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The fact that Darwin was thinking and what he thinks of progressive humanity of man's origin after 145 years after the publication of Darwin's book "Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection." November 24, 1859 Charles Robert Darwin published his book "The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life", beginning the theory of evolution.

Today, Darwin's theory be treated in a doubt. A poll conducted by Gallup, showed 45 percent of adult Americans firmly believe in the divine origin of man. 37 percent accept evolution, but believe that it has launched the Lord. Divine Providence deny only 12 percent of the inhabitants of the New World, who are willing to accept the fact that people — this is a species which has arisen as a result of natural selection.

In Europe, the theory of the evolution of all things related to how tolerant. 46 percent of the German population believes that God played no role in the creation of Homo Sapiens, agree with them 41 percent of Austria's population and 33 percent of the Swiss.

The most heated debate about the origin of man erupted today in the field of education. Scandal happened in September of this year in Serbia, where there the head of the Ministry of Education decided to Ljiljana Colic does bring Darwinism from the curriculum and replace it with creationism (the doctrine of the creation of the world and of man by God). Rebelled against several leading parties of Serbia, headed by the "Social-Democratic Union," saying: replacement of "evidence-based theories of Darwin on church dogma" throwing the country back centuries. The Minister has resigned, Darwinism is not dipped in textbooks, but the residue left in the form of cartoons famous Serbian artist Corax, which resets the stairs Colic old man with a monkey Darwin, and in class seeps priest in a cassock.

A similar story happened in April in Italy, where the Education Minister Letizia Moratti resigned to file did not, but was forced to set up a commission headed by Nobel Peace Prize in 1986 by Rita Levi-Montalcini for work on a new project on the biology curriculum.

It must be said that neither of the two doctrines (the theory of evolution and creationism) is no more scientific than the other, since it is impossible to prove the correctness of any of the two doctrines, relying only on natural-scientific methods.

Natural science deals with the processes taking place at the moment, and can not cover the unique events that occurred in the past. Since the creation of the now not the case, it is not subject to experimental observation and play. And evolution (in the sense of increasing order), the world is so slow that it is also impossible to watch and play, even if we assume that it takes place.

For information about the origin of the universe, of life and of all forms of life can only give historical evidence and fingerprints with the past, of course, the results of the natural sciences. In this aspect, study the origin of the universe, life, and all forms of life should be considered as belonging to history and only partially relies on natural science methods.

Currently in Russia as a former atheist country (and, incidentally, in many European countries and U.S. states) in biology courses in secondary schools and universities taught only one doctrine of evolution in the absence of a clear professional and scientific basis. Proponents of creationism believe that in this way we give an explicit preference monistic materialism and atheism, and, in fact, rejected by the three monotheistic worldview. Is it acceptable in a democracy with freedom of choice world-a position they ask. Moreover, all attempts to build in physics and mathematics, atomic-molecular and any other scientific theory of universal evolution ended in failure, ie, the theory of universal evolution remains purely speculative, unsubstantiated hypothesis verbal interpretive nature until now.

The currently dominant doctrine — the so-called synthetic theory of evolution (STE) — looks a little like a Darwinian essays, although it sometimes is called Darwinism, because of lack of rigor in the definitions adopted in this area, and in fact Darwinism is still called the theory, a gift that he does not meet the the basic requirements for a scientific theory.

Note the most odious failure of Darwin — the prediction of their "huge" number of intermediate or transitional forms of living organisms, "connect" the various fossil, necessarily follows from the doctrine (For a complete text of the "Origin of Species" is a rarity, some of the provisions contained in other reliable sources, without appropriate acknowledgment; anyone can apply to the publication in 1939). In the "Origin of Species" venerable naturalist complained that paleontology is not able to confirm the hypothesis put forward by him and hoped that this would happen with the accumulation of new data. Otherwise, he expressed his willingness to give up their positions as the evolutionary hypothesis has been undermined in one of the key points.

Has the situation since then? Yes, and high quality: it can be assumed without any exaggeration that the entire set of data brilliantly refuted Darwin's proposed mechanism of speciation due to the total absence of transitional forms. Those controversial specimens that evolutionists put into practice, can be interpreted as a strange mosaic. In fact, this result was not difficult to predict that if the Darwinian principle of work, the current world of the living would be much "motley" — we have not seen so many kinds of discrete (as in the fossil record), but solid "transitional forms." This problem is encountered Darwin — and actually found no contemporary evidence of evolution.

As a result, evolutionary theory has been completely undermined. Now we can only speculate about what to believe and what to not. Atheists further strengthened in the evolutionary doctrine, religious people — in creationism.

Now, scientists are increasingly inclined to both the feasibility of teaching doctrines (creationism and evolutionism) in biology and science courses in high schools and universities corresponding profile. This democratic approach gives pupils and students the right choice.

Battery News, 29.11.2004 13:45
Source: Gennotera

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