Transformation in Tibet. Creating a ghost

June 2, 2012 10:50


For centuries Tibet remained inaccessible to Europeans. First there was a French opera singer Alexandra David-Neel. After a 14-year-old she was found wandering the holy and honored to be called Lama, and in France she was awarded the title of Knight of the Legion of Honor and awarded the gold medal of the Geographical Society. By her own admission, just being in the mountains, it felt like "home." Here she had to undergo a severe test.

For example, David-Neel went through initiation "move" — a vision, if you alive eat demons. Mastered telepathy. But perhaps the most daring act was the creation of her servants ghost — tyulpa. For his experiment, she chose plump and cheerful monk. Concentrated and made exactly the same man who materialized and began to live their own lives. At first he was a silent companion of its creator, as if her shadow. Then it started happening a change. David-Neel wrote about this in his book "The mystics and magicians of Tibet", "Little by little, he is" entrenched "and has become a sort of intruder. He was not waiting for my invitation and was mentally when I was not up to him. Basically, a visual illusion, but somehow I felt the weight of his hand on his shoulder. "

(Holy Tibetan hermits competitions,
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Roerich. "To the top").

The original image of the charismatic monk in his eyes changed. And not in a good way. "The facial features — she writes — that I put it on, have changed. His chubby face thinner and took sly and evil expression … His presence has become for me a nightmare. I was beginning to lose control of it and decided to dispel the illusion. " She managed to implement his plan with great difficulty. From the ghostly and fleeting tyulpa be distinguished tulku — the reincarnation of the saints, sages or nonhuman creatures. They create their double, when their own body is not able to serve them. A case where a respected saint asked to consecrate the church, which will be completed only after a year. The saint answered that he could not do it, because soon passes away. Rector of the future church prayed to him to wait.

Exactly one year after this conversation the church was completed and sent to the Holy solemn procession. Suddenly he appeared alone, without the suite and walk. The monks were surprised his behavior, but bent in a low bow, greeting elders. Saint spent as intended lighting ceremony of the temple and … disappeared into thin air. At this time, members of the procession came back and reported that the saint for a few months he died. No one had any doubt that the temple consecrated his double-tulku.
, Numerous descriptions of the Tibetan magicians dies. At the right moment, they can simply dissolve his physical body and disappear without a trace. Afford them and to transfer his consciousness into the body of another person. Most often, the saint born in another life, starting over again.
There is a detailed implementation and try centuries ritual search of the child, which I will place the soul of the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader Tibeta.Posle death of the Dalai Lama XIII Thupten Gyatso, the country was ruled by the regent. After waiting two years laid (is that so much time to the spiritual ruler of the new birth to the light), the regent went to the sacred lake Choe Khor Ge, the waters of which you can see the future. There he saw the reflection of three-story monastery with golden roofs, and next — poor farmhouse. In the search of the house were sent Tibetan monks. They soon found the boy, who had identified the rosary of the Dalai Lama XIII. In addition, on each side of his body was typical of moles (the monks believe that this must be a second pair of hands, which were at the Dalai Lama II). In 1989, once found a Chinese boy, who became a prominent spiritual leader, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

(Potala Palace, the residence of the Dalai Lama, is a reflection of the heavenly abode of the gods).

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