Unknown planet. UFO — Russian version. Online

The theme of "flying saucers" for most people is ironic smile. Some fanatically believe in the invasion of aliens on Earth. And a very small part of humanity professionally studying the UFO phenomenon. They do not advertise their works. They do not like journalists. These researchers and the materials with which they work, just secret. In this film only unknown documents. Videos, photos, interviews, eyewitness accounts are still available only to the Russian special services. In the secret archives, there is evidence that change your view of the natural world.

Watch Unknown planet. UFO — Russian version

This film — the sensational investigation famous Russian documentary O.Vakulovskogo. Over the years, he collected and systematized the material to which access to it at times reopened. Here are some of the topics that are covered in this wonderful film: — as the Soviet and Nazi designers worked together (and successfully!) Over a fundamentally new aircraft — like Stalin and Beria in person for the first time set the goal of space exploration before the constructor S. Korolyov (listen stunning the story of his famous disciple) which artifacts are found in places the appearance of mysterious objects disappear and where these fantastic items (some of them are still recorded on video) about what the command forbids talking to pilots and astronauts (get acquainted with their unique home archives!) as found and filmed on video body being of unknown origin (newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" calls him "Kyshtym humanoid"). This film provides an unprecedented opportunity to carefully consider what it is, and easy to listen to those who have discovered the humanoid! In this film there is no nabivshih nauseam speculation and retellings of foreign publications on the topic of UFOs. Here is a simple new video and photographs, which no one had ever seen.


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