Tower will carry

Tower will carry
In Nizhny Tagil will show the newest armored vehicles

Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the MIC, Dmitry Rogozin, chaired a meeting of the working committee on preparation for the IX International Dog Show of arms, military equipment and ammunition «Russian arms exhibition. Nizhny Tagil 2013 «.

«If we put in front of him harsh, basic tasks — to fight on equal terms with the leading exhibition of arms, military equipment and ammunition — those that take place in the U.S. in the Arab East, France — ambitions should be appropriate and not just roll technique on the field, «- said Dmitry Rogozin in his opening remarks.

Initially, military-technical salon in Nizhny Tagil, which began its work in 1999, wore quite a local character. It was shown in the main supplier of defense enterprises of the Urals. Over time it has expanded, and now claims the right to become truly international.

According to Deputy Prime Minister, you need to think about how to reincarnate this exhibition in harsh demo exhibition complex, which needs to be developed taking into account existing orders now: how to strip military-technical cooperation and orders for the supply of arms and military equipment to the Russian army . And I must say, this made a lot of direction.

Exhibition of arms and military equipment, passing on the range, «Miner», commonly referred to in English. At first it was «Ural Expo Arms», later «Russian Expo Arms» at this point: «Russia Arms Expo», or — RAE. This year it will run from 25 to 28 September.

Expected to more than four hundred participants from fifty countries. Naturally, not all will be exhibitors and show off their new items. Many will be just as official delegations, which confirms the enthusiasm specifically to Russian military technology. And her in Nizhny Tagil always pretty.

A distinctive feature Tagil exhibitions from all others, conducted in the world, that the capacity of the local landfill actually allow you to show the shooting of all types of conventional artillery and missile systems, many also driving characteristics tracked and wheeled vehicles. Special demo track, which adjoin the rostrum includes various obstacles — ditches, hills, forest and concrete rubble, vertical concrete walls, also vododrom area of ​​7.5 thousand square meters. m and a depth of 5 meters. Far away from the fairground is the airfield that allows, if necessary, to lure visitors helicopters and warplanes different.

For the first time appointed general organizer of the exhibition «Uralvagonzavod». This immediately affected the preparation for the exhibition in the most positive way. Managing Uralvagonzavod Oleg Sienko wants, as well as offers Rogozin, to achieve that, that RAE has risen in line with the leading global Arms Salon.

For this purpose, namely, rebranding exhibition, which allowed her to modernize and make more catchy, recognizable. Changed corporate colors and logo. Brand new mascot — a diamond that is conformable military tactical signs designating tank. Open refreshed website exhibition, where is all the background information, and during the exhibition itself, you can look online for more exciting shows. Renew and demo pavilions — they will become more intensive, bright and modern design. It is understood that the whole concept of the exhibition will be built in a single concept, which, in general, has yet to approve.

RAE-2013 on expected many surprises, both open to the public show, and closed to the public. For the first time customers will be able to see the full-scale model together the latest models. It tracked platform for languid arms «Armata» easy crawlers «Kurganets-25» and wheel — «Boomerang». Naturally, all this will show only spice. The military must make sure that the work on the machines are betrothed in accordance with the schedule. And earlier announced plans, «Armata» a tank should not appear in the army later in 2015. Naturally, representatives of the Ministry of Defense has beheld these standards, but separately — in those businesses where they will develop and produce. In Nizhny Tagil their show together. But it would be worth repeating, a private screening.

But ordinary salon guests will be able to follow in the noteworthy trends. Namely, functional complex mechanized combat support «Nerehta.» It is remotely controlled mobile platform, which can be set various kinds of weapons. The first time it showed Dmitry Rogozin during his visit to the factory nedavneshnego Degtyarev Kovrov. Take place in September, so to speak, the public premiere.

Finally, the organizers of the Interior will use those abilities which provides a unique testing ground «Prospector» almost completely.

Viewers will show not only certain types of equipment, and its interaction with, and with motorized infantry divisions. Plan to play a true martial combat, in which use and armored vehicles, and various types of small guns and attack helicopters, and even fighter-bombers.

Wave may be, management software this fight will go through the data received from UAVs. Expected not only colorful, and very informative show for all lovers of military equipment, as well as for experts. RAE-2013 will be held under the patronage of the Prime Minister.

Sergei Ptichkin

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