United Electric Grid Company has completed Phase 1 reconstruction of the substation, the airport Sheremetyevo

JSC "Moscow United Electric Grid Company" (Moscow United Electric Grid) has completed the first phase of the reconstruction of 110/10/6 kV substation "Sheremetyevo", which provides electricity to the international airport "Sheremetyevo".

"Installing a new outdoor switchgear 110 kV completed the first stage of reconstruction of 110/10/6 kV substation" Sheremetyevo ". Advantage of the installed equipment, primarily in the fact that six of its cells are equipped with gas-insulated circuit breakers. They explosion and fire, have a relatively small weight, high corrosion resistance of the coating, economical and designed for long service life, "- said in Wednesday's press service MOESK.


In addition, during the reconstruction of the substation power built and fully equipped with standard equipment building new indoor switchgear 10 kV substation control.

In April of Energy plans to begin replacing two exhausted transformers of 40 MVA on two transformers of 63 MVA. All construction works at the substation United Electric Grid expects to complete in the third quarter of 2013.

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