UFO recorded on video flying over Denver on schedule

January 25, 2013 20:34

Denver resident failed to document on video the landing of an unidentified flying object.

UFO recorded on video flying over Denver on schedule

In its conclusion, the experts who have studied the videos, and have not given this explanation of the extraordinary event, according to the American television channel Fox News Video by, he said, regularly watched the movement of flying saucers in the center of the capital of Colorado. He told me that, at least twice a week for about 12 hours and 13 hours in the afternoon you can see the emergence of flying objects. They move through the air at great speed, so they can not be seen without special tools. But when changing the color and contrast and slow scrolling speed video, managed to see a few flying objects. Checking such Fox News journalists themselves have attempted to shoot video at the place and time specified. Results surprised even the species and not the same in the video was actually recorded an inexplicable phenomenon.

Specially invited to give an opinion on aviation expert Steve Cowell also could not explain what had recorded a video camera. He offered the only way that it can be garbage, the wind lifted into the air. According to him, the aircraft can not fly so fast and it's no birds, no insects, no artificial man aircraft. Officer in charge of air traffic control, Colorado did not record an unidentified aircraft, said the Federal Office for Civil Aviation. Also commented Command aerospace forces in North America. "We have checked all the records in the command center, they are not recorded in the Denver area is no activity in the air" — curled in management. It is noteworthy that none of the residents of Denver, also did not observe anything like this. At the time, the search engine webalta publish reports on requests on UFOs, and virtually every seven people on the planet interested in them. However, there were some skeptical people who think that this video is just a fake.

In his blog, Robert Schiffer, an expert on UFOs, said that it might just be a fly. According to Schiffer, the insects are most active in the afternoon, and so is not difficult to fix such software. In addition, the blogosphere nominated and other versions. For example, some believe that a UFO — one of the military applications, details of which were made public by accident and the existence of which the government is not recognized under any circumstances. There is also a view that is the latest development of military drones, the tests which began recently.

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