UFO in the Baltic Sea disables electronic devices

July 1, 2012 20:34

Divers massively complain alien ship in the Baltic Sea "UFO" off their equipment. Researchers are trying to find the truth.

Researchers are trying to more closely examine the mysterious object, like an alien space ship, which last year was found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. However, this has proved not so simple: Ocean X team members say that once divers approach the "UFO", their equipment stops working.

According to the British newspaper The Daily Mail Stephen Hogerborn professional diver, all equipment, including video cameras and a satellite phone is turned off when the researchers were right on the object, and then started working with sail about 200 meters. Regularity checked back — and equipment near the "UFO" again failed, passes newsru.com.

In turn, the diver Peter Lindberg admitted that he was ready as a major skeptic team found a rock or sediment, but it was not so. As noted by another group member Dennis Asberg, he was "one hundred percent" sure that they are faced with something "very, very, very unique." The diver did not rule out that it might be a meteorite, asteroid, volcano, a submarine during the Cold War, or UFOs.

Recall the strange circular object with a diameter of about 18 meters was found in May last year at a depth of 92 meters in the Gulf of Bothnia between Finland and Sweden. Then sonar shown lying on the seabed object resembling a "Millennium Falcon» (Millennium Falcon) — ship of the legendary epic George Lucas 'Star Wars.'

Swedish divers say that the object is deceleration lane length of 300 meters. Because of funding problems to assemble a team to study the "UFO" was possible only now.

As noted by the British newspaper, the Baltic Sea is a real treasure for treasure hunters — in fact on the bottom of it, according to experts, lie about 100 thousand shipwrecks. Peter Lindbergh hopes will soon be able to offer an unusual service for wealthy tourists — a submarine drop wanting to the sea bottom, so they can see first discovered them a mysterious subject.

Natalia Malkin

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