Top Secret: "Secret Service" Autolux ". Mass grave for motorists’ watch online

Top Secret: "Secret Service" Autolux ".  Mass grave for motorists' watch online
Company "Autolux" was located on the outskirts of the capital, one of the so-called "projected" driveways. In a few months a client attempting to conclude a deal with the company to sell a car, without any signs of disappearing, along with their machines. And lurking their disappearance came to light only when the concrete floor has been opened in a garage "Autolux." In the process of "independent investigation" leading and participating programs from trying to find how to operate the mechanism of assembly of the bloody flux, and there still is not empty one's place in the the dock. Do not get caught in the victim's apartment phone with caller ID, employees Domodedovo near Moscow Criminal Investigation Department is unlikely to be on the trail of criminals. Garages tested, time passed, and people with cars all disappeared. The studio version is checked involvement in the crime officers of the military unit, which was located on the ground car service. Submissions were relatives of the victims and relatives of those criminals who are in real time at the dock.

Atrocities, killings and other

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