U.S. giant brown cloud hovering over Earth




Recent observations of NASA, conducted by a number of satellites that ushered in the "Giant Brown Cloud" (and its name) that has been formed over southern Asia and the Indian Ocean, which will apply to intercontinental distances and to have an impact on the atmosphere on a global scale.

A giant brown cloud — it's pretty tight, visible from satellites, "salad" of ground-level ozone, smoke, dust, and many other pollutants that are the product of human civilization.

Almost the size of the continental cloud of smog formed because of intense industrial and agricultural activities in the south and east Asia, in conjunction, obviously, with a number of weather features.

It is known that ozone, which is in the upper atmosphere — this is our shield against solar radiation. But ozone (against the norm in high concentrations) in the surface layer — it is poison, both for people and for crops.

Now the very brown cloud is moving, and spread to other areas. But what is more important, ozone, which is contained in it, gradually leaves the cloud lifted slightly higher spreads over long distances.

The study of this huge education will help to better understand the role of ozone as a pollutant and, in addition, the researchers suggest that ozone (in the lower atmosphere) plays the role of the greenhouse gas, contributing to global warming.

Battery News, 17.12.2004 6:10
Source: Membrana

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