The trial Statkevich, mustache, Pazniak, Klaskouski, Kvyatkevicham, fungal, Bulanava. The fourth day

May 14 in the Leninsky district court of Minsk continued consideration of the criminal case against the former presidential candidates Statkevich andDmitry Uss, as well as against members Squares Andrew Pozniak, Alexander Klaskouski, Alexander Kvyatkevicha, Artem Gribkova, Dmitri Bulanov, who are accused of involvement in the riots.

15:56 Court adjourned until 10:00 on Monday, May 16.

15:55 Lawyer Pozniak Requests to return the record for a certain time to ask his client.

How to do it? I do not know how.

Attorney admatvae record and find that moment.

Lawyer Paznyaku: You know yourself?

Pozniak: So. Here I stand. Around people. I can not go to the right or to the left. Do not do anything, but I can not leave.

Lawyer: my padabarony is nothing screams and only after sounded "One Nation" starts to cry too.

The referee says it's seen.

15:49 OSCE representative left the room.

15:10 Gribkova ask: You saw yourself?

Fungi: So.

Can you comment?

Fungi: And what is there to comment? Stabbed 15 As it is written in, then walked away and went home.

15:00 The lawyer asks Irina Burak Statkievich: On an episode of you came to Government House. Is that you?

IPad for: I've been around the monument, people started shouting that the candidates are asked to negotiate, and we passed with Sannikov the corridor and came to the porch. Stood. But no one talks for was not there. They stood and walked away. Noticed that no one then do not hit and we were not invited.

14:50 Lawyer Bulanava: This is were you on video?

Savrasov: I saw there is inaccurate, so I can not say I'm it.

In this Savrasov not mind that I was on the porch and struck kicking, as he said, "unmotivated."

Savrasov said:
Protesters had sticks in their hands, in one episode, one mityngovets encourages others to calm down.

"What kind of a tough crowd"? — asks Savrasov.

14:42 The new file. Rhythmic beats batons. The cries of people. Whistles. The sounds of car horns. Distant shouts of "Long live Belarus!"

Someone shouts "Nekljaev! Nekljaev!." Again "Long Live Belarus." It sounds a police siren. Screams and whistles. Sounded repeatedly, "Go away!"

14:36 The next video file. Apparently, the start of the rally on October Square. The voice Rymasheuski that asks miss with megaphones. He says that's about to start a rally that came here to hear the truth about the election. Background sounds kind of music, singing.

Mr. talks about how someone knocked at the collector with those who came with flags. "Why did you stop people? They walked peacefully …" named Nicholas Makarevich.

Lawyer Stankevich asks Statkievich: We saw how you said that you have to go and ask the person to vacate the premises. And then a video about how people went to the avenue. What do you remember?

IPad for: After my speech spoken leader of the "just cause" Russian Gozman, then more prominent. And only later people went to the avenue. It is clear that the one piece cut out, as well as many other places in the other.

Stankevich: Images do not show mass action to break through to the Government House. Most of the frames of Klaskouski. There's two more people.

Lawyer Uss: I saw how the riot police and scatters people see the area and did not see anything on the square, then there are out there.

Lawyer Bulanava: We have not seen in the hands of the people any objects (except for flags), which we were told the victims: sticks, cans, scrapers.

14:10 — 14.20 Just beyond this fragment — a new piece of video, which, judging by the sound, hit the glass.

Heard shouts from afar "Long Live Belarus!", "Freedom", "Go away!"

Heard similar challenges "ahead." Again beats glass. The crackling.

Lawyers for the defendants and look at the video and mostly smiling. The judge looks in silence, facial expressions on his face is not.

Two Folk zasyadalnitsy next to the judge looked warily.

The police are looking with surprise and smile, too. At this time, the video is louder than the voice and the sound of thunder and the refractive index at the door.

The OSCE Representative looking with curiosity and something is in the notebook. Individuals police darkened.

You can hear "piled all .." "Give the flag, Belarusians" "One, two, three!"

Refraction continues, whipping glasses are no longer audible, just hitting and screaming. Riot policemen jumped out, heard the cries of "own! Their"

Far heard "Shame!". You can hear the sound of clubs, which beat their shields.

Voice Klaskouski — invective against the police. Again, clubs, rhythmic beats.

The video file is over.

14:00 Again, looking at the video. This piece, based on a voice Statkievich on October Square, touch it.

Also the voice of Sannikov: "bald tire!"

The voice over the loudspeaker that the meeting is considered to be unauthorized.

Then the voice Rymasheuski that will demand free elections without Lukashenka.

IPad for voice would go on negotiations for a new election without Lukashenko.

Voice Kalyakina of electoral fraud during the early voting, "We affirm today that Lukashenka did not win. In Minsk, he scored more than 30%, by region — up to 35%."

Voice, "Go away!"

Statkievich voice: Now we will go to the House schradu and will be there waiting for the Prime Minister, the security ministers. Please support us.

13:46 The meeting resumed.

12:35 Court announced a break for an hour.

12:20 The voice said Klaskouski: I think if you have received financial assistance from the opposition, the financial problems you had, but you forget about very quickly …

Question Klaskouski: I do not understand why you went there? Money you did not pay particular position you were not, why? To fight with the police?

laughing at it. He was again asked how much he drank the night before.

I was completely sober.

12:18 Klaskouski asks for videoA: Tell me how the officer, what happens to me?

He replied that perhaps he will remain under house arrest.

Perhaps he was charged.

The voice said, so you have got to the meeting by chance?

Klaskouski: So. We sat with old friends in the pub, "Dynamo", drank beer, about a liter. One went to the rally, about 21.00.

12:10 Klaskouski explains in the video that he could incriminate or the first part of the article about the riots, it is their organization, or the second part — the part. It turns out now. Ask ho
w he got into the hands of the flag and why he wanted to CEC? Klaskouski laughs and says he would like to see Yarmoshyna to it when it counted ballots after the election.

In the hall laughing.

Klaskouski says that any candidate does not know. He voted for Sannikov, but he did not know personally.

Eleventh 58 The voice on the video Klaskouski asks: Do you get money from political parties, organizations or from abroad?

Klaskouski says it's nothing, no money, and he did not receive any organized violence was not.

Eleventh 50 In Klaskouski ask for an explanation video about the events of December 19. He says he was not the organizer of the riots, but the form it showed only when I started to hit. And why have you put a police jacket? I do not know. Perhaps that I was not beaten.

11:45 In the video Klaskouski asked where he got the police uniform, when I had to hand over his form after he was fired? Why did you decide to discredit the form asks the policeman.

He says that he personally road uniforms.

11:43 Klaskouski gave explanations about the family, then about his service in the SAI, which has been dismissed. Remind him that he had made an accident when he was driving drunk and because of that he was fired.

11:25 The video in question Klaskouski a police officer Gavriliouk.
Klaskouski familiar with the law that no one shall be compelled to testify against themselves or relatives. In what language do you want to testify? In Belarusian, posted Klaskouski. The lawyer will be called in for questioning, and now — the explanation.

11:15 Launching a new piece of video. Conversation with Klaskouski the police. Klaskouski explains that it was the Committee for the fight against organized crime without a lawyer on December 21. Klaskouski protests that it viewed as this can not be a proof. The judge disagreed: view and solve.

11:10 The judge asks Klaskouski,
or learned it myself? So, find out. Explains. He says that the video zmantazhavany the KGB. First shown to the final episode, and then the episode when he insulted the police. In fact it was at the time vice-versa. Explains that he showed me how to beat a policeman hit his ribs shield and so he said — an offense of which they now repent.

11:05 Judging by the sounds in the video time whipping glass and doors at the entrance to Government House and near this event.

Begin to view the video. OSCE representative insisted that he be given the opportunity to see and also moved closer to the cage with the accused. The audience sees nothing. They can not run the equipment without a programmer.

10:58 Lawyer Pozniak asks him what he had participated in a rally or not? Pozniak says no. He says that when he was at the meeting, he did not realize what this meeting that he unapproved. And when he was detained, then he found out about it. Lawyer seeks accession to the file copy of the payment receipt Pazniak fine for the rally. Prosecutor v.. The court granted the petition.

10:55 A request for a forensic medical examination Gribkova not staged.

10:50 Gribkov insists that conducted the examination, is it not in alcoholics. "I want to make it clear that I am not an alcoholic, which is a bottle of vodka smashed doors and windows." Prosecutor against such examination, he believes that the expertise that exists in reality, it is enough. Went to court to decide, to satisfy the request.

10:33 Gribkov explained why the court admitted his guilt about participating in an unsanctioned rally. He says that the Moscow court where he was tried, there is such a practice: who did not recognize guilt, received the maximum arrest who recognized injure, to punish shorter-term. So he admitted.

10:29 The lawyer came and the trial resumed. More documents proclaim the 4th volume, which did not have time to read out yesterday. Now the ruling on Andrew Pozniak, according to which he was heavily involved in the meeting and in an administrative court. Let me remind the court Pozniak not recognize the active participation in the meeting, but only what was observed in the square.

10:15 Announced that pratss delayed because no one lawyer. Rides.

Courtroom half busy: diplomats, journalists and relatives. A lot of law students. From politicians: Aleksei Korol, Vladimir Novosyad. The defendants in contact with lawyers.

Judge Lyudmila Grachev. Prosecutor Chumukavets.

Courts for Square

The trial Statkevich, mustache, Pazniak, Klaskouski, Kvyatkevicham, fungal, Bulanava. The first day of trial Statkevich, mustache, Pazniak, Klaskouski, Kvyatkevicham, fungal, Bulanava. The second day

The trial Statkevich, mustache, Pazniak, Klaskouski, Kvyatkevicham, fungal, Bulanava. The third day

Andrew Pozniak
He was born on May 20, 1977 in Zhodino. He graduated from vocational school Zhodinsky, 14 years as an electrician at BelAZ.

Not interested in politics. Was not a member of any political parties and organizations.

He grew up in a sports family, has always loved football, and he was engaged, was a fan of BATE.

Has 10-year-old daughter.

Contained in jail on Volodarskogo.

Dmitry Savrasov
26 years. Suffers from a number of chronic diseases, including rheumatism, dangerous allergic reactions through that his life is now under threat.

Born in Minsk on August 25, 1984. He graduated from Minsk Medical College number two, worked for two years in medbratam infectious hospital.

He studied at the Institute of Modern Knowledge at the Faculty of Arts, studied performing skills.

Not interested in politics, a member of the political parties and movements have never been.

During the dispersal of a peaceful rally on December 19, he was detained and beaten, split the head. He was sentenced to 10 days in jail. After his release from prison in Akrestsin was arrested again on 12 January 2011, only for the fact that he refused to go on without questioning the official agenda.

Contained in prison Valadarski Street.

Alexander Kvyatkevich
He was born on February 4, 1987.

He graduated from the basic 168th Minsk school, then a vocational school in the specialty "joiner machine operator." Worked in production — producing compressors for machines.

On the area came by chance, wishing to see how events will unfold.

Was arrested, served a 12-day arrest for participation in the rally on December 19.

January 4 arrested as a suspect. Criminal charges are filed on paper "riots."

Is in custody in the KGB detention center.

Alexander Klaskouski
He was born on September 26, 1978.

He graduated from the Minsk secondary school number 55, joined the journalism faculty of Baku State University, and then received a law degree.

In 1999 he enrolled in the Leninsky district of Minsk traffic police as an inspector DPS. He was fired in 2005.

Detained on the night of December 21, 2010 at his home.

Taken into custody in the KGB detention center.

Dmitry Uss

He was born in 1971 in Minsk.

Lawyer, graduated from the University of Grodno in "Law".

With 16 years of working at the "Integral", after the builder.

1999-2003 years. The deputy of the Minsk City Council of Deputies.

2007 We also went to the deputy, but it did not register.

2008 was put forward for the deputy to the House of Representatives.

He participated in the 2010 local elections, but failed in Minsk city.

The head of the publishing house "Trivium".

He is married and has two sons.

Party affiliation.

He was born on August 12, 1956 in the village of Lyadno Slutsky district, Minsk region in a family of teachers.

1978 graduated from the Minsk Higher Engineer Air Missile School.

He defended his thesis in 1986.

He worked as a teacher of the Minsk Higher Engineering School of antiaircraft missile.

In February 1991 protest against the events in Vilnius left the Communist Party.

1991 Member of the Central Council and the Executive Committee of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Narodnaya Gromada).

1995 Chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (NG).

Period 1991-1995. Founder and leader of the Belarusian Association of the military.

He participated in the 2000 elections to the House of Representatives.

2005 was sentenced to three years of imprisonment for organizing on 18-19 October 2004 in Minsk street protest against the official results of the parliamentary elections and referendum. An amnesty period of restriction of freedom was reduced by a year.

The head of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Narodnaya Gromada).

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