There should not judge Neklyaeva, and those men in black, who beat people

Today in the trial of former presidential candidate Vladimir Nyaklyaeu and Vitaly Rymashevsky and Infusion Palazhanka, Alexander Feduta, Andrei and Sergei Dmitriev Wozniak whole day listening to witnesses for the defense.

First heard the headquarters activists Vladimir Neklyaeva who gave a detailed account of the incident in the street The collector when Nekljaev was severely beaten. Tagged student drew a picture of the Law Faculty Ekaterina Karpova and her husband, designer Stas Karpov. Catherine pushed into the snow near her face exploded noise grenade which burned hair, damaged eyes, face. The second noise grenade exploded on the bag, the remains of which she brought to court. Stas told how rushed "organisms" in black, put all the snow. Swearing terrible curse. There was a clone per person — men in black, dressed identically, with no markings.

Present in the courtroom Oleg Shabetnik of Rechitzy: "I have always understood that Mr Prokofievich Nekljaev and other persons involved in this proceeding did not do anything illegal. And today heard testimony from witnesses — and do not understand what is happening and who is judged. Neklyaeva should not judge, but those men in black, who beat people. These men should be judged. "

Witness the incident Tatiana Karatkevich heard the men in black were discussing among themselves beating Neklyaeva who lost consciousness. "You killed him," — says one. The second checked the pulse of Neklyaeva, hit in the stomach, and they left. As witnesses were Gregory Kastusyou, Goncharik, Tatiana Protko, Vladimir Kolos, Gennady Buraukin.

Activist registered in the Czech Republic, "Young Front" Tatiana Shaputska"The impression on the judges the most — it seems to be held back and trying to give enough freedom to all. But when they were, in her view, peraborshchvayuts and start abusing her kindness, she, of course, "sits on the horse" when it comes to freestyle. What was against Tatiana Protko and Gennady Buraukin if she just rudely interrupted their open responses, which, in principle, have been implicated in the theme of today's proceedings. "

On Saturday, the court will proceed. Hear several witnesses, and will continue to voice the written materials of the case.


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