Tomsk power generation capacity increased to 486 megawatts

Tomsk on CHP-1 JSC "TGC-11" (part of "INTER RAO UES") commissioned a gas turbine unit installed capacity of 14.7 MW and thermal — 19.5 Gcal / h

After entering the new equipment: gas turbine, waste heat boiler, compressor stations and gazodozhimnyh block transformer, HPP-1 will be able to produce not only heat but also electric power into the existing urban system. Electrical power plant — 14.7 MW, heat — 19.5 Gcal per hour. Commissioning of equipment has increased the total power generation capacity of Tomsk to 486 megawatts.

"Start the installation, carried out under the contract for supply of power, would" TGC-11 "to increase the level of reliability and quality of power supply. Also, it will provide the company a competitive price for manufactured electrical energy ", — said chairman of the" Inter RAO UES "Boris Kovalchuk.

The project GTU-16 was developed in 2010. In 2011, a contract was signed for construction and installation work and supply of equipment with the general contractor, JSC "Rosengineering." Construction of a gas turbine plant was completed this year. Implementation of the project required more than a billion rubles of investments.

"The equipment that produces both heat and electricity, is called cogeneration. To date, Tomsk cogeneration facility — the only one in the whole of Western Siberia "- said the deputy regional Duma Nikolay Vyatkin.

Photo:Dmitry Kandinsky

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