Vampires Among Us Watch online

Vampires Among Us Watch online
One can believe and not to believe, to accept or deny the vampires. But that did not change. They are. And they are — in our midst.
Vampires are different in their nature, but their essence is similar. They drink someone else's life, feeding her. From time to time it is expressed in the forward consumption of blood, as a personification of the brightest of the current in the human energy.
There are also those who are referred to as "energy" vampires. People from communicating with whom one can lose their strength, will and energy. With that, one way or another, virtually every sign skamenis.
There are rare disease Blood — porphyria. The title came from the Greek word "porfiros" — reddish. Yet it is called a "disease of Dracula." The case one in a million, but they occur all over the world. One of the symptoms of the disease — acute allergic to sunlight.

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