They know how to write aliens

It is often here and there, a message appears as if someone, somewhere, has seen the writing aliens. In our era, it all started with Roswell (USA), where in 1947, allegedly crashed flying saucer. Eyewitnesses later claimed that on the fragments of light silvery metal UFOs were visible strange characters. Increasingly talking about a brief inscription on board a UFO — apparently, it's the license plate or any other kind of character identification. Sometimes witnesses from memory reproduce these icons, but no one knows what they mean. And it's weird. Why?

That aliens brought us writing

According to one of the existing versions, writing brought us as a finished product it is they, the aliens, and when planted genetically created on Earth various species. In support given, for example, signs, and symbols found on the monuments of the Mayan culture, or the famous Sumerian tablets — a mysterious civilization that appeared on Earth as if from nowhere and initially has tremendous knowledge, including in the field of astronomy.

So alien languages should be, as it were akin to our earthly languages. But apparently, not all, even if the version is correct. In this sense, interesting to look at the huge amount of information obtained by the so-called contactees psychography. The aliens allegedly passed information about the different planets that are in contact with our civilization, and humans draw and write automatically, without always understanding the essence of "dictation" and sometimes not knowing what happens in the end: hand writing leads with an unknown force.

A collection of texts and images

In particular, the collection of these "messages" has a history of American ufologist Richard Ross, who was particularly interested in direct contact with the aliens earthlings. He was able to make an extensive collection of texts and drawings, many of which have remained undeciphered. Since Soviet times in our country, too, have accumulated a lot of information about these cryptograms. Texts that are produced by automatic writing contactors contain sometimes very exotic letters whose meaning is not clear, not only by the writing, but also to linguists: they can not identify the strange icons with any known language.

Images of distant planets, galaxies, describing other people, aliens and their flying machines can be seen on the Internet today. And every time you wonder: are the same and in fact, all this in such detail given to us by aliens? Many of the messages remain a mystery. Sometimes they resemble ancient pictographic writing, and sometimes — cuneiform, oriental characters, but there are quite intricate icons and symbols, are not similar to any of the languages of the earth.

There are various illustrations and descriptions of dozens of different planets. Reported number of galaxies, the number and type of the planet, its name, the main characteristics. In addition, it is said that the information that is obtained by "automatic writing", able to take advantage of not only humans, but aliens visiting Earth, since they may not be aware of the existence of other civilizations in other galaxies.

Language Eyui

But how can sound so intricate languages if pulyarizator ufology Brad Steiger, and then he Vaylgart published several textbooks. No one, of course, can not prove or disprove whether Vailgart communicated with cosmic being, but the very nature of language eyui have some sort of argument in favor of his extraterrestrial origin.

According to Peter Park, such language could create a creature from another biology, the other in psychology, other evolutionary past. Eyui may well be the language of robots, devoid of any emotion. It is not hard to imagine that at this or a similar language can communicate dispassionate "gray" aliens who have repeatedly described the victims of alien abduction.

According to P. Park, it is the language of the surgeon eyui "gray" could refer to his assistants with phrases such as "Bring me a tip for the removal of the egg," "Bring the device to implant" or "Adjust suction to collect semen." Or he could have said something like: "Bring out the hybrid incubator baby number 387 and show it to the patient, to provide-emotional contact."

This is a specific, unambiguous language. On eyui each vowel or consonant sound — is a basic element of language, meaning some particular idea, though always — just her and nothing else, and so the word can be translated only by analyzing the components of its basic elements. Explanation of, say, the word "man" looks like "co-active person", "wife" — "co-inactive-personality", etc.

What did tell us aliens?

First of all, what are the other galaxies and planets. Judging from the drawings and descriptions of many of the planets are more or less similar to our Earth, in the sense that they have continents, oceans and seas, rivers, mountains, lakes, cities. On some cosmic bodies said, however, that they are composed of antimatter. On a map of each planet designated launch sites for a landing space ships.

There is a planet inhabited by tall, similar to the inhabitants of the earth dwellers, living on the other dwarfs or strange animal-like creatures resembling lions, penguins, owls, cats, dogs or wolves, reptiles, insects, strange, if not hell-devil. Sometimes, looking at those horrible "faces", it is hard to believe that we face — representatives of more advanced civilizations than ours, and that they are available, such technical possibilities that we only dream of — teleportation, the transition from one space-time more …

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