UN teach astronauts how to meet aliens

June 22, 2012 8:02

"In a few minutes after launch the spacecraft" Shenzhou-9 "to approach him two UFOs"

Maybe Chinese myths — not myths? Maybe it really is living on the moon goddess Chang'e, which at certain times of the year down and hovers above the ground, admiring the colorful life of the earth, and Taoists, Saints could fly high in the sky on the leaves of the trees?

But then did not see them. Now, with the development of science and technology people observe that in the sky, all the same it's happening, but not a natural phenomenon, not only fly planes, probes, gliders, kites and balloons.
But let's start from the beginning. Last Saturday, the whole Celestial rejoiced. Launch vehicle "Changzheng-2F» into orbit for a space orbiter "Tiangong" spaceship "sacred bark-9" / "Shenzhou -9" / with three astronauts on board. Chinese are proud of their achievements closely watched on TV as the rocket takes to the air from the Jiuquan launch site, which is located in the northwestern Chinese province of Gansu. And since this is the action takes place in the evening, the two cameras in the infrared showed another Chinese spacewalk. Suddenly, as the newspaper reported, "Huanqiu Shibao 'impartial camera recorded that as the release of the carrier rocket from the Earth's atmosphere, she started from the different parties were approaching … two unidentified flying object. According to estimates, according to the newspaper, it was almost more than 4 minutes into the flight of the aircraft.

Argue, of course, something specific, it is impossible. But according to Chinese specialist Van owl, working in an astronomical observatory "Purple Mountain" near the city of Nanjing / Jiangsu Eastern /, it was not the stars or fall away from the rocket part, because the objects were at different rates and in front of the ship. In short, the phenomenon is not clear. Starless sky, a ban on flights of the area due to start, and — such a phenomenon.
By the way, the appearance of a UFO in the sky of China has recently become not quite so rare yavleniem.V last year, the Chinese pilot a plane flying over Shanghai, saw a luminous halo huge UFO. All this happened at an altitude of 10 thousand feet. UFO appeared over the past two years over Nanking and Baotou / Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region / and in other regions of China.

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