

Questions about meetings with voters with Statkevich. Do you have any one of them called to gather for a rally after the election? No.

In the media? No.

You have committed to collect information on the location of the police near the residence of the president?

It's just the son came and shared what he saw. I no this is not instructed, I do not collect anything. Ivan calculated how many cars have been around October and the administration and called. I do not know, exactly. This is purely a boyish, he is only 14 years old. He said there is so much out there — so many.

And you just gave it Statkievich? He said that he knew.

Or are you planning something to ignite the crowd? No.

Statkevich called for the capture of institutions?

I have not heard.

Did you know in advance that there will be a procession from the October Square to Independence?

No. None of the other candidates for violence did not call.

Lawyer: Or you headed "mobs"?

First, such a "disorderly crowd" was not and I did not direct anyone.

Or did not agree with Statkevich any action to seize Government House?

No, my opinion — is the most independent building in Belarus: nothing of it depends.

Question lawyer: As a movement from October Square? For some it was a joint decision?

Vc: I do not know, a joint decision was right.

Defendants Uss questions to be found.

Usa questioning ended.

10:54 — 12:25 began questioning Usa.

He says that no one knows of the defendants, except Statkevich, which mark since 1995. Mustache was a trustee policy Tarazevich and then met Statkevich.

Why did he come to the area. He remembered how he was elected deputy to the city council, put forward his people, but have not registered. Last local elections in 2010 happen again …

Then the judge interrupted Uss that it has no relation to the case. Mustache insisted that finish this story because it has no relation to the motive for which he had come to the square. Remembered as 6000 voters sent a letter to Lukashenko that rigged local elections. But nothing worked. Again listed, which should be in the code in a new way, to recognize the election.

It is laid out in a letter to Lukashenko, but still no answer. Then he began to campaign for the presidency.

"My main goal was to create a public opinion that we need to reform the Electoral Code. To ballots were considered a commission and independent people, and other changes. Again the answer is no. "

Vc: I came around 20:00 on October Square and delivered with the program: what you need to do to the elections were fair. You need to collect 50,000 signatures to change, otherwise do not initiate change, as it can do other than just members of the president they have nominated.

Then he left the square. And at 2 am I was arrested by the KGB. During the interrogation required to testify against Statkievich. I refused. And then I said goodbye to the business, and have been charged. And in that abvinavachanin nothing true. My son came out of the store and said that for the police in the courts. And I have attributed some intelligence — it's in my head does not fit. I just went to Independence Square and all is gone, even the massacres have not seen any. That's all. The prosecution — nonsense, of course I'm in shock.

Prosecutor: Or use iPad for his office during the election?

Answer: Come, to use the Internet.

Prosecutor: And why do you allow?

Answer: For it is a sign. We were introduced by another George Tarazevich.

Lawyer Stankevich says it has no bearing on the case, the prosecutor insisted.

Prosecutor: You called in the media to come to the area?

Answer: No. I did not call on the radio, although Sukala said the opposite. So I wrote to the prosecutor's office to be brought to justice.

Prosecutor: But you were in favor of non-recognition of the election?

Vc: I said that I need to commission appointed not from the Administration, because people do not consider scheduled vote. I have examples of that, the school refused to count the votes the people who are, and they are all assigned to the Commission from the top.

Prosecutor: Did you participate in meetings with voters with Statkevich?

Vc: So.

Prosecutor: Why?

Vc: My task was to shape public opinion. After all, are not protected by the rights of the Belarusians. In Africa, counting the votes, but not here. In the end, I added to this position all candidates except perhaps Sannikov.

Prosecutor: And how did you feel about it views?

Vc: Normally. I was behind what is needed to bring its legal position means.

Prosecutor: Did you share his views?

Vc: And what views? What you need to change the law on the election? So. What do you need to go under the Russian? No. And what's the iPad for? There he sat, and ask him about his views.

Prosecutor: Did you participate with other candidates in the meetings?

Vc: My goal was for us to have democratic laws. So go to the contact with all politicians. Why am I on BT and spoke only 7 minutes? I knew that if the election change does not happen all the programs of a million jobs are meaningless. And I was in the end almost everyone supported.

Prosecutor: And what did you talk with Rymashevsky?

Mustache again about the events of December 19: Do not supposed to go to the square, as I thought that Alexander G. change its position. So there was now a different economic situation — and now the dollar will soon be 8000.

The prosecutor asked again to talk about December 19.

Mustache: At the election I did not go. Realized that Lukashenka has not changed its position that elections normally we would not. Called Statkievich night, said that the son told me that in the courtyard of the police. And he said that I would come to the area. Until recently, I was hoping that we would dominate the mind, not insanity. After all, the younger generation hold for fools, led by the nose. Statkevich said that a statement to the voters, I will tell about the needs electoral reform. Come to the square was my right of a citizen.

Prosecutor: What else have you told Statkievich? Talked about the strength and resources of militia?

Vc: Especially do not remember, I do not pay attention to the telephone conversations. Just talked about the fact that I said his son Ivan.

"I spoke with the program. What we have commissioners, appointed by the administration and the rest. Ended with the words "Long Live Belarus". Everyone enjoyed it. "

Prosecutor: And the results of the elections were sounded and by whom?

Vc: Sannikov announced the results of exit polls that Lukashenko has collected 37%, and that's about it. Why do I think so? My initiative group went around the apartment, and it was on surveys of people, it is in the center of pensioners, and on the outskirts, and more were against Lukashenko.

Prosecutor: And how protesters react to this?

Vc: I think it was a shame that the people for the people do not consider.

Prosecutor: And have you heard the calls from the police to leave the area as an unauthorized rally?

Mustache: I have not heard and do not see any policemen. The crowd went towards the Independence Square. Why? I do not know.

Prosecutor: What were you doing?

Vc: And I went.

Prosecutor: Why?

Vc: The protest was to express! Why do we not consider people for the people? And you will not believe. Your newsletters do not. That's why I went. And there leave of Nicolai and left.

Prosecutor: And you know the results were official? Why do you protest when they know not?

Vc: I knew that. I am familiar person in the administration said that the protocols were depicted. They are afraid of one man, and t
herefore silent.

Prosecutor: Who is this man?

Mustache: Do you want to be kicked out from work? I called the KGB of the man, and you want to say to you?

Prosecutor: And you said that the traffic police officer, went to the area where the October?

Vc: It was a rhetorical question, I do not want to talk about it so as not to let down the person.

Prosecutor: Or working facilities, shops?

Vc: "McDonald's" was closed, why they drew 8 million loss rather than 400 — I do not know.

Prosecutor: A transport?

Vc: We transport half-dated, that the hour was not working, even the economy.

Prosecutor: What was on the Independence Square?

Mustache: Performed candidates. I did not make, I already made. There was about 15-20 minutes was easily dressed and left. He came home, and there on BT showed, as with shields running. I repeat: I walked along the avenue to protest and made your point. And no riots were not. Need to write an application, why prasluhvali candidates. No one knows who will be here in two years to sit.

Judge: Do you have anyone in mind? Or not the court?

Vc: I'm talking about the investigator.

Prosecutor asks to voice reading Uss, as supposedly there are contradictions.

Lawyers do not mind, though, and noticed that it does not conflict, but something could forget.

The prosecutor read out: "I spoke for about 5 minutes and said the changes in the Electoral Code. Then I left the square houses. The events in Independence Square learned from his wife, who saw it on TV. Independence Square was not. "

Why the discrepancy?

Vc: He gave such testimony, but they do not disagree. I would not be let out of the KGB, had another said.

Another question, at the invitation of Statkievich he was in a meeting on the eve of the election, where they discussed the actions of the opposition. Moustache confirmed that gave such testimony.

Read out the questions being questioned whether he met with foreigners on the elections in the hotel "Belarus" and "Europe"? Vc then replied that he had met in the "Belarus", but who else met Statkevich, does not know.

What does he know about the financing of Statkievich?

The answer was — I do not know.

Or discussing the action during a mass rally on October Square?

I do not remember.

Or calling you before the meeting?


Or you call up with someone on December 19 regarding the rally?

I do not remember that with someone called up. I made the decision on their own.

Also read out the testimony Uss, that he did not remember that someone had warned not to go to Independence Square.

Prosecutor: They gave such testimony?

Mustache: Duval. I repeat, if I said that I had a conversation on the phone and went to the area, I would be locked in prison. If an investigator is immediately reported and who was on the … And then I said this.

Prosecutor: And why do you deny the fact of a telephone conversation with Statkevich?

Vc: Then do not remember after 2 am taken to the KGB. As the ax struck.

Prosecutor: You showed video of events on December 19?

Vc: So.

Prosecutor: How did that affect your readings?

Mustache: You do not.

10:23 — 10:53 Alexander continued questioning Klaskouski. Questions asked by his lawyers.

Q: You had known the purpose of gathering people in the square?

Answer: I know it was that they wanted to discuss the results of the elections in a peaceful manner. About any seizures was not the question.

He personally with anyone not agree to go to the square, no violations do not intend.

Klaskouski: Police put on his jacket under his jacket "impulsively." I think my behavior did not provoke the protesters to him, I did not address. Perhaps a few dozen people have felt an emotional lift when they saw me in shape, but the whole situation was the same. Aims to coordinate actions of protesters I was not.

Lawyer: You said yesterday that the police put his jacket, fearing that they will arrest. Why do you think so?

Answer: It is not excluded that the people will stand on the area for a long time until Monday, Lukashenko said earlier that he would not allow a long rally.

Lawyer: Do what the entrance to Government House you have participated in the events?

Answer: Near the center.

Lawyer: And have had the opportunity to stop the illegal actions of the police on the steps of Government House?

Answer: So. After police commandos came out, and then had a team, and they departed. I think someone was beneficial to large losses were inflicted and then to say about aggression protesters.

Lawyer: As usual guarded government offices during the meetings?

Answer: If you are stuck as riot police with shields and batons, when did this training, it was an unusual security. After all, it was deadheaded long before the event.

Said to myself that a political party was not. I decided to go to a meeting in the evening of the 19th of December. Discussed the political developments of the last time only with his wife.

Questions asked by the accused Klaskouski.

Savrasov: How many troublemakers at the door and how many protesters?

Answer: The first man was 20, and more than 20,000 protesters. It was clear that the actions of those who beat the glass, were not organized, although perhaps someone provoked them first, but he did not see it. But exactly what is near Government House police officers at the time he did not see.

Savrasov: Anti-riot police who used force?

Answer: Against ordinary protesters before.

Judge: I have not heard on October Square alert police about the unauthorized action?

Answer: He did not hear. On October've heard that people do not go out on the road. And on Independence Square have not heard it for the most was near the monument, which was very noisy. Leave the area around 11 pm. He saw the bus and drove back the protesters arrested was charged.

In the video, the voice that Nekljaev badly beaten and we'll demand that the authorities of the Constitution of Belarus, to demand the election without Lukashenko.

Voice Sannikov: We are a great nation, and we have earned this freedom, and we will win.

Voice Kastusiou: We do not go with the fingers spread, and one fist. Together, father and easier to hit.

There have other performances on October Square: We require Lukashenko out here, come here to the head of the Interior Ministry, the Prosecutor General.

Describes the creation of an alternative government.

IPad for: We have to wait the results of exit polls, Lukashenko has received about 35% of the vote.

Vote for the creation of the movement "free electio
ns without Lukashenko." Members elect a board meeting.

Judge: What are the things you used when whipping glasses and shields?

Answer: Nothing in his hands had not beat their shields down. At the police worked that police jacket on him, he was not going to.

Judge: You seem to have gone through all the cordons on the area due to the fact that you had a shape, right?

Answer: Perhaps this contributed to the fact that I was from the area.

Judge: You said that you were going on a peaceful demonstration. Why are your intentions have changed and you are in some degree began to organize people to beating the door?

Answer: The reason was the actions of the police, who wrongly started beating people.

Judge: I can not understand one, but what's the point was to break into this house is the government? That's why you tried there?

Answer: Emotions of the people involved in this. The effect of the crowd.

Judge: It's unclear. That's why you're there in person climbed?

Answer: I go there and did not try, but something is to be done.

Klaskouski questioning ended.

Dmitry Uss

Dmitry Uss

10:18 Hall is already full, sit attorneys. In the hall of the majority of relatives and friends, but there are also students of the Law Faculty. Of the diplomats — the representative of Germany. The process begins.

10:00 Present run into the hall.

Judge Lyudmila Grachev. Prosecutor Chumukavets.

Courts for Square

The trial Statkevich, mustache, Pazniak, Klaskouski, Kvyatkevicham, fungal, Bulanava. The first day

He was born on August 12, 1956 in the village of Lyadno Slutsky district, Minsk region in a family of teachers.

1978 graduated from the Minsk Higher Engineer Air Missile School.

He defended his thesis in 1986.

He worked as a teacher of the Minsk Higher Engineering School of antiaircraft missile.

In February 1991 protest against the events in Vilnius left the Communist Party.

1991 Member of the Central Council and the Executive Committee of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Narodnaya Gromada).

1995 Chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (NG).

Period 1991-1995. Founder and leader of the Belarusian Association of the military.

He participated in the 2000 elections to the House of Representatives.

2005 was sentenced to three years of imprisonment for organizing on 18-19 October 2004 in Minsk street protest against the official results of the parliamentary elections and referendum. An amnesty period of restriction of freedom was reduced by a year.

The head of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Narodnaya Gromada).

Dmitry Uss

He was born in 1971 in Minsk.

Lawyer, graduated from the University of Grodno in "Law".

With 16 years of working at the "Integral", after the builder.

1999-2003 years. The deputy of the Minsk City Council of Deputies.

2007 We also went to the deputy, but it did not register.

2008 was put forward for the deputy to the House of Representatives.

He participated in the 2010 local elections, but failed in Minsk city.

The head of the publishing house "Trivium".

He is married and has two sons.

Party affiliation.

Alexander Klaskouski
He was born on September 26, 1978.

He graduated from the Minsk secondary school number 55, joined the journalism faculty of Baku State University, and then received a law degree.

In 1999 he enrolled in the Leninsky district of Minsk traffic police as an inspector DPS. He was fired in 2005.

Detained on the night of December 21, 2010 at his home.

Taken into custody in the KGB detention center.

Alexander Kvyatkevich
He was born on February 4, 1987.

He graduated from the basic 168th Minsk school, then a vocational school in the specialty "joiner machine operator." Worked in production — producing compressors for machines.

On the area came by chance, wishing to see how events will unfold.

Was arrested, served a 12-day arrest for participation in the rally on December 19.

January 4 arrested as a suspect. Criminal charges are filed on paper "riots."

Is in custody in the KGB detention center.

Dmitry Savrasov
26 years. Suffers from a number of chronic diseases, including rheumatism, dangerous allergic reactions through that his life is now under threat.

Born in Minsk on August 25, 1984. He graduated from Minsk Medical College number two, worked for two years in medbratam infectious hospital.

He studied at the Institute of Modern Knowledge at the Faculty of Arts, studied performing skills.

Not interested in politics, a member of the political parties and movements have never been.

During the dispersal of a peaceful rally on December 19, he was detained and beaten, split the head. He was sentenced to 10 days in jail. After his release from prison in Akrestsin was arrested again on 12 January 2011, only for the fact that he refused to go on without questioning the official agenda.

Contained in prison Valadarski Street.


prisoners, the area, the court

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