Unthinkable pencil drawings by Paul Lung

Hong Kong artist Paul Lung (Paul Lung) creates amazing beauty and realism paintings ordinary graphite pencil 0.5 mm on sheets of A2.

Each new person — a new drawing in my heart. It can be drawn in pencil, and maybe a pen. Sometimes written with paint, as vague and variegated. The bright spot, which was a great experience, but very soon flushed, blurred, smeared.
Museum in the depths of every human

In his works, life, emotion and hard work, which you think, in the last instance — so they are light and airy.

Artist fundamentally does not use an eraser, so all the work are drawn completely. On each drawing Paul spends at least 40 hours of time. The thoroughness of the artist's drawings can not only consider the details of each "character", but even distinguish emotions going through at the moment the hero figure.

Insanely cute drawings of cats. Grace, grandeur and warmth of these animals freeze on paper under the strict pencil Paul Lung. Many take photos or drawings for photoshop, but the heat, they are penetrated, give a hand with the wizard. Look at his cats immensely enjoyable and rewarding. Some scientists believe that when a person looks at the cat induces the production of serotonin.



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