Unknown creatures eager to freedom from ancient Antarctic waters

January 11, 2013 3:55

Unknown creatures eager to freedom from ancient Antarctic waters

Russian scientists have been able to obtain, after much effort, the sample of ice from the water of the ancient Lake Vostok, which over millions of years, there has been no contact with the outside atmosphere, hidden powerful ice.

Lake Vostok covers four kilometers of ice, samples were taken at a depth of 3406 meters of clear lake ice core length is approximately two meters. Inside the transparent ice inclusions visible ice bubble and white. Glaciologists started investigating ice, taken gas, isotopic and biological samples for analysis.

I hasten to report to the president earlier bosses forced scientists to sacrifice even reputation — they gave Putin a flask with water allegedly from Lake Vostok, delivery personnel walked through all channels. Alas, then it was just a show — in a flask containing water, the frozen on the drill, and no relation to the true ancient Antarctic which had no water. Axial researchers are just now got to the depths at which there is actually water that remained in isolation a few million years, and may even contain unknown forms of life on Earth died out long ago, but survived in ice-world. Even the remains or traces of biological creatures, bacteria, will be a real breakthrough in the study of the history of the planet — a lake, a time machine that will bring scientists into the ancient past.

In addition to water, the scientists hope to get to the bottom of the lake, and to study sediments, they can provide valuable information on the history of climate and life on Earth.

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