The world was created out of sound, the world is made up of sound

March 22, 2012 12:51

The world was created out of sound, the world is made up of sound

Original sound, which first aired and spawned the whole world was the sound of OM (AUM). He has created everything that we see, it has generated language and consciousness. All the Vedas, all the scriptures, an infinite number of books, an infinite number of mantras, an infinite number of other things, the whole world — is contained in this one zvuke.Vedy say that the sound has a very strong cleaning power, and it also can be very polluting. External sounds profane ears and heart, the inner sound of Vedic mantras — clears.

Why is the sound so much influence on our minds? Sound is the most subtle of the elements, and therefore has a strong penetrating power — it is able to penetrate the deepest. And the sound carries a subtle form of the material world.

When empty material sounds enter our consciousness, they rob us of spiritual intelligence and lower our consciousness to the material level. And, on the other hand, the sound carries the disposal of this material.

The whole world was created out of sound

Modern scholars believe that the world is evolving from coarse to fine

that something "subtle" came out of something coarse, for example, from the amoeba came giraffe of a giraffe — a monkey, and the monkey came from Darwin …

What is the process of creation in this world, really? In "The Vedanta-sutra" and "Rig Veda" is described as Lord Brahma creates the world. Every morning he wakes up, I do not remember who he is, where he is? Looking back, he begins to think deeply over every word. When he meditates, there is a subject. In the "Rig-Veda," explains how Brahma created man. Word on which thought Brahma — ashrigram. This sound was heard in the mind of Brahma — and a man appeared. Ashrigram means "blood" (a person a lot of blood, is to stick to any location — once the blood begins to flow.) So, all gross forms evolved from subtle vibrations arising in the mind of Brahma. About the same description of the process of creation is found in the "Bible": first, God said, "Let there be light." And there was light. God says — and there is.

Sound levels

In the Vedas it is said that man has three bodies: gross, subtle mind and body, or the body causes. These three bodies with the three sounds: A, U and M.

In each of these bodies is an energy invested. Thus, the gross body is equipped with the creative energy of creation, fine — the ability to think and reflect, the body contains the energy of the mind desires.

Correspondingly, there are three states of being (or three states of consciousness): waking (corresponding gross body), sleep with dreams (corresponding subtle body) and deep sleep (this works the mind).

However, there are four levels of sound. Gross body says rough sound that our senses perceive. But before you say this rough sound (vaykari), we hear it in our mind — the sound of thoughts. It is called madhyama.

Above this level, there is the sound of desires — even higher level of sound, called pasyanti, or what can be seen. At the subtle level, the sound has a form of the image.

And finally, the highest level of sound — the transcendental sound. He called a couple, or spiritual sound. Initially, everything comes out of it.

And at each of these levels can communicate. You can communicate at the level of thought. Spirits, being more subtle plane, hear our thoughts, because they are on the level of thought. At a higher level (the level of the mind) — communicate demigods. This is the level of fine sound. Here it does not require knowledge of any language was not necessary clearance in the form of words. Demigods hear our wishes. But Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is the transcendental — steam. He hears it all: the sound that we utter lips, our thoughts, our desires …

Clean sound

There are fifty aspects of creative energy, they correspond to the fifty letters of the Sanskrit alphabet. Each sound in Sanskrit has creative energy. It should say the sound is perfectly correct, and it starts to be a force — there is the ability to create. This practice is based on the Vedic sacrifices. Priest reads the mantra and all that he wants to appear before him.

In the "Mahabharata" tells of the sacrifice of Maharaja Drupada. He chose the most qualified brahmanas. To get back at the enemy — Drone, he needed a man and a woman: a son who would kill Drona and a daughter who will win the heart of Arjuna. Sacrifice is successful, and was to be held the final chord. At this point the wife Maharaja Drupada had to drink the sacrificial butter. This oil was loaded with mantras, and twins have entered it. Priest said, "Please, have a drink, there already are your children." But she suddenly realized, "You know, I'm not clear. I need to perform a ritual of purification. " To which the priest replied, "If you do not want to drink — do not. They still will come. " And he poured oil on the fire. And out of the fire appeared Drishtadyumna and Draupadi. You should not have any of the womb.

The sounds of Vedic mantras included in this oil, and their subtle form is already there. Everything else was just a ritual: a woman drank sacrificial oil — well, do not drink, — and you can not produce children of the light.

Sound already contains a form, and all that is necessary. But we can say, "Why do we have so happens? We say something, we say, and the desired result is not all. " To it we had the power, and the words come true, we need clarity of consciousness. Not enough to utter a sound, you pronounce it clean. When is pronounced clean, desire fulfilled.

It is said that a devotee Lord has this quality (satya-sankalpa) — is it something to wish all immediately come. And another quality (satya-vak) — all he says, immediately executed. We know a lot of cases in the life of Srila Prabhupada, the founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (the spiritual master of the disciplic succession, going back to Lord Brahma).

Once he was invited to the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. This is a huge, beautiful building in the heart of Mumbai, the most expensive, aristocratic district. After the lecture, leaving the building, Prabhupada casually remarked: "We need to do in the temple." Some time later, Radha Gopinath Temple has created a twenty meters from this place. Fifteen years after the church came, the personal secretary of Srila Prabhupada, who was then with him, and the only one who heard these words, he said: "I well remember, Prabhupada was here and he said that we need a temple here. And there was a temple! "This means Satya-vak — the sound is realized. But to do this the mind must be crystal clear.


How could a man with sound confused in this world? And how to get rid? Soul inherent desire. Heart desires, and the desire excites intelligence. So in our mind there is the image: "I want this …" Then there is a plan in mind, as is the desire to implement. Acquires image details become more visible. In the end, we are starting to talk. The speech laid the energy of action, it is able to make changes in this world on a gross level.

In other words, the sound level down from the small, expands and becomes a tangible form. Desires materialize. All we see in the world — is the creation of words. Once Srila Prabhupada with his students passed the skyscraper. He asked, "What started this skyscraper?" Students began to say: "With brick, with concrete, with a construction company." "No, — said Srila Prabhupada — it began with words. From what people have to say about him. "

All that we do, too, begins with the word — with sound.

What happens when we communicate with each other? We analyze a speech by the mind. Next sound should shrink to the level of the image. And this inner image is the desire.

When we communicate with each other, we exchange wishes. That is why it is undesirable adverse communication: through its low desires are our heart — whether we like it or not. When we listen to the spiritual vibrations (reading of the scriptures, singing the holy names of the Lord), — there are spiritual desires. Thus, the rough sound defiles, bringing to our heart's material desires and spiritual sound liberating.

Everything in this world, including our bodies — just the sound vibration in the air. And after having rough form, the original transcendental sound comes in the form of the holy name of the Lord to the person repeating it, could get relief and get out of this world.

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