Unstable ruble advazhvae rock stars from Belarus

Scheduled for June 27 concert in Minsk legends of the world of rock, British singer Sting canceled due to the financial situation in Belarus.

The organizers of performances reported in zvyaku problems in the foreign exchange market, the cost of tickets, which is already quite significant (up to 1.5 million) it was necessary to raise even more. As a result, adopted decision "to stop the" Sting on the outskirts of Belarus in Vilnius. The initiators failed Sting tour in Minsk organized exit at his concert in Lithuania, but Belarus tickets will not be present, of which they were advised to urgently pass.

Feel the breath of the crisis and the fans of the cult American group «Korn», the concert is planned for May 26. Tickets for the "metallic" team raised by 30 thousand in connection with all of the same "economic situation in the country." Tickets are now on the dance floor and in the fan zones are, respectively, 190 and 240 thousand.

It's not clear how long to unscrew the organizers announced his arrival in Belarus mega-stars of the world of show business, the Colombian singer Shakira. Her performance in "Minsk-Arena" is scheduled a week later, on May 19. Tickets — up to 1.5 million rubles. But the producers say that this situation currently more expensive to abandon the concert a few days before the scheduled date.


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