United Kingdom: The hidden threat of Martian bacteria




Life on Mars is almost certainly exists and is a threat to all life on Earth. Such claims to be made a sensational headline on its front page the "Times."

It is, of course, not fallen down on the Earth from Mars creepy monster described by HG Wells in his classic novel "War of the Worlds." A new danger may be even more terrible than the one now classic stories.

The fact is, writes "The Times", referring to the authoritative scientific journal "Science", which, together with the planned delivery to Earth samples of Martian soil can get to us and Martian bacteria. Delivery of this is very real.

Another 25 January at the Martian soil was an American spacecraft "Opportunity." That data is sent to them and forced scientists to take alarm. Although the existence of life on Mars is not yet proven, but the probability that each new data packet increases.

The threat in this case, it may be two-fold: on the one hand, the earthly bacteria can affect the weak samples of Martian life and disrupt further study of earth scientists. On the other hand, is almost inevitable hit Martian bacteria on Earth can lead to a completely unforeseen consequences for all life on earth.

Battery News, 03.12.2004 12:39
Source: BBC

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