U.S. rover found in the Martian sky terrestrial clouds




For the first time the 10-mesyachnooy expedition rover Opportunity returned images of Martian clouds, according to the website Space.com.

Currently, the rover backwards out of the crater Endurance, it was in the past six months.

According to the NASA, Opportunity moved back, as his "reverse gear" is much more powerful, and the chances for successful completion of the maneuver in such a motion was much more.

The rover took pictures of clouds as soon as got out of the Endurance.

According to scientists, the images transferred to NASA, visible cirrus clouds, similar to those that can be observed in the Earth's atmosphere. "This is a very impressive sight," — said the representative of the journalists working with Opportunity, Michael Wolff.

According to Wolff, the cloud will likely consist of tiny ice particles, which once again proves that there is water on Mars.

Clouds on Mars have been seen even earlier — they found one of the space station. They are formed in the equatorial region, just where is the rover.

According to scientists, the clouds are formed when Mars is at aphelion — the farthest point of the orbit of the Sun. At this time, the planet gets 40 percent less solar energy than during the passage of Mars perihelion — closest point to the Sun orbit.

According to Wolff, the pictures can be seen that the clouds are moving in the wind, the speed of which, according to the researchers, it may be up to 10 meters per second.

Battery News, 08:45 16.12.2004
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