Underground inhabitants of the Far North

September 25, 2012 16:15

In the tundra of western Siberia and the Urals to the legends once lived mysterious people who locals called "Sirte".

Underground inhabitants of the Far North

They were low, had planted vertically bright eyes, wore metal pendants and beautiful clothes. This people was stocky and strong. Their clothes, lifestyle — all different from the traditional way of life of the local population. They almost did not communicate with other people, were isolated life in the tundra to appear only in fog or at night.

Their dwellings were once on the surface, but, later, for unknown reasons, they decided to go underground. Pets are not kept, engaged in hunting, blacksmithing and jewelry business. They say that today Sirte no longer exists, their rare representatives continue to live underground, where grazing mammoths and reindeer ride. To the surface, they practically do not come out. Where these people live, may know only a shaman.

Yet sometimes there are such meetings. For example, two women often put the fishing nets. One day, they noticed that the fish began to disappear from some networks. They wondered who steal fish. At night, they went to watch the network. Suddenly there was a cloud that was slowly approaching the lake.

Then a cloud stood next to the network and turned into a man. He was short, with blonde hair, in his bag fish jumped herself. He then looked at the women, threatened them with a finger and then disappeared, leaving behind a column of light.

This story is more like a fairy tale, however, scientists claim that Sirte actually existed. In places where they allegedly lived were found very elaborate iron objects.

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