Three submarines will go to sea on a test

Three submarines will go to sea on a test
Just three new nuclear-powered submarines (NPS) fourth generation classes «Northwind» and «Ash» will be held in the summer sea tests.
This now ITAR-TASS spokeswoman military shipyard «Sevmash» in Severodvinsk Catherine Pilikin.

«First the factory running tests goes head multipurpose nuclear submarine with missile torpedo (PLAT)» Severodvinsk «Project 885 (code» Ash «) — told Pilikin. — It will continue begun in 2011, «marine exams.» Over two years the card is in the sea 137 days. «

This summer, for the first time the factory will start running tests on the third account nuclear submarine ballistic missile (SSBN) Project 955 (code «Northwind») — «Vladimir Monomakh». She was taken out of the shop at the end of December 2012 the second submarine of this series — «Alexander Nevsky» — the beginning of the navigation will continue municipal tests.

«The program is very tough, — explained the head of military production Marat Abizhanov. — Delivery of submarine crews must be set to the exact fulfillment of these tasks. For us it is the primary goal — to withstand obligations on time and ensure Navy nuclear submarines. «

«Borei» armed ballistic missile «Bulava», are intended to form the basis of the naval strategic nuclear forces of the Russian Federation for the coming decade. Total planned to build up to eight 2020 «Boreas» — three of their Project 955 and 5 — Project 955A (20 ICBM «Bulava»). Construction of the lead ship «Yury Dolgoruky» at a cost of 23 billion rubles., Serial submarines price should be less.

Parent Project 955 SSBN «Northwind», «Yury Dolgoruky», built on the «Sevmash», Jan. 10, was assigned to the Russian Navy. First serial submarine project «Alexander Nevsky» is expected to enter into operation in the fleet this year. A company built on the slipway fourth submarine «Prince Vladimir», planted in the summer of 2012

«Sevmash» — the largest in Russia shipbuilding complex — in real time is building a 2-groups of the last generation of nuclear submarines — percussion class «Ash» and strategic class «Northwind». It is expected that the first PLAT «Severodvinsk» Project 855 class «Ash» in the current year after the tests will be accepted for service and will be part of the Navy. The total cost of construction of 7 pay grade «Ash» exceeds 200 billion rubles.

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