Trial of the Will of the People moved

Editor in Chief Joseph Seredich at the beginning of the court will ask the judge to ask for a break, as his lawyer Harry Pahanyaila not arrive from a business trip.

Today, the Supreme Economic Court of Belarus was held a hearing on the claim of the Ministry of Information to terminate the output of the independent newspaper "Narodnaya Volya". The meeting was officially had the status of "preparatory".

Joseph Seredich at once thereafter said the following solutions:

"The newspaper should be issued. They need not even Syaredzich. And not those 30 people who work in our team. Though we need it. Main -" People's Will "is needed throughout the our country, all Belarusians. What have we done wrong for the country, for the government? Are we calling for war? No. We are engaged in the promotion of pornography? No. Are we engaged in propaganda of violence, ethnic blizzard? Also — no. "

The Information Ministry explains that the decision to discontinue the "People's Will" is made in accordance with sub-paragraph 2.2 of paragraph 2 of Article 51 of the Law of Belarus "On Mass Media": because of the issuance amended during the year and more than two written warnings.

The meeting was rescheduled for May 17.

In court, the Joseph Seredich proposed Information Minister Oleg Pralyaskouski open on the basis of the "People's Will" training center for journalists:

"This is a professional training center for all journalists. I stress for everyone — both public and private newspapers. Because that's what we are first. Today there is no one" BDG ", which was founded a little earlier," The People's Will. "By Unfortunately, for many years, it has not been published in printed form. And for 16 years we have not stopped any number.

We have the resources, have the experience. And we would like to share this experience with all of our colleagues. It seems to me that the Ministry of Information to grasp the offer and create a center really. Because the Department of Journalism, with all due respect to the teachers, such experienced aces just and not enough.

Today I made the offer through the staff of the Ministry of himself head of the agency Oleg Pralyaskouski. "

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