U.S. Navy ordered 9 new destroyers

U.S. Navy ordered 9 new destroyers
U.S. Navy Command concluded with shipbuilders General Dynamics and Hungtington Ingalls contracts for the construction of 9 new destroyers of the «Arleigh Burke», reports Defense News.
The deal amounted to 6.1 billion dollars. All ordered ships to be delivered to the customer until the end of 2017. As expected, the first two orders ship — DDG-117 and DDG-118 — will be named «Paul Ignatius» and «Daniel Inoue.» Names of other destroyers are not yet defined.

Under the deal, Hungtington Ingalls receive 3.3 billion dollars to design and build five ships: on one ship per year in the 2013-2017 year. All these destroyers will be built at a shipyard in Pascagoula Mississippi. In turn, General Dynamics will receive 2.8 billion dollars for the design and construction of the shipyard Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine 4 destroyers. Under the contract, one ship to be delivered in 2013 and one — in 2015-2017.

In agreement was included and the option to build a fifth type destroyer «Arleigh Burke»; it can receive General Dynamics. If the U.S. Congress approves the additional agreement on an option tenth destroyer will be built in 2014. It must be emphasized that the contract for the construction of destroyers does not contain the purchase and installation of special equipment. Namely, it is about combat information control system and Aegis weapons. This equipment will be purchased by a separate agreement, the likely price of which is unknown yet.

All ordered U.S. Navy destroyers will be built on the redesigned project and receive a number of significant improvements. Namely, instead of the outdated radar SPY-1D ships will be established new radar and missile defense AMDR. Since power consumption of the new radar is significantly higher than the SPY-1D, destroyers of the «Arleigh Burke» will have improved power supply system.

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