USA: Flying Lizards outscored the diversity of birds




Independent research team of Dr. Luis Chiappe (Luis Chiappe) of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County) and the group of Dr. Qiang Ji (Qiang Ji) of the University of Nanking (Nanjing University) have shown that a variety of flying reptiles — pterosaurs perhaps even superior to a variety of modern birds.

Recent discoveries in Argentina and China suggest that the number of species of pterosaurs was very great.

For example, in Argentina, Chiappe and his colleagues found a whole nest of pterosaurs, like a huge modern bird colonies, where they found a variety of fossils, from eggs with different periods of life, to the hatchlings and adults.

The find is dated age of 100 million years.

The location of the colony in a remote location requires the protection of juveniles and the existence of parental care.

Interestingly, in appearance and lifestyle, diet, these pterosaurs looked like flamingos.

But the discovery in China (121 million years of age) says about the potential diversity letayuschh dinosaurs.

Found pterosaur egg was soft, leathery skin (as in the current turtles and crocodiles), and it is too radical difference from other pterosaurs, talking about a separate large groups of these animals.

When you consider that the pterosaurs dominated the air for 160 million years (much more so than there are birds), you can imagine what was their diversity.

Battery News, 02.12.2004 18:21
Source: Membrana

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